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How to Successfully Host the Holidays at Your Apartment Rental

If the thought of hosting a big holiday dinner in your tiny apartment rental feels daunting, I assure you that you are not alone.  Since holidays began there have been apartment dwellers searching and striving for the best possible ways to accommodate a holiday dinner party.  Luckily, that means that the footwork has been done for you. Sit back, relax, and check out these tips on a how to host your own successful apartment holiday celebration.

Plan Your Guest List

Celebrations in an apartment rental can get more than a bit crowded. Get clear in your mind about how many people you can comfortably accommodate.  Make it non-negotiable! Your cousin Sally, for instance, cannot invite her new boyfriend whom she has gone on two dates with and is kind-of, sort-of, pretty sure is the one.  If he’s still around next year, maybe they can host the holiday dinner!

Maximize Floor Space

Rearrange furniture in the main living area to create a larger space to place tables and extra seating.  Consider moving any non-essential furniture temporarily into another room.  Designate a drop zone for all of your guests to shed their jackets, purses, shoes, and other personal effects.

Get Creative

There are so many fun and creative ways to turn your apartment rental into the perfect party pad.

  • Don’t limit yourself to the confines of your apartment rental. If there is outdoor space available to you, consider moving the party (or some of it anyway) outside.  Use space heaters to warm up patios and place extra seating to encourage visitors.
  • Are you hosting kids? This might be a perfect time for a super fun picnic on the floor if you are short on seating.  Designate a special space for it and spruce it up by placing out toys, crayons, and blank paper.
  • The bathtub’s ability to double as cooler is an important hack you probably learned in college. Ditch your traditional coolers, clean the tub, get lots of ice, and pour in your drinks!

Remove as Much Overwhelm as Possible

Obviously when it comes to the holidays, food is a big factor!  Cooking a holiday meal in a chef’s dream kitchen can be stressful, let alone in the limited space offered by most apartment rentals.  Alleviate some of your anxiety by incorporating a few simple tricks here as well.

  • Consider a potluck! As the host/hostess, offer to provide the main components of the meal, but invite your guests to contribute some of their holiday staples!  Not only does it allow everybody to get involved, but it also takes some of the weight off of your shoulders.  If there is limited oven space, ask your guests to please come with their dishes warmed and plan to eat shortly after your gathering begins.
  • Serve your meal buffet style. Rather than worrying about how much mashed potatoes Uncle Henry wants, set up a walk through in your kitchen or another accessible area where guests can line up and make their own plates.
  • Spread hors d’oeuvres throughout the apartment so that people can sit and chat as opposed to moving all over and giving you an anxiety attack.
  • Provide paper or plastic plates, cups, and silverware to avoid a mile-high pile of dirty dishes at the end of the evening.
  • Politely request everybody to dispose off their plates in a conveniently located trash receptacle when they are done with their meals.

Relax and Enjoy

Rather than worrying too much about it, remember that good company is the most important factor in any good gathering.  Enjoy your guests and they will enjoy you and your space.

Are You Ready to Host the Holidays at Your Own Apartment Rental?

As you can see, hosting the holidays in an apartment rental is not as terrifying as it seems.  If you are looking for the perfect apartment rental to host your next big celebration in, check out Hattiesburg Apartments to begin your search.  With our huge database of apartment rentals available in and around the Hattiesburg area, we are sure that we can help you find the space that is just right for you.  Use our expertise and you are certain to be hosting your own holiday extravaganza in no time!



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