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How to Maintain a Positive Relationship with Your Landlord or Property Management Company

Cultivating and maintaining a respectful relationship with your landlord or property management company is the key to ensuring that you are happy in your apartment rental for a long time to come!  However, life in an apartment comes with an entirely separate set of rules than a single-family property.  Not only do you have to be a good tenant, but being that you are in such close proximity to your neighbors, you have to worry about being a good neighbor too.  If you follow these simple guidelines, we guarantee that your landlord will feel lucky to have you as a tenant, which will make your apartment experience a whole lot easier!

Pay Your Landlord on Time

This probably sounds fairly obvious, but non-payment of rental fees and/or late payments, are the leading causes for eviction from an apartment rental.  It doesn’t matter if your boss paid you a few days late, or you have the tendency to let important things like paying rent slip your mind.  Your landlord doesn’t want to hear your excuses.  You are now adulting and you are going to have to take on a whole lot more responsibility if you want to be successful at it.  No matter what the obstacles, make sure that your rent is paid in full, on time.  Remember that your landlord is running a business, just like any other, and their ability to maintain that business rests on the assumption that tenants will adhere to their lease-bound financial responsibilities.

Adhere to Lease Terms

Adhere to Landlord Lease TermsIf the lease for your apartment rental states that you aren’t allowed to have dogs, you can’t smoke within the unit, or that you are the only person cleared to live there, don’t rock the boat.  Trying to sneak in Fido or allowing a friend to crash indefinitely on your couch is a quick way to break the terms of your lease and potentially face the frustration and anger of your landlord.  Not only that, but failure to adhere to the lease terms is also grounds for termination of the lease, which, to put it bluntly, means your landlord can start the eviction process.  Be up front and honest in all of your dealings with your landlord.  If you have a friend who really wants to take over your spare bedroom, they should do it legitimately.  Have your buddy fill out an application form so that he/she is legally added to the lease and your landlord has no need to retaliate.

Be Respectful of Your Neighbors

When you live in an apartment rental, your actions directly affect your neighbors.  Whether they are above you, below you, or off to either side, thin walls can leave your neighbors hearing, smelling, and experiencing more of your life than they may actually want to.  Be mindful of this in all that you do.  Avoid storming around your house slamming doors, playing loud music at odd hours of the night, or keeping your television volume on full blast.  If you plan on cooking something with a strong smell (brussel sprouts, cabbage, or other equally malodorous fodder), open a window or turn on a fan to prevent the aroma from wafting into your neighbor’s space.  A surefire way to tick off your landlord is to be the subject of an onslaught of complaint calls.

Respect Your Unit

Treat your apartment rental in the same way that you would treat the home of somebody you look up to and respect.  Take time and care to keep it clean, free of odors, and in good repair.  Not only is this just general courtesy, but it will also help to ensure that you get your deposit back at the end of your lease term.

Report Damages

Unfortunately, damages may occur within your apartment rental, whether due to your own negligence, aging appliances, or other things that are out of your control.  Your responsibility as a good tenant is to make sure that these damages are reported quickly to your landlord so that they can be repaired and hopefully not lead to larger issues down the road.  For example, if you notice a wet patch on your ceiling that may indicate a small leak, time is of the essence.  Report it right away before it turns into a full-on flood!

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