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Preparing Your Apartment Rental for Colder Winter Weather

In case you hadn’t noticed, that colder winter weather is starting to creep in!  Although pulling out your favorite sweaters and snuggling up with a hot mug of tea sounds pretty enticing, spending the next few months living in a frigid and drafty apartment rental doesn’t sound like quite as much fun.  There are, however, lots of simple ways that you can prepare your apartment for the next few months by making some quick adjustments that can leave you feeling a whole lot cozier this winter.

Ceiling Fans

When you think of ceiling fans, it’s probably safe to say that you think of them as having a cooling effect.  For that reason, you may never have thought of it, but your ceiling fans can actually help to keep your apartment rental warmer in the winter!  Have you ever seen that little switch at the top of your ceiling fan and wondered what it was for?  Well, consider yourself enlightened.  This nifty little contraption will reverse the direction of the fan blades from counter clockwise to clockwise, causing an updraft that will actually push the warmer air at the top of the ceiling down towards the ground.


Another really simple way to warm up your apartment rental is to invest in some blankets.  Whether extra warm wool or super soft fleece are your thing, making sure that you have some extra throws accessible is super affordable and will help your space stay cozy and warm all winter long.  You may also want to consider changing out your bedding, replacing the cool, cotton sheets of summer for a warmer material such as flannel.


Preparing Your ApartmentIf you’re apartment rental is in an older building, it’s probably safe to assume that you’re suffering from some drafts over the winter.  These can often be caused by older windows that are in need of a little TLC.  A simple way to give them that is to head to your nearest hardware store and purchase a tube of caulk.  This super affordable, sticky paste comes in a bunch of different colors and works to seal out any air that is making its way into your space.  Start at the top of the window and trace a thin line all the way down to the bottom, smoothing it out with your finger.  Give it some time to dry and voila, you have a much less breezy abode.  If doing it yourself isn’t your thing, contact your landlord or management company and ask them to do it for you.

Insulated Curtains

Another line of defense against the cold infiltrating your windows is investing in some insulated curtains.  These are made of much thicker material than your typical summer curtains and will work diligently to ward of the cold that’s trying to sneak into your apartment rental.  Plus, they add a little flair to your décor.

Draft Stoppers

Draft stoppers are another super cheap and simple way to address the chill finding its way into your apartment rental.  Once cold air finds its way in, it tends to move freely about the cabin.  Draft stoppers are long tubes of cotton stuffed with flexible materials (such as beans or rice) that you can slide under the lengths of doors to block the gap between the floor and the base of the door.  They successfully prevent the flow of cold air from one room to the next.  If you’re super frugal and just a tad creative, you might even be able to make them yourself.

Space Heaters

Space heaters are another extremely effective way to heat up your apartment rental.  They can also, however, be relatively dangerous.  If you’re going to invest in a space heater, make sure that you read the directions carefully and follow the guidelines set forth by the manufacturer.  Keep them away from curtains, off of rugs, and out of the way where children and pets can’t inadvertently get into them.

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