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How to Turn Your Rental Apartment into the Perfect Place for Romance

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, which may leave you wondering just what to do in order to impress your lucky lady!  You might be happily surprised to hear that this doesn’t necessarily mean fighting the crowds or wallowing in regret that you forgot to make dinner reservations at your love’s favorite restaurant.  Valentine’s Day can be just as wonderful (and sometimes even better) in the comfort of your own home.  This V-Day, make it one to remember by turning your rental apartment into a luxury resort that your beloved may never want to leave!

Don’t Forget the Flowers

Nothing says I love you quite like a lovely bunch of fresh flowers, but if you haven’t had time to pre-order those long-stemmed roses, don’t lament quite yet.  Any flowers will make your Valentine feel adored and loved, and there’s something special about a partner that puts in a little bit of extra effort.  Rather than going the same old, boring rose route, collect a bunch of different types of flowers in your love’s favorite colors.  Mix and match them, creating arrangements in various festive vases and fill the rooms of your rental apartment with these creative assortments.  A space filled with blossoms is sure to bring a smile and leave a lasting impression.

Make a Home-Cooked Meal

Not to knock that old adage, but the way to ANYBODY’S heart is through their stomach!  Impress your Valentine by filling your rental apartment with the tempting aroma of their favorite home-cooked meal.  If you’re not a natural chef, take the time to practice your recipe prior to the big night.  Invite a friend or a family member over to taste test your concoction to make sure it’s on point before you serve it up to your love.  Even if it doesn’t end up perfect, there’s a very good chance that your effort will earn you big brownie points, AND remind your significant other just how special you think they are.

Invest in Candles

candles for your rental apartmentOne of the big draws to fancy, secluded restaurants on Valentine’s Day is the air of ambiance they provide.  Who’s to say that you can’t create that same relaxing feeling in your rental apartment?  It really doesn’t take all that much time, effort or money to transform your space into something that will leave your lover grinning from ear to ear.  Go to your nearest grocery store, dollar store, or shopping center and purchase a bunch of candles in your boo’s favorite scents.  Strategically place them throughout your space and dim or turn off all of the other lights.  When your Valentine arrives home they will feel instantly relaxed and ready to unwind!

Bring the Spa Home

Another favorite Valentine’s Day gift is a luxurious day at the spa, but that doesn’t always mean that you have to go out.  Sometimes, the spa can come to you.  Transform the vibes of your rental apartment into that same soothing sensation you experience at the spa by putting on some soft music and inviting massage therapists or pedicurists to come in and pamper your loved one.  If you don’t know a massage therapist or pedicurist, the first place to start is by calling around to some local spas who may offer in-home visits.  If they don’t, they are sure to at least be able to point you in the right direction.

Rent a Romantic Movie

Does your significant other have a favorite movie that you typically refuse to watch?  Well, Valentine’s Day is a perfect time to redeem yourself by sitting through a romantic comedy stoically.  Make popcorn, get loads of comfy blankets to snuggle up with, and turn the living space of your rental apartment into a makeshift theater by dimming the lights and closing the curtains.  Your romantic gesture will surely have them swooning.

Don’t Forget Dessert

Of all the things discussed, this is by far the most important.  If you want to make Valentine’s Day in your rental apartment complete, do NOT forget to provide an incredible dessert!  The richer and more decadent, the better!  Show your significant other just how worthy they are of a bit of indulgence and this is set to be one of the best V-Day’s in the books…and you did it all from the comfort of your own home!

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