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How to Prepare Your Apartment Rental for Your Lease End

All good things must eventually come to an end, so it’s no surprise that the lease on your apartment rental is quickly drawing to a close.  Where did the year get to?  When this crossroad comes for you, it’s time to make the decision…do you stay or do you go?  If you’ve looked around and decided that this is absolutely home for the next year, more power to you!  It’s time to find the landlord and draw up a new lease.  If, however, you find that your apartment is leaving a bit to be desired, it might be time to move on, in which case, you will want to be prepared.

Give Your Landlord Proper Notice

Even if you’ve decided that it’s time to move on from your current apartment rental, you can still be a courteous and reliable tenant right up until move-out day.  Your first order of duty is to let your landlord know, in writing, of your intent to vacate the property by the lease-end date.  Not only is it just a responsible thing to do, it also allows your landlord ample time to find another tenant who might be interested in the unit.  Your landlord is running a business, and much like any other business, they need to know what they’re up against to keep their business afloat.

Calculate Your Apartment Rental Moving Costs

moving out of your apartment rentalPacking up and heading out to new destinations is not always as simple as it sounds.  While paying your friends in pizza and cheap alcohol may sound like a viable option to keeping moving costs down, the truth of the matter is that a group of your comrades is far less reliable when it comes to getting your belongings from point A to point B.  A professional moving company is a much better option!  It’s a bit pricier, yes, but it also comes with a contract that promises that the contents of your apartment rental will make it to their new destination unscathed and on-time.  Contact a few options in your area to determine what sort of cost you are looking at.

Make Any Necessary Repairs

Nothing is worse than hearing that you won’t be getting the deposit back on your apartment rental.  Oftentimes, this is what we’ve been relying on to pay the deposit on our new place!  Guarantee the return of your precious cash by doing what you need to do to get your space in tip-top condition.  Holes left in the walls are easily fixed with some drywall mud, sand paper, and some paint.  Work diligently to get stains out of carpets or to fill scratches that have been left in wood flooring.  Replace broken blinds and burnt-out bulbs.  If you changed the paint color when you moved in, make sure you restore it to its original hue.  Your landlord and/or the property management company will easily be able to tell you the name of the original color.

Give it a Deep Cleaning

Making the needed repairs to your apartment rental is only the first step.  Now your space needs an extra deep cleaning so that it’s shining for your landlord at the walkthrough.  Start at the very top, dusting crown moulding and ceiling fans.  Scrub counters and bathrooms!  Take extra time cleaning out the stove and refrigerator and make sure that you wipe out or vacuum all of the cabinets and drawers throughout the unit.

Take Pictures

Once your hard work is completed and you’ve restored your apartment rental back to its original glory, make sure that you document your effort by taking pictures.  These will be useful if, for any reason, your landlord still finds cause to hold your deposit from you.

Schedule a Walkthrough

When you’re all done, it’s time to schedule a final walkthrough with your landlord.  Make sure that you are present for this rather than allowing your landlord to do it alone.  This will give them ample opportunities to address anything else they feel needs to be remedied.

Get References

When it’s all over, make sure that you ask your landlord for references.  These will be super helpful down the line for as long as you are renting.  They never expire and they will show any future landlords what a great tenant you make!

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