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What Makes a Luxury Apartment Rental

If you are on the hunt for an apartment rental, you may have heard the term “luxury apartment” thrown around here and there and wondered just what that is.  The word luxury means something different to everybody, leaving this broad term rather open to interpretation.  Pair that with the fact that what is considered luxurious in one market may be thought of as complete overkill in another, and you may be left feeling even more confused.  While it’s true that there is no one, concrete definition to describe a luxury apartment, there is certainly a spectrum of guidelines that can be agreed upon as giving a tenant an upscale apartment rental experience.


Walking into your apartment rental should make you feel comfortable and at home, which is why developers of luxury apartments have gone to much greater lengths to create a warm and inviting space.  These apartments are likely to be either newer construction or newly renovated and updated, featuring all sorts of upgrades.  Prospective tenants should look for things such as spacious floor plans, premium wood or tile flooring, top of the line, stainless steel appliances, high end cabinetry and countertops, bigger closets, and high ceilings that are accentuated by lots of natural light.  Most apartments will have access to some sort of outdoor space, whether that be a ground-floor patio or a balcony.  Developers have also probably given much more attention to the smaller details, such as higher baseboards, modern crown moulding, and taller doors and windows.  Entry into a luxury apartment will give you the impression of a clean, modern, open, and airy space.


apartment securityIf you don’t feel safe in your apartment rental, you’ll never truly be able to enjoy the space as it should be enjoyed.  Planners focusing on luxury apartments have most likely acknowledged this fact and put far more effort into making their tenants feel a greater sense of security.  Many of these communities may be gated, either with 24-hour security guards or not, and many may also employ doormen at the entry of the building.  Key fobs and swipe cards may be implemented in place of traditional keys and locks, ensuring far greater difficulty to any potential intruders.


When you are looking for a luxury apartment rental, there is a good chance that you will be focusing on what sorts of services they offer to their tenants.  The majority of luxury complexes will provide a 24-hour concierge service to help with tasks ranging from calling a taxi cab to arranging a house cleaning service.  Additionally, these places may offer services such as bellman, valet services, dry cleaning pick-up, and even onsite cleaning services offered for an additional charge.  There will also typically be an onsite maintenance person or crew working around the clock to deal with any unforeseen problems that may arise.


If you are in the market for a luxury apartment rental, dream big, because when it comes to amenities, the possibilities are truly endless.  This is where a lot of wiggle room comes in as to defining what it is exactly that makes an apartment complex luxury.  While some luxury complexes may offer amenities that seem average or normal, such as on-site laundry services, exercise rooms or gyms, or outdoor grilling areas, others may take it to a whole different level.  Luxury apartment complexes have been known to feature onsite restaurants, rooftop lounges, oversized pools, poolside bars and dining services, spas, computer labs, wireless internet service, and amenities that speak to the sports enthusiast, such as volleyball, tennis, or basketball courts.  The sky’s the limit here, and amenities will typically coincide with activities that are popular within the age range and geographic location of the target market.


As with any sort of real estate, location is a key factor.  A luxury apartment rental is no different.  Luxury complexes will typically be found in locations with a denser population and in areas that will offer their tenants the most convenience.  These apartments will have access to public transportation and airports, as well as greater proximity to nightlife, shopping, and restaurants.  A tenant in a luxury apartment will have a tough time getting bored.

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