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How to Create a Romantic Night in at Your Rental Apartment

Valentine’s Day is coming up quickly, and with it comes the extra added pressure of treating your loved one to an evening of pampering and letting them know just how special they are.  V-Day does not, however, have to be an occasion that will break the bank!  There are lots of easy ways to turn your own rental apartment into a venue that is sure to impress!  Read on for some simple things you can do that will have your significant other smiling from ear to ear.

Create Ambience

The first step in making your rental apartment into a romantic getaway is to spend some time setting the mood.  Speak to all of your partner’s senses.  Pepper the space with flowers (hand-picked is oftentimes even more appreciated than store-bought) and light plenty of candles that will give off a welcoming light and a gentle scent.  Play music softly in the background and make sure that everything is neat and tidy so there isn’t anything that your partner has to do when they come home other than relax.

Cook Something Special

Turn your rental apartment into a five-star kitchen by cooking up your partner’s favorite meal.  Even if cooking isn’t your best talent, taking the time to create a meal with time, attention, patience and love will certainly do wonders to show your partner just how much they mean to you.  If you’re afraid that you’re really that bad, you could have a delivery service on call just in case!  Don’t forget dessert!

Romantic night in the apartment rentalCreate a Cocktail

Your partner will need something refreshing to go along with that amazing meal you intend to cook.  This is where you get to dazzle them with your creativity by coming up with a signature cocktail (or mocktail) that will pair perfectly with their favorite dish.

Bring in the Professionals

If the desire to celebrate with a night in at your rental apartment has as much to do with not wanting to fight the crowds as it does with saving a little money, you might want to consider pampering your loved one with some in-home services.  Finding a masseuse, yoga teacher, nail technician, esthetician or even a personal chef who will come to your home is a wonderful way to add a little fancy flair to your evening together (and is sure to make your partner feel extra special).

Run a Bubble Bath

A more personal way to create some special time together is to capitalize on what’s already available to you…your bath tub!  Invest a tiny bit in some bubbles in a calming, soothing scent, light some candles, turn on some soft music and voila…you’ve turned your bathroom into your own personal spa.

Write a Love Letter

There is certainly something to be said for a letter or poem that comes straight from the heart.  In fact, it might be just what you need to send cupid’s arrows directly to your significant other.  Find some space during the course of your evening to share your heartfelt words with your partner.  One of the biggest benefits of choosing to stay in is the opportunity to open up to one another in a quiet, familiar setting without a bunch of strangers surrounding you.

Watch a Sappy Movie

Turn your rental apartment into the coziest movie theater around.  Rent a flick you know your partner will enjoy, drag out all of the pillows and blankets from their closets and plan a full-on snuggle session to celebrate your Valentine’s Day.  If sappy romance movies aren’t your thing, go for a drama, an action movie or a comedy.  Just getting to spend some quality time enjoying one another’s company could be the thing that takes your holiday from good to great.


Lastly, clear some space in your rental apartment so that you can enjoy a special dance with your partner at some point throughout the evening.  Even if you seem to have two left feet, putting some effort into trying is sure to make a lasting impression that your partner will appreciate.  Dim the lights, pick the perfect song and leave the dishes in the sink for tomorrow!

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