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How to Avoid Conflict with Your Roommate

Moving into a new rental apartment and getting new roommates can be an exciting time in your life.  Everything is looking up as you unpack your boxes and get to know all about your new housemate.  However, things can turn sour quickly if you haven’t given some serious thought to how you and your roomie are going to handle conflicts as they arise (and they WILL arise).  Having conflict doesn’t mean that either one of you isn’t a stellar roommate; it just means that you are learning how to live with somebody total new and different, so keep things copasetic by thinking ahead.

Ground Rules About Guests

If you’re laid back and quiet and your new roommate is the life of the party, your rental apartment could begin feeling too small for the both of you relatively quickly.  Avoid noise issues by discussing your tendencies together prior to your move-in date.  Determine when it is appropriate to have guests over, how many people you are comfortable having over at a time, and how you would like to handle the idea of overnight guests.  Having some simple guidelines in place from the start can eliminate a whole lot of future issues.

Respect Each Other’s Schedules

avoid conflict with your roommateIf your lifestyle is as different as your personalities are, this can also be a place where big drama can occur if things are figured out early on.  If you like to stay up and late and your roommate wakes up at 4:30 each morning to make it to work by 6, this could cause serious issues if you aren’t respectful of one another.  This is not intended to suggest that you need to change your lifestyle (and neither does your roommate), but it’s something important that you should think about before you dive into a cohabitation situation.  If you decide that you can make it work, learn early on to be respectful of your roomies hours and ask that they do the same for you.

Figure Out the Finances

The quickest way to ruin a good thing is to get finances involved.  If you’re sharing your apartment rental with a roommate, chances are pretty high that you are splitting the cost of all or most of your bills.  Don’t enter into the agreement under the blind faith that everything will work out.  Instead, make sure that you have a plan in place that will ensure that all of the bills get paid in a timely manner and in full.  First off, determine who will be primarily in charge of paying the bills.  If you plan to split the responsibility in half, determine who will be in charge of what.  For example, maybe you will pay the cable each month and your roommate will handle the electric.  Decide on concrete dates that the other person will need to have any money due to you (or you to them) as well.  If your rent is due on the first, chances are good you don’t want to be scrambling to get that money together the day of, so request that everything be ready to go and transferred to you a few days prior so that you can get your bills paid on time.  With Venmo, PayPal, and the myriad other applications available today, sending money back and forth is super quick and easy.

Create a Cleaning Schedule

Life with a roommate can get messy, particularly if one of you isn’t all that concerned with tidying up.  Avoid conflict in the cleaning department by deciding weekly chores that you can rotate through.  This will keep everything fair, and your house in order.


Just because your landlord approves a pet does not mean that it’s a good idea to go out and purchase a puppy.  Pets that are shared between roommates never end well.  If you decide that you want to get a mascot for your apartment rental, makes sure that it is very clearly defined what you will do with said pet once your lease is over.

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