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The Secret Ways to Score the Best Apartments in Hattiesburg

With the current rental market the hottest it’s been in ages, landlords are wielding more and more power when it comes to choosing their potential tenants.  Apartments in Hattiesburg are modeling these trends, so it’s important that, as a prospective tenant, you are prepared to bring your A-game when it comes to moving through the rental process.  From starting your search to move-in day, we’ve got you covered with tips and tricks to ensure that you land the apartment of your dreams.

Fix Up Your Credit

best apartments in hattiesburgThis may seem like a given, but it’s amazing how many applicants go through the process of searching for apartments in Hattiesburg without having a clue as to what their credit score is.  Unfortunately, it’s not just a number…it’s THE number that your potential landlord is going to use to determine your eligibility to occupy their space.  Pull your credit report before you begin your search and start the process of getting it cleaned up.  If there are mistakes, work diligently to contact your creditors and have these mistakes removed from your report.  Pay off outstanding debts as well and make sure you get written documentation proving that they are settled.  This can be a time-consuming ordeal, so make sure that you give yourself at least 6-8 weeks so that creditors can have time to update your report.  If time is not an option or you are not financially able to pay off your debt, make sure that you secure a reliable co-signer.

First Impressions Are Everything

If you’ve found a property that catches your eye and you are taking the next step and meeting up for a walk through, make sure that your first impression is positive.  Dress professionally and bring a positive attitude.  Invite only prospective roommates to view the property with you, or, if you will be living alone, bring along just one friend or relative.  Your landlord wants to know who he/she is handing their keys over to.  That being said, the first impression you are receiving is important as well.

Make sure that you do a thorough walk-through of the property.  Test out fans, lights, toilets, windows, faucets and appliances to make sure that everything is in working condition.  Ask questions and request repairs where they are needed.  Don’t assume that your landlord knows everything that is going on with the property.  Remember that they weren’t the last ones living there.

Have a Paperwork Packet Ready

Apartments in Hattiesburg are a hot commodity, so show potential landlords that you are serious about their property by being prepared and organized.  Make copies of your photo ID, credit report, proof of income, and pet certifications/vaccinations to accompany your application.  It is also a great idea to write a rental cover letter introducing yourself and letting your potential landlord get some insight as to who you are as a person.  Although it may seem like overkill, it is also a great way to help you stand apart from the crowd.

Be Aware of Scams

Unfortunately, with a growing rental market, there is also an increased risk of encountering rental scams.  When searching for the best apartments in Hattiesburg, it’s important to remember that if it sounds way too good to be true, it very well may be.  Oftentimes scammers will lure potential renters in with deals that blow the competition away, gain access to their information through the application process, and even acquire money in the form of application fees, first and last month’s rent, and security deposits before the tenant is even aware that they have been scammed.  Do your research and know who you are dealing with to help you successfully navigate the process.

Be Ready to Pounce

Once you’ve seen your fair share of apartments in Hattiesburg and chosen the one that is right for you, it’s time to move fast.  Landlords don’t want to have their properties empty for lengths of time, so let them know that you are prepared to move in quickly.  Have your current apartment packed up and ready to go, as well as a moving truck secured so that you can follow through with what you tell them.  Be courteous during the move-in process, particularly if it is on a weekend.  Ask your landlord where is the best place to park your moving truck to avoid creating a traffic jam for the rest of the neighborhood.

Looking for Apartments in Hattiesburg?

If you are starting your search for apartments for rent in or around the Hattiesburg area, let Hattiesburg Apartments work with you.  With our huge database of properties available, we are confident that we can help you find the apartment that suits all of your needs.  Search through our properties today and reach out to us to get started.

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