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Telltale Signs That You’re Probably Outgrowing Your Apartment Rental

Sometimes you find an apartment rental that fits your wants and needs like a favorite pair of jeans!  Outgrowing your apartment rental can certainly happen. They’ve been washed just enough times that they’re super soft, but still durable enough that they don’t appear to have been eaten by mice.  Then, one day, you see the first hole appear at the waistline and you know that, although you might get one or two more wears out of them, it’s time to start shopping for a new pair of jeans.  There are telltale signs available to you as well when it comes to determining when is the right time to get up and get out of your current rental and into something that is more suitable to your changing needs.  Here’s what to look for:

Your Long-Term Goals are Changing

If you’re noticing that your visions of the future are beginning to include some children or pets, it might be time to find a new apartment rental!  A family can drastically change your relationship to your space and can leave what was once considered a comfortable apartment feeling a bit claustrophobic!  Don’t wait until these new additions have already found their way into your life; be proactive by finding a space that can accommodate your growing entourage now!

Your Budget Has Changed

If you’ve had significant changes in your financial status, it could be time to go apartment hunting.  A big promotion at work, for example, might warrant an upgrade to a bigger apartment (that you were previously unable to afford), while finding yourself faced with unexpected bills might have you searching for a space that feels a bit less daunting on your wallet.

Outgrowing Your Apartment if you need to commute to longYou’re Tired of Long Commutes

While at one point you may have been enticed by your apartment rental’s close proximity to the hottest clubs and trendiest restaurants, priorities tend to change.  Now, perhaps you can’t seem to get your focus off of the fact that it takes you an hour each way to get back and forth from your apartment rental to work or that you’re 45 minutes from your family.  If you’re feeling compelled to be closer to the people and places who take up the majority of your time, it could be time to turn in your keys and set out on a new apartment hunting adventure.

You’re Ready to Ditch the Roommate

If living with a roomie has lost some of its original luster, it could be time to officially part ways and search for an apartment rental that suits your desire to navigate the waters of adulthood solo!  This won’t always mean finding a bigger space, but it could be a sign that you’re outgrowing your apartment rental.

You’re Looking to Entertain More

You might also be ready for a change if trying to host a dinner party feels more like trying to cram twenty clowns into a compact car than a night full of fun with friends.  Perhaps it’s time to find an apartment rental that can cater to a whole lot of company!

You’re Tired of Your Neighbors

Another glaring indication that it’s time to reconsider your living situation is if your neighbors are constantly driving you crazy!  Whether it’s the guy below you that insists on playing the drums well into the early morning hours, the nosy neighbor next door who you’ve caught peering through your peephole on numerous occasions, or the unseen resident across that hall that’s been piling up garbage bags outside of their front door for the past two weeks, having obnoxious neighbors can make life in your apartment rental a literal nightmare!

You Have a Lazy Landlord

It’s so important in an apartment rental to have good rapport with your landlord.  If, on the other hand, they aren’t returning your phone calls, keeping your unit and the community in a general state of repair, or addressing neighborly complaints (you’ve been calling about those trash bags across the hall every day for eight days), it’s probably time to seek out a new place.

You’re Ready to Upgrade on the Amenities

Finally, you might be outgrowing your apartment rental if you find yourself envious over the amenities offered to your other apartment renting pals!  Seek out a community that offers you amenities you will actually use.  For example, how nice would it be to ditch the monthly gym membership fee by finding a place that has onsite facilities available to all residents (with the cost built right into your monthly rent)?

Are You Outgrowing Your Apartment Rental?

Now that you know how to identify the need for an upgrade, it’s time to fix the problem of outgrowing your apartment rental!  At Hattiesburg Apartments, we’ve done all of the footwork for you, compiling a database of available units from 17 of the most reputable apartment communities in the Hattiesburg area.  Take a look through them today and contact one of our team members to begin your search!

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