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Get Your Rental Apartment Ready for the Upcoming Holiday Season

As October quickly draws to a close, we come closer to the inevitable truth that the bustling holiday season is right around the corner.  Although the holidays are a great way to spend time with our beloved family and friends, they can also be the source of unnecessary stress if we aren’t fully prepared to handle them with ease.  If you are planning to host any of the upcoming festivities at your rental apartment, it’s a good idea to start preparing your space now, so that when the time comes, all you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the fun of the season.

Check Your Appliances

Hosting any of the holidays at your rental apartment will likely mean that your kitchen will be put to very good use.  Now is the perfect time to make sure that everything you need is in good working condition.  Check that your oven is running at the right temperature (there’s nothing worse than overcooked turkey), your microwave is able to get the job done, and that your dishwasher will be able to handle the full capacity of work you are about to put upon it!

Organize Your Refrigerator

The holiday season is a great time to rummage through the refrigerator in your rental apartment and clear it of unnecessary clutter.  You might be surprised at what you find!  Sauces that have far surpassed their expiration dates, fruit that has long since spoiled, and pre-packaged foods that have somehow managed to fall behind your produce drawers (who knows how long they have been sitting there) are among just a few of the interesting items you might come across.  Removing these unusable items and reorganizing will free up a whole bunch of space for holiday leftovers.

Secure Parking

secure parking for your rental apartment during the holidays. If your rental apartment is limited on parking spots, now might be the time to see how you can handle this little bump in the road.  Speak to the property manager or landlord to ask if they have additional parking that you could rent out for a night.  If your complex doesn’t offer anything like this, they may still be able to offer you suggestions on who you could contact to make your parking situation a bit more accessible for your guests.

Safety First

If you’re going to be hosting a holiday soiree, you will want to make sure that your rental apartment is equipped with the necessary items that will help keep your holiday safe.  Check the batteries in your fire alarm, purchase a fire extinguisher that you can keep accessible, and restock your first aid kit in case anybody has an accident.


If any of your guests are planning on bringing their offspring, it may be a good idea to childproof your rental apartment.  Cover exposed electrical outlets, tuck away electrical cords and designate a space specifically for your younger attendees to hang out.  Fill it with crayons, coloring books, and any other age-appropriate items you can think of that might help to keep kids busy, happy, and safe.

Consider a Bigger TV

Thanksgiving is pretty much synonymous with football!  If you plan on hosting the holiday in your rental apartment, make sure that your screen can comfortably accommodate your entire audience.  It won’t feel much like a party with everybody hovering around your 24-inch television, so consider splurging on something bigger that everybody can see from various spots in your apartment.  If you don’t have the cash to go buy something new, look into rental options or arrange to borrow a television from a friend that won’t need it on that day.

Stock Spare Bedrooms

If you plan on housing overnight guests in your apartment rental this holiday, you can ready yourself right now by preparing their rooms with the necessary items that will help to make them feel most at home.  Stock each spare bedroom with a towel, washcloth, fresh linens, and comfortable pillows.  You may even take it a step further and set up a little gift basket for each of your guests with items like eye pillows, essential oils, and any other items that might make them more comfortable.

Find Your Rental Apartment in the Hattiesburg Area

If you feel all prepared to host the holidays in your own rental apartment, but you haven’t yet found that perfect space, it might be time to contact Hattiesburg Apartments.  Our team is ready to help you make this holiday season one to truly be thankful for!  Our property listings boast all of the best floor plans, locations, and amenities that we know will check all of your boxes.  Contact us today to take a look through some of our available properties and schedule some showings!

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