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How to Make Friends When You’re New in an Apartment Community

Being the new guy isn’t always easy!  In fact, it can be quite lonely!  If, however, your new home happens to be in an apartment community, you may be in luck!  Apartment communities are great places to meet new people and make friends (being that everybody is in such close proximity to one another).  All you need to know are a few simple tips and tricks and you’ll have found your tribe in no time!

Be Friendly

As simple and obvious as it sounds, the best way to make new friends in your apartment community is to actually be friendly!  Do kind, neighborly things like saying hello when you pass them on the stairs, offering your extra umbrella if you notice them waiting out a rainstorm in their parked car, or helping them carry a bag of groceries to their unit so they don’t have to make two trips.  Doing these things takes very little extra effort on your part and can go a long way in establishing some new friendships.

apartment community making friendsUse Your Pet

You know that dog you’ve been thinking about?  Well, now might be the perfect time to adopt him.  If your apartment community allows pets, they can be a great way to get to know your neighbors.  After all, your pet will need friends, too and there are usually a lot of pet-owners that use playtime as a space to socialize with one another.  Getting to know them is a great starting place!

Get Involved

Sometimes making friends in a new area means looking beyond the boundaries of your apartment community.  Step out into the larger community and get involved with events, causes and issues that are important to you!  Help campaign for a local politician that you believe in, spend time helping out at a pet shelter, or volunteer at the local library.  Offering your time and energy not only gives back to the community that you are now a part of, but it also creates lots of opportunities for you to meet others who share the same interests as you do!

Host a Potluck

If you’re really feeling like the life of the party, why not think about hosting a potluck?  Place flyers up around your new apartment community inviting your neighbors to drop by and bring a snack or beverage to share.  If you’re community has a property management team, you might even ask them to send out an email on your behalf!

Suggest a Happy Hour

If you’re not completely comfortable with inviting your whole complex into your apartment, perhaps it’s a better idea to suggest a community cocktail hour!  Pick a bar or restaurant that’s within relatively close proximity to your community so that more people are apt to join.

Use the Amenities

If you live in an apartment community with a lot of useful amenities, go out and use them!  Stop by the gym, swim in the pool, visit the café, or hit up the computer room!  Capitalize off of the convenience of these things being available to you so close to home rather than going out and buying a gym membership, giving up your cash to Starbucks or paying extra for in-home internet service.  Being present in these spaces will allow you to get more familiar with the faces that frequent them and also provide yet another opportunity to strike up a conversation.

Get Outside

One thing is for certain … you definitely won’t meet anybody if you stay holed up in your apartment all day and night.  Even though it might be a little intimidating, get outside and explore your new digs.  Maybe there are walking trails or common areas in your apartment community that you weren’t even aware of.  If you encounter some of your neighbors, ask them where the best places to hang out are and any other questions that you might have about life in your new neighborhood.

Don’t Be “That Guy”

Lastly, if you want to make some new friends, don’t be the neighbor that’s constantly starting problems.  Be respectful of noise levels, park where you’re supposed to, put your trash in the proper receptacles and clean up after your pet.  Showing your neighbors that you respect them is a great way to create the chance for future friendships to flourish.

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