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Proper Handling of Landlord Disputes in a Rental Apartment

Handling Landlord Disputes

It’s ideal to have a landlord that you get along with, but there may still be times in a rental apartment that you two just don’t see eye-to-eye.  In that event, you need to keep the lines of communication open in an effort to maintain the positive rapport you have built with one another.  Disputes between a landlord and tenant can arise for a multitude of reasons, but handling them in the proper fashion can help to ensure successful arbitration happens quickly.  Let’s take a look at some of the more common disputes encountered.

Billing Discrepancies

Landlord DisputesNo matter how well you and your landlord get along, you have to keep in mind that the lease you signed for your rental apartment is essentially a business transaction.  This piece of paper is a guarantee that you will pay a certain monthly amount for the use of the landlord’s space, so it’s no wonder that problems can arise if it is perceived that you aren’t holding up your end of the bargain.  Whether your failure to pay your rent was an honest mistake or something else, fix the problem quickly by getting your account current.  In the event that the delinquency is an error on the landlord’s part due to a misapplication of your payment, provide your landlord with supporting documentation from your bank immediately to avoid any further implications.

Issues with Neighbors

As we all know, life in a rental apartment wouldn’t be complete without lots of neighbors in close proximity.  While usually this is a positive experience, every once in a while you may be unlucky enough to encounter a particularly offensive neighbor.  Your landlord’s failure to remedy a perceived neighborly conflict in a manner that feels acceptable to you can cause quite a lot of tension between you.  If you feel that a legitimate complaint is not being taken seriously, request a face-to-face meeting with your landlord and discuss your perspective openly, calmly, and respectfully.  Chances are that he/she didn’t fully understand the magnitude of the situation, so give them a fair opportunity to make it right now that they do.

Interior Maintenance Issues

Problems can arise quickly between a landlord and a tenant if a rental apartment is not in proper working condition.  From faulty kitchen appliances, to drafty windows and doors, to broken HVAC systems, the list of things that can go wrong in any home is a long one.  Typically, it is a landlord’s job to make sure that the space they are providing you with is in an adequate state of repair (unless otherwise specified in your lease).  Read through your lease to determine the proper procedure to report any necessary repairs.  If the process is not sufficiently outlined, reach out to your landlord and ask them what they would like you to do.  Typically, a landlord will have a handyman or technician on call to complete the task within a reasonable time frame.  If your landlord repeatedly refuses to make the needed improvements, you may want to look into your rights as far as ending your lease early or if that fails, contact whatever governing authority can help put an end to your grievances.

Common Area Maintenance

Common Area Maintenance (commonly referred to as CAM) can also become a point of contention between the tenant in a rental apartment and the landlord.  Much like above, remember that your landlord can’t possibly be aware of the problem until you bring it to their attention.  Rather than allowing your issue to fester, approach them calmly about the branch poking your screened-in patio or the broken paver you are constantly tripping over.  This is probably enough to get them working on it, particularly because they have a vested interest in their property and will assume liability if anybody is seriously injured.

Security Deposits

What happens with the security deposit you were required to put down when you signed the lease on your rental apartment?  If you feel that your deposit is being unjustly held, chances are good that you are none too happy about it.  Avoid this situation by carefully reviewing your lease at the start of the term to be clear on what is expected from you as a tenant.  Make any necessary repairs prior to move-out and request a walk-through with your landlord so that they can point out anything you may have missed.  If you still feel that you deserve your deposit back, write your landlord a letter documenting why and provide evidence in the forms of pictures of the space post-lease.  If the situation furthers, you may have to be willing to appear in court to defend your position.

Searching for an Apartment Rental in the Hattiesburg Area?

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