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The 7 Major Perks of Life in an Apartment Rental

At some point we all come to the crossroad of trying to decide whether or not to buy real estate or rent it.  While both buying and renting have their fair share of pros and cons, life in an apartment rental seems to come with a much bigger list of pros!  In fact, apartment rentals have become increasingly popular over the past decade, as the influx of millennials flood into the market and many baby boomers are choosing to downsize.  Let’s take a look at some of the more predominant reasons why.


The cost of living in an apartment rental is definitely one of its perks.  It’s much easier to budget, being that you always know what is expected of you.  Not only will your monthly rental rate not fluctuate, but there are also only a set number of things that you will be responsible for paying on top of your rent, such as cable, electric, and perhaps water.  When you purchase a home, however, any and everything that the property requires will come out of your pocket.


When you live in a single family home, it’s true that you might be lucky enough to have one or two great neighbors.  The same is true in an apartment rental, but you will have a whole lot more of them to choose from.  Many apartment communities will even set up opportunities for their residents to get to know one another.  When you are surrounded by cool neighbors, you’re never at a lack for something to do.


perks of an apartment rental not fixing acIt goes without saying that life in a single family unit requires a whole different level of responsibility than life in an apartment rental.  As previously mentioned, in a single family unit you are solely responsible for anything that could potentially go wrong.  In your apartment, however, your landlord bears the responsibility for the majority of instances that could dampen your living situation.  In the event of a disaster, your landlords insurance will cover repairs and damages to your space (and rental insurance can cover the cost of your personal belongings for a very small monthly price tag).  If your HVAC unit or any of your appliances stop working correctly, your landlord will step in to handle repairs or replace them.  You also won’t need to concern yourself with repainting exterior walls, maintaining landscaping, or pressure cleaning walkways and stairs to protect from slip and falls.  In short, the living is easy when you have so much less to worry about!


When you purchase a home, you are pretty much locked into it until you choose to sell it, which is a potentially lengthy process which offers you no guarantee on your investment.  When you’re in an apartment rental, however, shorter lease terms offer you the flexibility to change your mind.  Most lease terms run an average of one year, but many apartment communities will offer even shorter terms or will allow the tenant to reside in the space on a month to month basis.  This means that when you feel the urge to up and go, you have no strings holding you down.


Access to amenities is one of the biggest perks of life in an apartment rental.  Depending on your needs, desires, and budgets, apartment communities offer everything from community pools, tennis courts, game rooms, and media rooms to more glamorous options such as on-site restaurants, movie theaters, and cafes.  You won’t find those in many single-family units.


Many apartment communities are strategically located to put their tenants in close proximity to major roadways, public transportation, and daily conveniences such as grocery stores and gas stations.  That means that your apartment rental could be cutting your drive time in half, if not by more.  Why spend half of your life driving to and from when you could position yourself closer to everything you need on a daily basis?


Lastly, life in an apartment rental offers a measure of safety that you might not get anywhere else.  Many apartment communities are gated or offer on-site 24-hour security.  In addition to that, you have your neighbors to help keep an eye after your space when you are at work or on vacation.

Looking for an Apartment Rental in Hattiesburg or the Surrounding Areas?

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