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How to Score Apartments In a College Market

You’ve heard people who are searching for apartment rentals say that it sometimes feels like a full-time job. Well, people who are searching for apartment rentals in a competitive college market say that it feels like fighting hundreds of others for the opportunity just to even get that job.

In college markets with tight housing, vacancies are low and for every available rental there could be hundreds of people vying for a single unit. While apartment rentals in Hattiesburg, MS haven’t yet reached extreme levels, you could find when it’s your time to search there is more competition for that perfect unit than you thought.Apartment Rentals for College Campus

While there are many factors that affect competition in the Hattiesburg apartment rental market, most issues arise during the fall when school begins. Our market is home to two major universities and two community colleges and enrollment has been reaching record levels with University of Southern Mississippi welcoming its largest freshman class to date in 2016.

In order to focus on your studies and remove the stress of hunting for apartment rentals, make sure you know the secrets to scoring that perfect unit in a competitive market. Find our best advice below.

Be Prepared

An easy way to label yourself as an unacceptable candidate for apartment rentals is not being prepared. In a competitive market a management company is going to receive numerous applications from prospective tenants, and you want to
make sure that you stand out…for the right reasons.

When showing up to the rental make sure you have all of the necessary paperwork and documents ready to go and organized. This way you can quickly and efficiently complete the application, moving to the front of the line. What you need to provide depends on the management company, but here is what you should to bring:

  • Photo identification (drivers license or passport)
  • Checkbook for fees (application fee and deposits)
  • Proof of employment
  • Bank statements, tax returns or W2’s (to prove you meet rental income eligibility)
  • References or reference letter (from family, friends and/or previous landlords)
  • A copy of your credit score or report
  • Pet information (vaccinations, training certificates, letters of recommendation from previous landlords)
  • Renters insurance policy information

Be Early and Be Quick to Score Apartment Rentals

You’ve heard the saying…the early bird gets the worm. Well, in a competitive rental market this couldn’t be truer. Not only do tighter markets mean you need to make a quicker decision, it also means you need to start searching earlier than you think you do.

Doing your due diligence months before your current lease is up (finding the best location, determining a realistic budget and defining the “needs vs. wants” in apartment amenities) will allow you the freedom to make a quick decision. In regards to apartment rentals in Hattiesburg, come fall you will be glad you did.

In a tight market, as uncomfortable as it may be, you may have to decide on an apartment right after you take the tour. Instead of being able to spend the weekend thinking about it, if you aren’t ready to turn in that application and fees on the spot there could be plenty of other renters who are.

First and Lasting Impressions

If it comes down to you and another candidate, you can guarantee the impression you left on the management company will be the deciding factor between getting the apartment rental…and not.

In order to be memorable, in a good way, make sure that you leave a great first and lasting impression. Besides being prepared and ready to take action, consider the following tips:

Have an elevator pitch ready to go

This is a brief overview of yourself and your roommates highlighting all of your attractive rental qualities. Never been late for rent? Talk about it. Have more than enough income to cover rent? Let it be heard.

Talk long termApartment Rentals for College Students

Management companies hate turnover, from moving to finding a new, ideal tenant, it’s a pain for them. So, if you can rent for 2+ years, be vocal about it as it will most certainly be music to their ears.

Follow up

After a tour, send an email to thank the management company or landlord for hosting and to reiterate why you are the best tenant for the apartment rental. Not only does this show you are kind and thoughtful (emphasizing you have good character) it also proves that you are excited to be there.

Are you ready to score that rental?

If you are currently searching for apartment rentals in Hattiesburg, MS and surrounding areas and you want some help, please contact our team. With over 50 years in the market we have a few tricks up our sleeve and would love to get you into your dream apartment. Call us today!

Posted by: southgaterealtyllc on April 28, 2017