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Simple Ways to Freshen Up Your Apartment Rental in 2019

Now that you’ve rung in the New Year, you’re probably focused on all of the resolutions that you’ve made and how best to implement them and create real lasting change.  As you go through this process, it’s important to remember that your environment can drastically affect your mood, energy, and focus, making it equally important to make changes to your space if it’s not supporting you in the proper way.  Let’s take a look at some simple ways that you can revamp your apartment rental in 2019 so that it reflects all of the other positive changes you are trying to make.


Simple Ways to Freshen Up Your Apartment Rental in 2019Perhaps the easiest way to spruce up your rental apartment for the coming year is to invest a little time and money on painting!  It’s truly amazing how a fresh coat of paint can transform a space from drab to fab!  You may not even realize what a game-changer it actually is until you’ve done it.  It’s easy to get accustomed to handprints, scuffs, and dust on your walls and baseboards, but seeing the aftermath of a day spent painting will have you wondering why you didn’t do it sooner!


Maybe even simpler than painting, giving your rental apartment a good, deep cleaning is another great way to change the energy within it.  Empty out your drawers, closets and cabinets and clean them up!  Scrub your shower, toilet, tub, stove, and tile floors!  Not only will you feel deeply satisfied with your hard work, but it will truly change the way your space feels.  If cleaning sounds awful, consider hiring a professional company to do it for you!


Once you’ve gotten your entire rental apartment cleaned, it’s time to let go of some things.  Haven’t worn it in the past six months?  Let it go.  Forgot that it existed in the first place?  That probably means that you can live without it.  Food and toiletries that have far-exceeded their expiration date?  Those can be thrown out too!  Don’t start the New Year hanging on to a bunch of stuff that you don’t need!  Create some space for new beginnings by getting rid of all the extra things you’re holding onto.

Switch Up Your Bedding

Out with the old and in with the new.  A quick, simple, and relatively affordable way to revamp the bedroom in your rental apartment is to invest in some new bedding.  Whether this means purchasing some new crisp, clean linens that reflect your resolution to go minimalist or a colorful new comforter that feels aligned with your 2019 goal to go big or go home, changing up your bedding can change the whole flavor of your room.  Being that you spend a lot of times in your bedroom (particularly if you live with roommates), you can see why it’s so important to put some attention here.

Reorganize Your Space

If the flow within your rental apartment feels off, maybe it’s time to switch things up a little bit.  Go through your space room by room (maybe with a friend who can offer you an unbiased secondary opinion) and figure out ways that you can rearrange the furniture, pictures, and décor to make the space feel more open, inviting, and functional.  Oftentimes when you move into a space, you put something somewhere and that is just where it remains until the day you move out, but moving things around can make it feel like a whole new home!


If you’ve accumulated a whole bunch of items over the past year, you may find that your rental apartment is starting to feel a bit cramped!  The New Year is a great time to rifle through your items and find new homes for the things that have just been shoved into corners and crevices.  This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to get rid of them (that’s what your purge is for), but it does mean that you can take a few moments to find a better space for them.

Have a Ceremony

Lastly, a really fun and simple way to add some good energy to your rental apartment this year is to have a ceremony with your closest family and friends.  Once your house is cleaned, purged, painted, and decluttered, invite the most positive peeps in your tribe to come over.  Open the windows to let any remaining negativity flow out, burn some sage, and set some positive, new intentions for the year ahead!

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