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Maximizing Space in a Small Apartment

5 Easy Ways to Maximize Space in a Small 1 Bedroom Apartment

The global housing market is getting larger…and smaller at the same time. While the number of apartment units continues to grow, their size is heading in the opposite direction. From micro-units in large, urban markets to a small studio or 1 bedroom apartment in rural areas, renters these days must get creative to maximize their usable living space.

While a unit’s square footage is not going to change, by simply thinking outside the (shoe) box a tenant can create a living space that feels large and open. From multipurpose storage to fooling the eye, the trick is to focus on smarter space rather than more space. Look at unexpected places, choose efficiency, throw out unused items…and ultimately enjoy the place you live.

No matter your home’s actual size, if it feels small to you then it is. Here are our 5 best tips to maximize space, making any small 1-bedroom apartment feel large and spacious.

Can’t Get More Space, So Create Smart Space

Declutter and Purge

This tip seems obvious, but it’s hands-down the number one offender of misusing space. Simply put, more stuff takes up more space and a messy home feels smaller. To create additional square footage, as well as the illusion of it, follow these rules for getting rid of unnecessary items:

  • Sort and purge items at least twice a year and donate them. (Ask yourself, “Do I really need this?”)
  • Remove anything you haven’t used in the last 12 months. (Has that exercise bike been touched lately?)
  • Get rid of duplicates. (Do you need 5 beach towels? What about those 12 wine glasses?)
  • Don’t let small piles pile up. (Throw out old magazines and stay on top of your mail.)

Create Storage Where There is None

storage in 1 bedroom apartment

There is only so much closet space in a 1-bedroom apartment. Instead of going out and purchasing additional storage solutions, get creative and use what you already have. Everyone has a bed, so lift yours higher off the ground so you can store items underneath. Have floating cabinets in your kitchen? Use that space between the top of the cabinets and the ceiling to store visually pleasing items that would otherwise be inside, like cake stands or decorative platters.

Only Buy Multipurpose Furniture

Our next tip for maximizing space is to always choose furniture that is multipurpose. In today’s housing market 1 bedroom apartments are getting smaller and smaller. The good news is that retailers are following suit, creating multipurpose furniture and storage solutions made specifically for small spaces.

Instead of an item that takes up space and has one single use, try items that can do many things. Do you need an ottoman? Find one that comes with a storage area inside. Seeking side tables for your couch? Get nesting tables that can stack on themselves. Find a dining table that doubles as a desk, or a sofa that doubles as a bed. From hidden storage to simply pairing down (think 2 specialty knives instead of a whole butchers block), these changes will go a long way in creating additional square footage.

Go Vertical

As much as you may want, you can’t move the walls in your 1 bedroom apartment, but you don’t have to go out – you can go up! We tend to think of square footage from the floor extending horizontally out to the walls, but what about all the cubic space that extends vertically? By stretching the storage space upward from the floor to the ceiling, you don’t have to utilize your precious floor space.

To do so choose tall, thin shelves that reach almost to the ceiling, over shorter ones. If you already have shelving units, or storage boxes, go ahead and stack them on top of each other.

Create a Mental Illusion

Our last tip to maximize space doesn’t actually have to do with space at all, but rather the perception of it.

Paint Using Light, Solid Colors: Instead of painting your walls bright, popping colors or using a patterned wallpaper, consider using light, solid colors instead. Bright colors and patterns create visual clutter and make rooms feel smaller. An old decorator trick says to use light colors that create the illusion of openness and brightness making any room feel larger.mirror in 1 bedroom apartment


Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall: If you want to create the illusion of more space, put up some mirrors. These trick the eye into seeing further than it actually is, fooling your brain into thinking your 1 bedroom apartment is much larger. Mirrors are especially helpful in the living room and on closet and bathroom doors.

Need More Space Than a 1 Bedroom Apartment?

Space saving tips or not, sometimes you simply outgrow your 1 bedroom apartment and need something bigger. If you live in or around the Hattiesburg, MS area and are seeking apartments for rent then let us help! With over 35 years experience in the Mississippi apartment market, our team has helped thousands of tenants find the space that is perfect for their needs. Start by searching online or give us a call at (601) 264-4626 today!

Posted by: southgaterealtyllc on June 16, 2017