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How to Get Your Apartment Ready For the Winter Months

Tips to Get Your Apartment Ready For the Winter

Temperatures are starting to cool, and many people are starting to get prepared for the winter season. In most apartment complexes, the tenants have to take extra care to prevent the cold weather from taking over their apartment. Many apartments are naturally very drafty and simply are not built to take on the winter weather. Not to worry, because we have a list of many ways to get your apartment rental ready for the winter months, and to take on the lowest temperatures of the year! The following ways are very simple, yet effective for helping you keep your home warm and cozy.


One of the easiest and least expensive ways to keep warm this winter is to invest in some thick blankets. Warm and high-quality blankets are very easy to find at Bed, Bath, & Beyond, Amazon, and even Walmart. They are very affordable when compared to the cost of running your heater all season, so stock up! If you plan on having guests over for the holidays, be sure to invest in a handful of blankets so everyone can keep warm. Another great option is investing in heated blankets, as they help to warm you up without running the heater all day long. Heated blankets can get costly, but they are well worth the comfort and electricity bill savings!

Prepare apartment for winter months by using insulated curtainsInsulated Curtains

Another way to heat up your space is to invest in insulated curtains. This type of curtain is much thicker than normal, and it helps to keep the cold air from getting into your apartment. Insulated curtains are especially useful for when your apartment’s windows have drafts in them from not being sealed properly or from aging. So, when you are trying to keep your place warm this winter, invest in some fashionable insulated curtains!

Ceiling Fans

A common belief about ceiling fans is that they only serve the purpose of cooling a room down. Truth be told, they can be used to warm up your apartment at a very inexpensive cost. You have likely noticed a small switch on your ceiling fan. That switch changes the direction of the blades to control how they affect the temperature of the room. When you flip that switch, you can make the fan turn clockwise, which will push the cold air upwards and away from you. Talk about a great invention!

Space Heaters

In addition to heating up a space with your ceiling fan, you can also use something called a space heater. These heaters are designed to warm up small spaces very quickly, as the name suggests. They are very effective and take up much less electricity than heating up your entire apartment would. However, space heaters can be quite dangerous if you do not follow the instructions properly. They are designed to emit warm air, which means they can become very hot. So, be sure to read your space heater’s instruction thoroughly, leave the space heater off of your rugs, and keep them away from children or pets.

Draft Stoppers

A very inexpensive method for keeping the temperature in your apartment warm is to purchase a draft stopper. If you have a window with a hairline gap or crack in its sealing or have a door with a gap in between it and the floor, you likely have a draft. These small gaps allow the cold, frigid air into your apartment. This is why a draft stopper is a great purchase to make before it gets cold out. They are usually filled with beads or grains of rice to block the air from getting into your apartment. Just simply put your draft stopper in front of the gap to block out the cold air. If you are on a tight budget, just fill an old sock with some rice and that should do the trick!

Check Your Appliances

Winter is the perfect time to make sure all of your appliances are working efficiently. Make sure your oven, dishwasher, microwave, laundry machine, and refrigerator are all working well and are not using extra electricity. This will help you save some money so you can focus on warming up your apartment with your electricity bill, and not wasting money on an oven that won’t heat up.

Check your window caulking during winter monthsCaulk

If you live in an older building, there is a good chance your windows are in need of some caulking. The development of small gaps is completely normal for an aging building, and it is very easy to fix them. Simply go to your local hardware or home improvement store and purchase some caulk. All you have to do is squeeze the caulk into the crack and your problem is solved! Be sure you purchase caulk that matches the original color, as you don’t want your windows to be different colors.

Stock Your Refrigerator

Did you know the fewer things that are in your refrigerator, the harder it is for it to keep cold? Believe it or not, when there are more things in your fridge that are at the set temperature, the less energy it takes to keep the fridge cool. So, this winter, try to keep your refrigerator stocked up so your electricity bill will not be wasted. If you are not able to store enough food in your fridge to keep it full, try to put all of your items bundled together so they can keep each other cool.

Get Great Parking

If your apartment complex offers reserved parking, try to get a spot that is very close to your door. This will be very beneficial for you when we get freezing temperatures. No more running from your apartment to your car, because you will have a close spot to call your own.

Prepare Your Spare Bedrooms

If you have any spare bedrooms in your apartment, you will want to get them ready for winter as well. Keep extra blankets in your spare bedrooms so that way your guests can stay warm. Be sure to get a draft stopper or use caulk for the windows in your spare bedroom while you are fixing the drafts in the rest of your apartment. Another way to spend less money on heating up your home is to keep your spare bedroom doors closed so that their temperature does not reach your thermostat.

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