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How to Decorate Your Apartment Rental for Halloween on a Budget

Decorate Your Apartment Without Breaking the Bank!

Fall has swept in and that can only mean one thing…the holidays are fast upon us!  There’s no better way to kick off the start of the season than by letting loose, dressing up, and jumping right into your Halloween festivities.  Working on a strict budget as you gear up for December?  No worries!  We’ve got all of the tips and tricks you need to decorate your apartment rental without breaking the bank!

Never Underestimate the Power of the Dollar Store!

One simple way to adorn your apartment rental with the ghoulish embellishments that will give it that perfectly eerie Halloween feel is to stop by your local dollar store!  Dollar stores are specifically designed to save you money, but the deals get even sweeter around holiday time!  Not only can you find great prices on a variety of different pre-fabricated decorations, but you can also save big here on anything else you might need to throw a great Halloween party, such as paper plates, cups, napkins, et cetera.  In short, a dollar store is a great way to get your space looking festive without emptying your wallet!

Channel Your Inner Martha

Decorate Your Apartment Rather than relying on somebody else’s creativity to decorate your apartment rental, why not rely on your own?  Tap into your inner Martha Stewart (or your inner kindergartner) and bust out the craft bin!  From paper mache pumpkins to hand-painted signs for your door, or snakes made out of paper towel rolls, there’s a LOT of really cool things you can make with relatively no cost.  If you’re feeling short of ideas, time to blow the dust off of your Pinterest account and head off in search of a few!

Include Your Neighbors

Exterior decorating in an apartment rental does not have to a feat you tackle on your own.  With your neighbors in such close proximity, why not get them on board to help you decorate?  Creating a theme with your neighbors will allow each of you to pitch in a portion of the cost to buy a few decorations that will have the entire floor inspired to whip up their own ghoulish scene!

Host a Decorating Party

Prior to hosting a supernatural soiree at your apartment rental, invite your pals over to help you liven up the space!  Provide some simple food (like pizza) and some equally easy libations and ask that your guests, in return, to bring a fun and simple craft project that your group can partake in.  Not only will you have loads of fun getting messy and creative with your buddies, but you’ll have a whole bunch of completed decorations that will absolutely inspire a follow-up Halloween get together.

Invest in Fake Candles

Nothing gives off a ghoulish glow as much as a room full of flickering flames.  That being said, nothing is more expensive than having to fix damage done to your apartment rental by an errant spark.  Sure, buying a few fake candles is a bit of an initial investment, but it’s well worth it in the long run.  With no waxy spills to clean up and without the potential of fire weighing on your mind, it will be worth every penny.

Find Free Printables

The internet is locked and loaded with a whole lot of free, printable signs, cut-outs, and invitations that can have your apartment rental looking like a haunted mansion in no time.  Do a search for Halloween-geared printable craft projects and see what comes up!

Go to Goodwill

Thrift shops are another great way to find amazing deals on decorations!  In fact, now is the perfect time to find them!  With so many other people emptying their attics to prepare for Halloween, there are loads and loads of items being dropped off on a daily basis!  You might even score the perfect costume to complete your holiday!

Plan Ahead

One final tip to consider when decorating your apartment rental for Halloween is to do it a little bit at a time.  Take some extra cash each week and purchase one or two things.  Not only will this help you stay on budget, but it will also help you to avoid overwhelm by trying to get it all done at once!

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