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Trends to Watch When Decorating Your Apartment Rental in the New Year

Latest Trends for Decorating Your Apartment

2018 is on its way out, and with it many decorating fads that are no longer cutting the mustard.  If having an apartment rental that is up-to-date with the hottest trends on the market is at the top of your priority list, you’ll want to read on to discover these top tips for decorating your apartment in the New Year!

Green is the New Grey

While the past year had us actively searching for the perfect stormy hue, 2019 promises to be the year for green in all shades.  Paint is the fastest, easiest, and cheapest way to transform your apartment rental from drab to fab, so it’s no wonder that knowing the color of the year is so important.  Green, in any tint, is a beautiful way to draw any room together and bring in a pop of color.

Go Bold

People are turning in their neutrals for a big burst of bold this year!  Think outside of the box when it comes to decorating your apartment rental.  Geometric and tribal designs in bright colors have made their appearance and people love them!


This composite material is made up of tiny little chips of quartz, marble, granite, and glass.  It can liven up both floors and walls (think kitchen backsplash) by adding a kaleidoscope of color and texture to any space!  If you manage to land an apartment rental that features terrazzo as a selling point, you’ve struck gold!

Eco Friendly

decorating your apartmentWith the ever-growing focus on the environment, apartment dwellers across the globe are trying to more conscious than ever when it comes to their ecological footprint.  For that reason, green alternatives continue to trend in both design and decoration in the real estate market.  Look for an apartment rental with emphasis on the use of recycled building materials, energy-rated appliances, and water saving commodes.  A little bit goes a long way when it comes to protecting Mother Earth.

Natural Flooring

Where past years have seen increased demand for darker wood and laminate flooring, the newest trends show a rise in the popularity of lighter woods and bamboos.  Additionally, matte finishes are proving to be preferred as well.  If wood isn’t your thing, look for an apartment rental with a tile or vinyl floor designed to create the illusion of a real wood floor.

Convertible Furniture

Appropriately utilizing the limited space in an apartment rental has forever been a challenge, but not so much anymore with the growing interest in functional furniture.  We’re not just talking about modern-day Murphy beds or pull-out sofas either.  More and more designers are finding intelligent and creative ways to construct other types of furniture with unique storage and design elements, such as tables, chairs, and bookshelves.  They’ve managed, as well, to keep the furniture diminutive enough that it is easily fit into any size space.

Statement Ceilings

If you’ve never thought to bring your gaze skyward upon entering a new apartment rental, you may want to rethink.  One hip, new trend that’s inundating apartment design is statement ceilings.  Fun, unexpected textures and colors on the ceiling is a great way to add a pop of flair to any room without becoming overwhelming.  It’s also an incredible conversation starter!

Softer Edges

The days of jagged edges and sleek, modern lines are coming to an end.  2019 shows a promising future for the return of softer edges on sofas, tables, chairs, and even rugs.  These gentler curves offer a more inviting and feminine feeling to a room and give a throwback to the 60’s when they reigned supreme in popularity.

Boho is Booming

For a while there, Boho was all the rage, until all of a sudden it wasn’t.  It’s not that it ever disappeared so much as we just lost track of it for a while.  2019 shows that, this too, is making its comeback with a vengeance.  Easy-going design and lots of lovely layers in fun, bright patterns have the hippies in our hearts saying, “Yes please!” to this budding trend.

Looking for an Apartment Rental in the Hattiesburg Area?

Now that you know all of the necessary steps to making your next apartment rental look and feel like a scene straight out of your favorite magazine, it’s time to put your inner decorating diva to work!  But first, you’ve got to find the perfect place to glam up!  At Hattiesburg Apartments, LLC, we’ve teamed up with 17 of the area’s finest apartment communities to make sure that we have something spectacular to show each and every one of our clients.  No matter what you’re looking for, we’re here to help you find it so you can ring in the New Year surrounded by the trends that make your house feel like a home.  Check out our database of listings today and contact one of our team members to get looking!

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