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How to Find the Right Roommate for Your Apartment Rental

One of the biggest woes of life in an apartment rental can be having a roommate that you don’t gel with.  It can be tempting to assume that you are open, understanding, and laid-back enough to go with the flow and deal with your roomies quarks, but once you are submerged in a cohabitation situation, you will definitely find out what you are really made of.  Let’s face it, we all have pet peeves, whether we like to admit it or not.  Living with someone who triggers your anxiety is sure to have a disastrous ending, so avoid the drama by making sure that you and your roommate have what it takes to make it work before you sign a lease together.

Do Your Own Background Check

Find the right roommate for your apartment rentalIf you are inviting another party to live in your apartment rental with you, you absolutely want to make sure that you know a bit about them.  This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to run an actual background check, but you should certainly do some digging on your own.  With social media as prominent as it has become, it doesn’t take much effort to snoop around and see what type of person your roommate really is.  If you’re more of a quiet type and your potential roomie’s social media feed boasts an overwhelming amount of keg stand selfies, it’s something worth taking into consideration.  If you find that you have mutual friends through their social media, think about asking around and gauging the overall opinion of your prospective partner.  Are they thought to be loud, messy, or irresponsible?  These could be red flags.

Open the Conversation

Sharing your apartment rental will require an open flow of communication between you and your roommate.  Make sure that you will be able to handle any potentially difficult situations that might arise by starting the conversation early.  Before you commit to a roommate take them out for coffee or a meal and get them talking!  First off, this will allow you to get to know them better and make your own assessments of who they are as a person.  It will also help you determine their ability and willingness to be open and honest with you.  Ask a bunch of questions and make it apparent that you are more than willing to answer any that they have for you.  Keep in mind that a roomie that clams up any time they are asked a question or who has difficulty engaging in your banter might not be the best fit.

Trial Period

Rather than diving headfirst into a living arrangement, invite your potential roommate to join you in your apartment rental for a trial period.  Having even just one week together could be an eye-opening experience for both of you.  You may quickly realize that yes, this is your ideal roommate, or it could go the other way and become obvious that it will likely not work out.  Remember that they have a say in this as well and could also decide that they are unhappy with the living situation too.

Get Clear on Financial Responsibilities

Being unclear about who pays for what in your apartment rental is a fast way to divide roommates.  If you want your new partnership to work, you will definitely have to have the money talk before they move in.  If there are additional expenses above and beyond just the rent, you will want to clarify that up front.  Roommates are going to be using your cable, electricity, internet, water, and trash services just as much as you are, so if you pay for these separately you will want to have a ballpark figure ready to let them know what they should expect to contribute monthly for them.

Establish House Rules

Sit down with your new roommate and establish a set of rules together for your apartment rental.  If there are concerns that either of you still have, this is the time to address them.  House rules may be as simple as not leaving dirty dishes in the sink or allowing the contents of your bedroom to spill into common areas.  They may also help to set the parameters for noise levels (quiet after 10), guests (only on weekends), or groceries (what’s shared and what’s not).  No matter what your rules are, setting them together is a great way to build trust and establish your boundaries from the onset of your roomie relationship.

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