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The 10 Best Holiday Gifts for Your Apartment Rental

Great Christmas Gifts For Your Apartment, And For You!

Living in an apartment rental has been good for you so far, but what if you could make it great?  This holiday season make sure to ask for the right gifts… the kinds that will elevate your apartment living experience to the next level!  Check out some of these potentially awesome gadget gifts for your apartment!

1. Smartview HD Antenna

Living in your own apartment rental means taking on a whole lot of extra responsibility.  Don’t let paying for cable be added to that ever-growing list!  This HDTV antenna can make your life far simpler by eliminating the monthly cable bill while still allowing you open access to network television.  It works by tuning into the signal already being broadcast by other cable companies!  The best part?  It’s completely legal (for now).

2. Dodow

Living in an apartment rental means having neighbors all around you (in addition to the probability of very thin walls).  This can make getting a good night’s sleep relatively difficult.  That’s where Dodow comes in!  This device, scientifically proven to help you fall asleep and stay asleep, works by projecting a blue light onto your ceiling.  As the light expands and retracts, your breath begins to pick up the rhythm, allowing you to relax and let go of your mental chatter.  It can actually reduce your breaths per minute by 55%, helping you to fall asleep in an average of just eight minutes!

3. Keysmart Key Organizer & Keysmart Pro

A new apartment rental means another key added to your key ring!  Who can possibly keep track?  The Keysmart key organizer allows you to keep all of your keys neatly tucked away in a device that resembles a Swiss Army knife.  It can handle up to 14 keys at a time!  Upgrade to the Keysmart Pro and keep track of your smartphone as well.  The Keysmart Pro syncs with your phone, making locating a lost device super simple!

4. Bondic

gifts for your apartment that help with barking dogNow that you’re living on your own, you’ll be the sole person in charge of fixing what’s broken in your home!  Bondic fixes everything from broken dishes to leaky pipes using a liquid-plastic formula and a UV light.  It works on any surface and isn’t sticky like regular glues and adhesives, meaning you won’t have to worry about cleaning up a big mess.

5. BarxBuddy

If you have a dog living with you in your apartment rental (or your neighbor has one that likes to make a lot of noise), BarxBuddy is maybe one of the best gifts for your apartment situation!  It uses high frequency noises to stop dog barking in its tracks without any pain, aggression or yelling.  The high-pitched sound simply catches your pooches attention, giving you a moment to correct their bad behavior and offer them a pat on the head instead.

6. Super Boost Wifi

Are there “dead zones” within your apartment rental where your phone won’t work or you just can’t seem to access your network?  Super Boost WiFi to the rescue!  This plug-in device makes the internet run at super speed throughout your entire place.  It can even help your signal extend to outdoor areas and patios.

7. Robot Vacuum

Why bother investing money in a vacuum that’s going to take up a ton of space and eat into the storage space in your apartment?  Instead, get a robot vacuum that can keep your place sparkling without any human intervention.  There are a variety of robot vacuum’s available on the market and most only require occasional charging to keep them actively cleaning up day after day.

8. Single-Serve Appliances

Don’t waste your counter space by loading it up with giant appliances!  Instead, ask for the gift of single-serve this holiday season.  Single-serve blenders (such as the Nutribullet) and coffee machines (like Keurig) are a great way to keep your countertops clean and avoid making too much and wasting food!

9. Dewplanter

If you want to bring a little low-maintenance greenery into your apartment rental, the Dewplanter is a must!  This nifty little gadget takes the humidity right out of the air and turns it into water which it uses to give your plant the perfect amount of moisture it needs to thrive!

10. Nest Hello Smart WiFi Video Doorbell

Safety in your apartment rental is of the utmost importance.  This amazing contraption secures snugly to the exterior of your building and allows you to keep 24-7 tabs on what’s happening on the other side of your front door.  It is capable of streaming a live feed directly to your smartphone so that, even when you’re not home, you know what’s going on!

Looking for an Apartment Rental in Hattiesburg or the Surrounding Areas?

Now that you are aware of the best gifts for your apartment rental, to ask for this holiday season, it’s time to find your new home!  At Hattiesburg Apartments we’ve unwrapped some of the best offerings in the area and put them together in one database to make finding your next place easy and fun!   Take a look and reach out to us to get started!

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