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Top Trends to Watch as You Search for Your Next Apartment Rental

The multifamily real estate market has exploded over the past decade.  The huge increase in demand for the perfect apartment rental has property owners really stepping up their game to stay relevant.  What does this mean for you, the tenant?  A whole lot of good stuff!  Landlords are eager to please, encouraging many of them to get extremely creative when it comes to finding ways that they can stand out from the competition.  Read on to discover some of the latest trends you might want to look out for as you start your hunt.

Low Maintenance

The majority of modern seekers are looking for an apartment rental that allows them to enjoy their space without feeling inundated by a never-ending to-do list.  This has landlords looking for ways that they can most easily simplify apartment living for you.  For many, that means hiring property management teams that are on-site to help you navigate any difficulties that might arise.  It may also mean the availability of 24-hour emergency maintenance.

Technology Rules

Your Next Apartment Rental

As modern advances in technology continue to become even more pertinent, landlords and property management companies are eager to offer their tenants access to these benefits.  For that reason, your perfect apartment rental may come with extra added perks like free Wi-Fi, a business center, or Smart technology upgrades such as keyless entry, Smart thermostats, digital light programming, or CO2 detectors and alarms.

Going Green

As environmental awareness continues to take center stage, more and more apartment communities are starting to go green.  This might mean using green and recycled materials for building, offering Energy-star rated appliances, or community rooftop gardens, among others.  The city of Boston has taken it a step further, creating a green community in Allston that requires its tenants to sign green leases.  These commit them to composting, recycling, monitoring their water usage, and utilizing the public transportation that’s available to them.  A set-up like this is a great way to keep your carbon footprint low, while still enjoying the luxury of life in a modern apartment rental.


The location of your apartment rental has always been important, now more than ever.  More and more tenants are seeking out apartments that can offer them easy access to the nightlife and hobbies that they crave.  Apartment communities that are within walking distance to areas associated with dining, entertainment, and outdoor activities continue to be on the rise.  They do, however, typically come with an associated price tag.

Killer Amenities

The modern renter is looking for far more than their predecessors.  For that reason, the newest apartment rentals offer a much more glorious set of amenities available to their tenants.  As competition grows and apartment living becomes even more desirable, landlords are thinking outside of the box.  Whereas communities with pools, gyms, and community gardens are still thriving, bigger and better offerings are constantly being put on the table.  Some modern apartments are offering ride-sharing services, childcare services, concierges, laundry services, pet grooming, on-site yoga classes, gourmet cooking classes, and even on-site movie theaters and cafes.  With so many amazing things happening right in your home, you may only need to leave to go to work!


One of the biggest draws of living in an apartment rental is the sense of community that it allows the tenant.  As more and more people are choosing to move away from their hometowns, the urgency behind this grows.   Tenants are seeking out homes that can offer them access to the greater community around them.  To help facilitate that, more and more apartment communities are offering group activities, such as the yoga and cooking classes mentioned earlier.  They are also pairing up with local businesses to offer their tenants experiences they can enjoy with their neighbors at discounted rates.  Some communities are even hosting holiday parties, summer bashes, and/or community game nights to encourage their tenants to mingle.

Looking for an Apartment Rental in Hattiesburg or the Surrounding Areas?

Now that you understand some of the amazing trends in the apartment rental community right now, you have a much better sense of what it would take to make your next space feel absolutely right.  At Hattiesburg Apartments, we’ve paired up with 17 of the finest local communities to offer our tenants something for everybody.  We know that we have what it takes to find the perfect apartment rental for you at a price that you can afford.  Take a look through the database of our available properties today and contact one of our team members to schedule some walkthroughs.

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