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How to Be a Responsible Pet Owner in an Apartment Rental

Being a pet owner can make the act of searching for the perfect apartment rental a little harder if you’re not sure what landlords and leasing companies are expecting from you.  Even pet-friendly communities often have a lengthy list of rules and regulations targeted towards Fido.  Build rapport with your landlord by exceeding their expectations when it comes to your pet.  Following this list of simple suggestions can help you earn the respect (and testimonies) of your current landlord so that each subsequent rental becomes easier and easier.

1. Follow the Guidelines

Every different apartment rental will adhere to their own set of policies when it comes to regulating their pet tenants.  Read through the fine print prior to signing a lease so that you don’t unexpectedly find your pup exceeds the weight limit or is among the restricted breeds on the premises.

2. See a Veterinarian

Ensure that you have all of the proper documentation that might be required prior to signing the lease on your apartment rental.  A quick visit to the vet to get your pets up to date on vaccinations, declawed (if necessary), and/or spayed or neutered can help to significantly expedite the application process.

responsible pet owners crating their dog in an apartment3. Consider Crate Training

If you have an animal that may be left for longer periods of time in your apartment rental, appeal to your landlord by letting them know your critter is crate trained.  This may help to reassure them that you are looking out for the well-being of the property, as well as your pet.

4. Socialize Them

Chances are good that you won’t be the only tenant within your complex that keeps an animal.  If you have a pet that will be exposed to your neighbors and their animals, make sure that you spend some time socializing them to minimize the potential for chaos.

5. Outdoor Etiquette

Keep your dogs leashed at all times when outside of your apartment rental.  Even if you know your pet is super friendly, be courteous by remembering that your neighbors may not be so eager to meet your furry friend.  Keep plastic bags handy to clean up after your pet as well.

6. Get Out and Play

Leaving your pet in an apartment rental all day is sure to result in some pent up energy.  Make time each day to spend exercising your pet.  Not only is this a great way to fortify the bond between you, but it also helps to ensure that your beloved friend isn’t terrorizing your neighbors all day while you are at work.

7. Curb Their Barking

Nothing is quite as frustrating when living in an apartment rental as being subject to listening to a barking dog.  The walls in most apartments are not only thinner, but shared.  Be thoughtful of your neighbors by paying attention to your dog’s tendencies.  Even if your pet isn’t prone to yapping while you are at home, you don’t know how he/she may act when you’re away.  Check with your neighbors to see if there is a problem and if there is be proactive by getting it under control.  Contact your local pet store or a trainer who can give you some pointers or invest in a pain-free option such as an ultrasonic sound machine.  These can be purchased for well under a hundred dollars.

8. Pet Proof Your Space

Show respect to your landlord by making every effort to pet proof your apartment rental.  Cover floors that may be easily scratched with throw rugs.  If you are renting a furnished space, protect furniture by covering with blankets or couch covers.  Use baby gates to prevent entry into any rooms that should be marked off limits.

Pet Grooming

9. Keep Your Pet Groomed

Keeping your pet clean and groomed will facilitate the same in your apartment rental.  Pet dander can, over time, build up to create odors within your space that won’t easily go away.  Pet fur can also get sucked into air vents, causing your unit’s HVAC system to run far less efficiently.

10. Leave the Property as You Found It

Avoid losing your pet deposit on your apartment rental by ending your lease with the space looking as good as it looked when you first moved in.  Hire a professional cleaner to come in prior to your walkthrough with your landlord.  If there are marks or stains that have been there since before you moved in, make sure that you document these at the start of your lease to avoid any problems down the line.  Ask your landlord to write a reference for you upon lease completion.

Searching for an Apartment Rental in the Hattiesburg Area?

If you and your pets are looking to relocate, contact us today at Hattiesburg Apartments.  We pride ourselves on having a huge selection of high quality properties that are sure to make you and your furry friends feel right at home.


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