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How to Have a Successful Roommate Situation

Did you just find a roommate for your rental apartment and can’t wait to move in? Starting fresh in a new space with a new person can be a very exciting time. However, living with someone can be challenging if you do not set yourselves up for success. There is a lot of adjusting and planning that needs to be done in order to have a successful roommate situation. In this blog post, we are going to cover the things you need to talk to your roommate about.

Set Roommate Ground Rules

Before anything else, you must put some ground rules in place between you and your roommate. If you have lived with someone else before and they did something you can’t bear, communicate that to your roommate. Talk about your guest policy, noise levels, and a cleaning schedule. All of these things are big causes of conflict between most roommates. So, clear the air and talk about these things beforehand.

roommateBe Respectful of Their Stuff

Be diligent about keeping in mind that your roommate’s stuff is not yours by default. Be respectful of their things and always ask before you borrow something of theirs. One of the things you should discuss with your roommate is what things you two can share like pots and pans, electronics, and food. Learning your roommate’s boundaries will be very helpful for you when trying to have a successful roommate situation.

Respect Your Roommates’ Schedules

If you and your roommate have very different schedules, be respectful of your noise volume. When you are up late studying all night while your roommate is trying to sleep, try to be as quiet as possible. Try to get an idea of each other’s weekly schedules as soon as you move in together. This will help you to know when you should come in quietly or if you can make some noise. Be as helpful as possible to your roommate and leave them some coffee in the pot when they are sleeping in or leave a light on for them when they are out late. Little things like this go a long way in a roommate situation.

Keep Each Other Safe

As you two figure out each other’s schedules, be sure to look out for each other’s safety. If you know your roommate has work at 7:00 AM the next morning and they never came home from their classes, send them a text to be sure they are alright. Of course, you don’t want to cross boundaries or be overbearing, but when you know they should have come home, reach out to them. It is a great idea to keep each other updated so that way you two can be as safe as possible. Additionally, exchange your emergency contact information in case something concerning does happen. It is always better safe than sorry, so ask your roommate if they would be comfortable with you watching out for each other.

Set Up a Chore Schedule

One of the most common areas of conflict when it comes to roommate situations is chores. Who is supposed to vacuum? Who is supposed to do the dishes? Instead of becoming annoyed with your roommate due to their lack of effort, set up a chore schedule with them. Take turns doing the dishes or taking the trash out each week. Change up responsibilities or let each other know which ones you prefer. We all go through times of stress, so remember to be patient and forgiving with your roommate if they forget to do their chores one week.

Know Your Financial Responsibility

A very big factor with successful roommate relationships is financial responsibilities. When sharing an apartment with someone else, make sure you both understand how much you will be paying each month. Also, decide on a way to keep track of your expenses so you both know who has paid for what. Keep in mind, there are more bills than just paying rent. There are cable bills, electric bills, and the cost of replacing things around your apartment. This could be lightbulbs, toilet paper, paint, water filters, and batteries. So, make sure you both come to an agreement with how you two pay for your apartment bills, You don’t want to ruin a great roommate relationship because you two can’t agree on finances.

Communicate Well 

No matter what is happening between you and your roommate, always remember to communicate clearly with them. Set expectations and ground rules with them so that way you two can live in harmony. As hard as it can be sometimes, do not be passive aggressive and hope your roommate will catch a hint. Be honest with them and try to stay calm when dealing with a disagreement. This will help you two stay on the right track.

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