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Ways to Ensure Excellent Apartment Security

Living on your own in a rental apartment can elicit lots of different feelings.  At times, the quiet and solitude can bring peace and tranquility, while at other times, being alone can feel a little frightening, particularly if this is the first time you’ve ever been out on your own.  If you’re feeling a little hesitant about your apartment security, don’t give in to your fear quite yet.  Here are some easy tips that can follow to help you feel safer.

Research the Area

When you begin the search for your new rental apartment, be diligent about getting the facts on crime rates in the area.  Make sure that you have a good understanding of the best and worst neighborhoods and obviously, avoid those that are leaning toward the negative.  If you’re not super familiar with the town or city, it can be helpful to reach out to friends or family members who have lived there longer, or, if you don’t know many people yet, find a reputable real estate agent you can work with who will steer you in the right direction.

Look for Gated Communities

If safety is a big concern, look for a rental apartment that is located within a gated community.  Though gated communities do not guarantee that strangers cannot get in an out (we’ve all piggy-backed through a gate before), they are certainly large deterrents.  Gated communities also typically have cameras posted at each entry and exit point throughout, further deterring criminals.

apartment securityOn-site Security

One step up from a gated community is one with on-site apartment security guards.  Most guarded communities will also have gates, but these places go above and beyond by making sure that each gate is manned with an armed security guard.  Any guest entering or exiting the property must be checked in and, if they are not listed as a legitimate guest for your property, they will be refused entry.  Additionally, many of these types of communities will have extra security guards out on patrol monitoring the neighborhood around the clock.

Invest in Additional Locks

If a gated or secure community falls a bit outside of your price range, there are plenty of precautions you can take on your own.  Reinforce your rental apartment by purchasing additional locks that you can affix to your doors.  Dead bolts are relatively cheap and easy to install and add an entirely new level of protection for you.

Consider an Apartment Security System

Security systems are much more common these days than they were twenty years ago, making them exponentially more affordable.  If your concern lies in a predator entering your property without your permission, consider purchasing an apartment security system that will alert you, your neighbors, and the police of any trespassers.


Many security systems these days come equipped with cameras, but it’s also possible to purchase cameras separately and place them strategically at your entry points and also throughout your rental apartment.  Many don’t even require any hardware and, therefore, will not do any damage to your property.  Most of the cameras available today will link right to your phone so that you can see what’s going on from wherever you are, helping you to feel like your space is safe and secure, even when you can’t be there.

Purchase a Safe

Do you have important documents, jewelry or sums of money that you keep in your rental apartment?  A safe is a great way to store these items to ensure their safety.  Safes come in all different shapes and sizes and can be tucked away virtually anywhere.

Look for Well-Lit Parking Areas

Dark and shadowy places are the perfect spot for a crime to be committed and go unnoticed.  When you begin the hunt for your rental apartment, make sure that you find a community with well-lit parking areas.  This will help you to feel safe on the walk from your car to your home, even late at night.

Invest in Renter’s Insurance

Lastly, spend the small amount of money it takes to purchase a renter’s insurance policy.  These policies run right around $17 a month (give or take) and will be invaluable in the case that anything gets damaged or stolen from your rental apartment.  They don’t just cover against theft and break-ins, but also against natural disasters, pipes bursting, appliances catching fire, and more.  For such a small investment, it would be silly not to get a quote on a policy.

Are You Looking for an Apartment Rental in Hattiesburg or the Surrounding Areas?

Now that you know all of the ways to keep yourself safe and sound in your new rental apartment, it’s time to find your new home.  At Hattiesburg Apartments, our team of skilled agents is on the job!  We’ve teamed up with 17 of the safest apartment communities in the Hattiesburg area to guarantee our clients that they can find a home they feel protected in.  Check out our database of available rentals and reach out to schedule some showings today!

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