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The 10 Best Holiday Gifts for Your Apartment Rental

Great Christmas Gifts For Your Apartment, And For You!

Living in an apartment rental has been good for you so far, but what if you could make it great?  This holiday season make sure to ask for the right gifts… the kinds that will elevate your apartment living experience to the next level!  Check out some of these potentially awesome gadget gifts for your apartment!

1. Smartview HD Antenna

Living in your own apartment rental means taking on a whole lot of extra responsibility.  Don’t let paying for cable be added to that ever-growing list!  This HDTV antenna can make your life far simpler by eliminating the monthly cable bill while still allowing you open access to network television.  It works by tuning into the signal already being broadcast by other cable companies!  The best part?  It’s completely legal (for now).

2. Dodow

Living in an apartment rental means having neighbors all around you (in addition to the probability of very thin walls).  This can make getting a good night’s sleep relatively difficult.  That’s where Dodow comes in!  This device, scientifically proven to help you fall asleep and stay asleep, works by projecting a blue light onto your ceiling.  As the light expands and retracts, your breath begins to pick up the rhythm, allowing you to relax and let go of your mental chatter.  It can actually reduce your breaths per minute by 55%, helping you to fall asleep in an average of just eight minutes!

3. Keysmart Key Organizer & Keysmart Pro

A new apartment rental means another key added to your key ring!  Who can possibly keep track?  The Keysmart key organizer allows you to keep all of your keys neatly tucked away in a device that resembles a Swiss Army knife.  It can handle up to 14 keys at a time!  Upgrade to the Keysmart Pro and keep track of your smartphone as well.  The Keysmart Pro syncs with your phone, making locating a lost device super simple!

4. Bondic

gifts for your apartment that help with barking dogNow that you’re living on your own, you’ll be the sole person in charge of fixing what’s broken in your home!  Bondic fixes everything from broken dishes to leaky pipes using a liquid-plastic formula and a UV light.  It works on any surface and isn’t sticky like regular glues and adhesives, meaning you won’t have to worry about cleaning up a big mess.

5. BarxBuddy

If you have a dog living with you in your apartment rental (or your neighbor has one that likes to make a lot of noise), BarxBuddy is maybe one of the best gifts for your apartment situation!  It uses high frequency noises to stop dog barking in its tracks without any pain, aggression or yelling.  The high-pitched sound simply catches your pooches attention, giving you a moment to correct their bad behavior and offer them a pat on the head instead.

6. Super Boost Wifi

Are there “dead zones” within your apartment rental where your phone won’t work or you just can’t seem to access your network?  Super Boost WiFi to the rescue!  This plug-in device makes the internet run at super speed throughout your entire place.  It can even help your signal extend to outdoor areas and patios.

7. Robot Vacuum

Why bother investing money in a vacuum that’s going to take up a ton of space and eat into the storage space in your apartment?  Instead, get a robot vacuum that can keep your place sparkling without any human intervention.  There are a variety of robot vacuum’s available on the market and most only require occasional charging to keep them actively cleaning up day after day.

8. Single-Serve Appliances

Don’t waste your counter space by loading it up with giant appliances!  Instead, ask for the gift of single-serve this holiday season.  Single-serve blenders (such as the Nutribullet) and coffee machines (like Keurig) are a great way to keep your countertops clean and avoid making too much and wasting food!

9. Dewplanter

If you want to bring a little low-maintenance greenery into your apartment rental, the Dewplanter is a must!  This nifty little gadget takes the humidity right out of the air and turns it into water which it uses to give your plant the perfect amount of moisture it needs to thrive!

10. Nest Hello Smart WiFi Video Doorbell

Safety in your apartment rental is of the utmost importance.  This amazing contraption secures snugly to the exterior of your building and allows you to keep 24-7 tabs on what’s happening on the other side of your front door.  It is capable of streaming a live feed directly to your smartphone so that, even when you’re not home, you know what’s going on!

Looking for an Apartment Rental in Hattiesburg or the Surrounding Areas?

Now that you are aware of the best gifts for your apartment rental, to ask for this holiday season, it’s time to find your new home!  At Hattiesburg Apartments we’ve unwrapped some of the best offerings in the area and put them together in one database to make finding your next place easy and fun!   Take a look and reach out to us to get started!

8 Ways to Make Your Apartment More Inviting for Guests

8 Ways to Make Your Apartment More Inviting for Guests

Does the change of seasons make you want to spruce up your apartment and make it more inviting for your guests? Or, are you bored of how your apartment looks now and want to make some changes? There are many ways you can make your apartment more inviting for your friends and family who come over. With just a few quick changes, you can make your apartment feel welcoming, bright, and happy.

Improve the Lighting

One of the easiest changes you can make in your apartment is to improve your lighting. Dark and dingy apartments are usually uninviting and can even be uncomfortable. This is why you should focus on improving the lighting in your apartment. If you have a great window that brings in a lot of natural light, open your blinds and pull back your curtains. Let the natural light from outside pour into your apartment. If you do not have great natural lighting in your apartment, not to worry. There are great lighting solutions like LED light bulbs that can make your apartment appear to have great lighting. You can also invest in some more lamps or string-lights to make your apartment bright and cheerful.

Make your apartment more inviting by having an indoor garden.Have an Indoor Garden

A great thing about residential homes are the gardens that can be grown in the back or front yards. But just because you live in an apartment, does not mean you cannot have a garden of your own! You can grow your own plants indoors and bring some of the outdoors into your apartment. Simply do some research on plants that will fit your lifestyle and budget. Some house plants require natural sunlight and watering every day, while others can survive when being watered only once per week. Pick a plant that sounds maintainable to you, and bring one home. Indoor gardens can be very welcoming and can even bring some additional color to your apartment.

Get a Pet

Pets are a fan favorite for when visiting someone else’s apartment. If you have the time and money to have a pet, then getting one may be a good idea. Some pets like fish and cats are low maintenance, while other pets like dogs and reptiles are high maintenance. Look at your lifestyle and do some research to see which type of animal is the best for you. And of course, make sure your landlord is fine with you having a pet in your apartment!

Clean Up

A messy, cluttered, or even dirty apartment is not very welcoming. In fact, having a messy environment can contribute to anxiety and stress, which should be avoided. This is why you will want to clean up your space before having guests over. Doing a quick clean up will make your apartment much more inviting for guests. If you need to, invest in some organization tools to help you get your apartment cleaned up. There are great and inexpensive pieces that are also very stylish available.

Hang Pictures and Decorate

If you are trying to make your apartment more welcoming, be sure you have completely decorated it. Hang some pictures of you and your family and friends. Pick up some decorations that represent who you are as a person and your style. You can also get a stylish rug or statement piece. These decorations will bring your apartment to life and will be great conversation starters for when you have guests over.

Completely Unpack Your Things

If you recently moved into your new apartment, be sure to completely unpack your things so there are no more boxes around. New apartments can feel empty and dull, so fill yours with your belongings. Unpacking can be overwhelming, so put on your favorite movie and take it one room at a time. Soon enough, you will have a welcoming and inviting apartment to share with your guests.

Apply a Fresh Coat of Paint

An easy way to make your apartment feel inviting is to apply a fresh coat of paint. Whether you are changing the color entirely, or just painting to make the apartment look more fresh, taking the time to repaint is a great idea. Certain colors are great for different rooms. For example, blues are very calming, so they are great for bedrooms. Yellows are very stimulating, so they are great for bathrooms and kitchens. Be sure to check with your landlord to see if they are fine with you changing the color of your walls, as many prefer that their tenants do not paint. If they are fine with it, then go ahead and find a great paint color for your space!

Invest in Cozy Furniture Pieces

Last but not least, when trying to make your apartment more inviting, invest in some comfortable furniture. Couches that are comfortable to sit in and watch a movie or talk with friends are great to have. You can also purchase some soft blankets for your guests to use for the upcoming winter nights. Be sure these pieces match the color of the walls you decide on, as this will make your apartment look more put together.

Looking for a New Apartment in Hattiesburg or its Surrounding Areas?

Now that you are an expert on making your apartment inviting and comfortable for your guests, you are ready to find your new apartment! At Hattiesburg Apartments, we have a large database full of great apartments that are available in the Hattiesburg area! Look through our apartments yourself and feel free to contact one of our team members if a listing interests you.

How to Get Your Apartment Ready For the Winter Months

Tips to Get Your Apartment Ready For the Winter

Temperatures are starting to cool, and many people are starting to get prepared for the winter season. In most apartment complexes, the tenants have to take extra care to prevent the cold weather from taking over their apartment. Many apartments are naturally very drafty and simply are not built to take on the winter weather. Not to worry, because we have a list of many ways to get your apartment rental ready for the winter months, and to take on the lowest temperatures of the year! The following ways are very simple, yet effective for helping you keep your home warm and cozy.


One of the easiest and least expensive ways to keep warm this winter is to invest in some thick blankets. Warm and high-quality blankets are very easy to find at Bed, Bath, & Beyond, Amazon, and even Walmart. They are very affordable when compared to the cost of running your heater all season, so stock up! If you plan on having guests over for the holidays, be sure to invest in a handful of blankets so everyone can keep warm. Another great option is investing in heated blankets, as they help to warm you up without running the heater all day long. Heated blankets can get costly, but they are well worth the comfort and electricity bill savings!

Prepare apartment for winter months by using insulated curtainsInsulated Curtains

Another way to heat up your space is to invest in insulated curtains. This type of curtain is much thicker than normal, and it helps to keep the cold air from getting into your apartment. Insulated curtains are especially useful for when your apartment’s windows have drafts in them from not being sealed properly or from aging. So, when you are trying to keep your place warm this winter, invest in some fashionable insulated curtains!

Ceiling Fans

A common belief about ceiling fans is that they only serve the purpose of cooling a room down. Truth be told, they can be used to warm up your apartment at a very inexpensive cost. You have likely noticed a small switch on your ceiling fan. That switch changes the direction of the blades to control how they affect the temperature of the room. When you flip that switch, you can make the fan turn clockwise, which will push the cold air upwards and away from you. Talk about a great invention!

Space Heaters

In addition to heating up a space with your ceiling fan, you can also use something called a space heater. These heaters are designed to warm up small spaces very quickly, as the name suggests. They are very effective and take up much less electricity than heating up your entire apartment would. However, space heaters can be quite dangerous if you do not follow the instructions properly. They are designed to emit warm air, which means they can become very hot. So, be sure to read your space heater’s instruction thoroughly, leave the space heater off of your rugs, and keep them away from children or pets.

Draft Stoppers

A very inexpensive method for keeping the temperature in your apartment warm is to purchase a draft stopper. If you have a window with a hairline gap or crack in its sealing or have a door with a gap in between it and the floor, you likely have a draft. These small gaps allow the cold, frigid air into your apartment. This is why a draft stopper is a great purchase to make before it gets cold out. They are usually filled with beads or grains of rice to block the air from getting into your apartment. Just simply put your draft stopper in front of the gap to block out the cold air. If you are on a tight budget, just fill an old sock with some rice and that should do the trick!

Check Your Appliances

Winter is the perfect time to make sure all of your appliances are working efficiently. Make sure your oven, dishwasher, microwave, laundry machine, and refrigerator are all working well and are not using extra electricity. This will help you save some money so you can focus on warming up your apartment with your electricity bill, and not wasting money on an oven that won’t heat up.

Check your window caulking during winter monthsCaulk

If you live in an older building, there is a good chance your windows are in need of some caulking. The development of small gaps is completely normal for an aging building, and it is very easy to fix them. Simply go to your local hardware or home improvement store and purchase some caulk. All you have to do is squeeze the caulk into the crack and your problem is solved! Be sure you purchase caulk that matches the original color, as you don’t want your windows to be different colors.

Stock Your Refrigerator

Did you know the fewer things that are in your refrigerator, the harder it is for it to keep cold? Believe it or not, when there are more things in your fridge that are at the set temperature, the less energy it takes to keep the fridge cool. So, this winter, try to keep your refrigerator stocked up so your electricity bill will not be wasted. If you are not able to store enough food in your fridge to keep it full, try to put all of your items bundled together so they can keep each other cool.

Get Great Parking

If your apartment complex offers reserved parking, try to get a spot that is very close to your door. This will be very beneficial for you when we get freezing temperatures. No more running from your apartment to your car, because you will have a close spot to call your own.

Prepare Your Spare Bedrooms

If you have any spare bedrooms in your apartment, you will want to get them ready for winter as well. Keep extra blankets in your spare bedrooms so that way your guests can stay warm. Be sure to get a draft stopper or use caulk for the windows in your spare bedroom while you are fixing the drafts in the rest of your apartment. Another way to spend less money on heating up your home is to keep your spare bedroom doors closed so that their temperature does not reach your thermostat.

Looking for an Apartment Rental in Hattiesburg or the Surrounding Areas?

If you are looking for a new apartment to call your own this winter, Hattiesburg Apartments is your next stop. At Hattiesburg Apartments, we have a database of some amazing apartment rentals that are available for tenants to move into. Please feel free to look at our available units today and contact a team member to help you get started on your search!


14 Questions to Ask Before Signing an Apartment Rental Lease

When you are looking to move into a new rental apartment, there are many questions you should ask and many factors you need to consider. Some of these things you will be able to figure out on your own, and some you will have to ask a property manager. Before you sign a lease, you will want to make sure the below questions and factors have been addressed. This will ensure you will be as happy as possible with your new apartment. Let’s cover 14 questions you will want to ask before signing an apartment rental lease.

Questions to Ask When Looking at Properties

1. How long is the lease?

While most apartment complexes have 12-month leases, it is very likely that you will come across a place that has a longer or shorter term. Some landlords like longer leases to ensure they will have a tenant for a longer period of time. On the other hand, some landlords prefer to have month-to-month leases with their tenants. This is why you should not assume your landlord is giving you a 12-month lease. Be sure to read the lease and make sure it is for as long as you would like it to be. You don’t want to get locked into a long lease or have to find a new place sooner than you expected.

2. How and when is rent paid each month?

Another thing that is very common for apartment complexes is to have rent due on the first day or the last day of each month. However, this is not a requirement, and it is completely up to the landlord. Each landlord will have a preference for when their tenants will need to pay their rent each month. So, be sure to know when your rent will be due before you sign your lease so you are not surprised when you get the charge.

After you know when rent is due, you will need to know how to pay it. There are many cash transferring apps today like Venmo, PayPal, and Apple Pay, and many landlords have started accepting them as a method of payment. Many landlords still use wire transferring or take money out of their tenants’ bank accounts each month. Either way, before signing your lease, ask how to get your rent payment to your landlord each month.

signing an apartment rental lease3. When will the unit be available?

After you have toured and found the perfect rental apartment, you will need to find out when you can move in. Ask your landlord for a clear timeline for when you can move into your new apartment. You will want to make sure there is no waiting list for an open apartment and that you can move in as soon as you are able to. Checking on this will help you to know if you need to ask the next question as well.

4. Will the cost be pro-rated if the lease doesn’t start on the day rent is due?

As mentioned above, many landlords require payment on either the first or last day of the month. But, if a unit will not be available until the 15th, you should make sure you don’t have to pay for the entire month. This is what is considered as a pro-rated charge. Most landlords will automatically have your rent be pro-rated, but it is always safe to ask them before assuming.

5. Are there any move-in fees?

Many landlords have move-in fees that they charge their tenants. Oftentimes, these fees will be in the form of a security deposit or a finder’s fee. Some landlords will also require the first and last month’s rent for a tenant’s apartment. Additionally, you may be expected to pay for an application fee, vehicle registration fee, and a pet deposit. Before you sign a lease, make sure you have room in your budget to cover all of the fees your landlord will expect you to pay.

6. Are utilities included in the cost of rent?

This is a very important question to ask before deciding on an apartment to rent. There have been many cases where people forget about the cost of utilities, and they think they can afford their apartment based on the rent amount. In reality, if utilities are not included in the cost of rent, you will be spending much more than expected. Make sure you can afford $100 to $200 in utilities each month on top of the cost of rent. While you may not spend this much on utilities every month, the summer and winter months will likely be this expensive.

7. Are pets allowed?

If you are planning on bringing one or two furry friends with you to your apartment, make sure they are welcomed with open arms. When pets are not allowed and you bring one anyway, you can face hefty fees and can even get evicted. There are many landlords who do allow pets, so don’t feel discouraged if you fall in love with a place that does not allow Fido to come with you. On the other hand, if you do not like pets, you will likely want to live in an apartment complex that does not allow them.

Apartment guests8. Are guests allowed?

Many people love having dinner parties and inviting many people to come over at once. This is normally not a big deal to landlords, but you will want to ask just in case. Ask your landlord where your guests should park and if parking overnight is allowed.

9. Can you personalize the space?

Considering this will be your new home, you will likely want to add your own personal touches. So, ask your landlord what they allow when it comes to personalization. Can you paint the walls if you paint them back before you move? Are you allowed to use nails to hang pictures? Asking these questions will help you get your security deposit back when your lease is over.

10. How are maintenance requests handled?

There is a very slim chance you will not need maintenance services when leasing your apartment. It is likely a lightbulb will go out, a sink will stop draining, or your air conditioning will go out. The beauty of renting is that you can call your apartment’s maintenance and they will be able to handle the issue for you. With that being said, you will need to know how to put in a maintenance request when your apartment needs servicing. Typically, these requests will be made through a form online or through the phone. But before you are in a desperate situation, you will want to be made aware of how to put in a request at your specific apartment complex.

11. Is renter’s insurance required?

While most landlords don’t require renter’s insurance, some will not allow their tenants to lease from them without it. Some people believe that rental insurance is essential when renting an apartment, so even if your landlord does not require it, you may want to look into getting your apartment covered.

12. Do you like the landlord?

As you may know, your landlord will be conducting an extensive background check on you before you are approved to move into your apartment. This is to ensure the safety of their property and to make sure you will be a tenant with integrity. It is also a good idea to conduct a simple research on your landlord. See if there are any reviews for your apartment complex online and read what people have to say about it. Look to see if there are any formal complaints made against your landlord or if they have gotten into legal trouble recently. This will increase the chances you are safe in your apartment and that your landlord has high integrity.

13. Where is the apartment complex located?

Before searching for an apartment, there is a good chance you narrowed down your search to a specific area. This is a great idea, as location is a very important consideration in deciding on a place to live. You will want to live near your job, school, family, or any other place you visit frequently. If you are having to drive for an hour just to get to work in the morning, you may not appreciate where you live. So, before finalizing your decision to lease an apartment, check your phone’s GPS to see how many minutes and miles it is from your most frequented places.

14. Does the apartment complex have any amenities?

Amenities are a very important aspect for each apartment complex. Many places have pools, gyms, and lounge areas that tenants love to use. If having a place to workout in your apartment building is important to you, make sure the apartment building has one. On the other hand, if you know you will not be using a gym because you already have a gym membership, you may want to look at another place. A part of your rent goes towards the amenities offered by an apartment complex, so you want to be sure you are not over spending.

Looking to Sign an Apartment Rental Lease in Hattiesburg?

Hattiesburg Apartments helps get people into some of the best apartment communities in Hattiesburg. Our listings have great property management teams and have fantastic amenities. Feel free to take a look at our available units today and contact one of our team members to help you find your new apartment!


How to Have a Successful Roommate Situation

Did you just find a roommate for your rental apartment and can’t wait to move in? Starting fresh in a new space with a new person can be a very exciting time. However, living with someone can be challenging if you do not set yourselves up for success. There is a lot of adjusting and planning that needs to be done in order to have a successful roommate situation. In this blog post, we are going to cover the things you need to talk to your roommate about.

Set Roommate Ground Rules

Before anything else, you must put some ground rules in place between you and your roommate. If you have lived with someone else before and they did something you can’t bear, communicate that to your roommate. Talk about your guest policy, noise levels, and a cleaning schedule. All of these things are big causes of conflict between most roommates. So, clear the air and talk about these things beforehand.

roommateBe Respectful of Their Stuff

Be diligent about keeping in mind that your roommate’s stuff is not yours by default. Be respectful of their things and always ask before you borrow something of theirs. One of the things you should discuss with your roommate is what things you two can share like pots and pans, electronics, and food. Learning your roommate’s boundaries will be very helpful for you when trying to have a successful roommate situation.

Respect Your Roommates’ Schedules

If you and your roommate have very different schedules, be respectful of your noise volume. When you are up late studying all night while your roommate is trying to sleep, try to be as quiet as possible. Try to get an idea of each other’s weekly schedules as soon as you move in together. This will help you to know when you should come in quietly or if you can make some noise. Be as helpful as possible to your roommate and leave them some coffee in the pot when they are sleeping in or leave a light on for them when they are out late. Little things like this go a long way in a roommate situation.

Keep Each Other Safe

As you two figure out each other’s schedules, be sure to look out for each other’s safety. If you know your roommate has work at 7:00 AM the next morning and they never came home from their classes, send them a text to be sure they are alright. Of course, you don’t want to cross boundaries or be overbearing, but when you know they should have come home, reach out to them. It is a great idea to keep each other updated so that way you two can be as safe as possible. Additionally, exchange your emergency contact information in case something concerning does happen. It is always better safe than sorry, so ask your roommate if they would be comfortable with you watching out for each other.

Set Up a Chore Schedule

One of the most common areas of conflict when it comes to roommate situations is chores. Who is supposed to vacuum? Who is supposed to do the dishes? Instead of becoming annoyed with your roommate due to their lack of effort, set up a chore schedule with them. Take turns doing the dishes or taking the trash out each week. Change up responsibilities or let each other know which ones you prefer. We all go through times of stress, so remember to be patient and forgiving with your roommate if they forget to do their chores one week.

Know Your Financial Responsibility

A very big factor with successful roommate relationships is financial responsibilities. When sharing an apartment with someone else, make sure you both understand how much you will be paying each month. Also, decide on a way to keep track of your expenses so you both know who has paid for what. Keep in mind, there are more bills than just paying rent. There are cable bills, electric bills, and the cost of replacing things around your apartment. This could be lightbulbs, toilet paper, paint, water filters, and batteries. So, make sure you both come to an agreement with how you two pay for your apartment bills, You don’t want to ruin a great roommate relationship because you two can’t agree on finances.

Communicate Well 

No matter what is happening between you and your roommate, always remember to communicate clearly with them. Set expectations and ground rules with them so that way you two can live in harmony. As hard as it can be sometimes, do not be passive aggressive and hope your roommate will catch a hint. Be honest with them and try to stay calm when dealing with a disagreement. This will help you two stay on the right track.

Looking for a Rental Apartment in the Hattiesburg Area?

Now that you know what you need to cover with your roommate, you are ready to find a new place!  At Hattiesburg Apartments, we’ve done all of the hard work for you and have a large database of apartments available to rent. Feel free to look through our options and contact one of our team members when a place catches your eye!


How to Make Friends When You’re New in an Apartment Community

Being the new guy isn’t always easy!  In fact, it can be quite lonely!  If, however, your new home happens to be in an apartment community, you may be in luck!  Apartment communities are great places to meet new people and make friends (being that everybody is in such close proximity to one another).  All you need to know are a few simple tips and tricks and you’ll have found your tribe in no time!

Be Friendly

As simple and obvious as it sounds, the best way to make new friends in your apartment community is to actually be friendly!  Do kind, neighborly things like saying hello when you pass them on the stairs, offering your extra umbrella if you notice them waiting out a rainstorm in their parked car, or helping them carry a bag of groceries to their unit so they don’t have to make two trips.  Doing these things takes very little extra effort on your part and can go a long way in establishing some new friendships.

apartment community making friendsUse Your Pet

You know that dog you’ve been thinking about?  Well, now might be the perfect time to adopt him.  If your apartment community allows pets, they can be a great way to get to know your neighbors.  After all, your pet will need friends, too and there are usually a lot of pet-owners that use playtime as a space to socialize with one another.  Getting to know them is a great starting place!

Get Involved

Sometimes making friends in a new area means looking beyond the boundaries of your apartment community.  Step out into the larger community and get involved with events, causes and issues that are important to you!  Help campaign for a local politician that you believe in, spend time helping out at a pet shelter, or volunteer at the local library.  Offering your time and energy not only gives back to the community that you are now a part of, but it also creates lots of opportunities for you to meet others who share the same interests as you do!

Host a Potluck

If you’re really feeling like the life of the party, why not think about hosting a potluck?  Place flyers up around your new apartment community inviting your neighbors to drop by and bring a snack or beverage to share.  If you’re community has a property management team, you might even ask them to send out an email on your behalf!

Suggest a Happy Hour

If you’re not completely comfortable with inviting your whole complex into your apartment, perhaps it’s a better idea to suggest a community cocktail hour!  Pick a bar or restaurant that’s within relatively close proximity to your community so that more people are apt to join.

Use the Amenities

If you live in an apartment community with a lot of useful amenities, go out and use them!  Stop by the gym, swim in the pool, visit the café, or hit up the computer room!  Capitalize off of the convenience of these things being available to you so close to home rather than going out and buying a gym membership, giving up your cash to Starbucks or paying extra for in-home internet service.  Being present in these spaces will allow you to get more familiar with the faces that frequent them and also provide yet another opportunity to strike up a conversation.

Get Outside

One thing is for certain … you definitely won’t meet anybody if you stay holed up in your apartment all day and night.  Even though it might be a little intimidating, get outside and explore your new digs.  Maybe there are walking trails or common areas in your apartment community that you weren’t even aware of.  If you encounter some of your neighbors, ask them where the best places to hang out are and any other questions that you might have about life in your new neighborhood.

Don’t Be “That Guy”

Lastly, if you want to make some new friends, don’t be the neighbor that’s constantly starting problems.  Be respectful of noise levels, park where you’re supposed to, put your trash in the proper receptacles and clean up after your pet.  Showing your neighbors that you respect them is a great way to create the chance for future friendships to flourish.

Are You Searching for an Apartment Community in Hattiesburg of the Surrounding Areas?

Hattiesburg is a great college town, full of apartment communities that meet every need.  At Hattiesburg Apartments, we have gone out of the way to team up with 17 of the finest neighborhoods in the area to pair our clients with the perfect apartment homes!  Take a look through our database of available units and, if you like what you see, reach out to us to schedule some showings!

Prepare Your Apartment Rental Before You Leave for Vacation

Leaving your apartment rental vacant for an extended period of time while you travel can be a little bit unnerving.  There are so many things you have to remember to do before you go!  Making a checklist before your departure is a great way to not miss a single step!  Here are a few things you might want to add to it.

Inform Your Landlord

The first phone call you should make once your plans for extended travel have been booked is to your landlord.  He/she has a vested interest in the well-being of the property (and in your happiness as a tenant) and so this simple act may encourage them to take the extra time to check up on your apartment rental while you are away.  It will also allow you to arrange for any financial obligations you have to your landlord to be taken care of before you depart.  If you will have somebody staying in your home while you are away, this phone call will also help to prevent your landlord from thinking you are in breach of the lease and allowing others to live there…which brings us to our next tip!

Consider an Apartment Sitter

Hiring an apartment sitter to come in and maintain your space while you are away is a great way to ensure that nothing happens to your home during your absence.  Keeping your apartment rental occupied will also deter thieves.  Additionally, a good apartment sitter will keep your space neat, grab your mail (so it’s not piling up in your message box) and take care of your house plants!

Find a Pet Sitter

If you have a furry friend living with you in your apartment rental, you obviously won’t want it being left alone for any extended periods of time.  Some apartment sitters will also take care of pets, but if you don’t want anybody staying in your home, you’ll want to arrange for alternate accommodations for your pets well in advance of your travel time.  Good pet sitters are hard to come by and for that reason, they book up very quickly!

prepare your apartment before you leave for vacationAdjust Your Thermostat

To avoid a costly electric bill when you come back home, be sure to adjust your thermostat to a comfortable temperature before you leave.  Typically, leaving it set at around 78-80 during the summer and cooler during the winter will help you to cut down costs and keep the A/C or heat from kicking on constantly.

Unplug Electronics

It might seem like overkill to race around your apartment rental unplugging all of your small appliances, but you’re better safe than sorry!  For one thing, these appliances can start fires.  For another, they all use electricity even when you’re not using them, so it’s another easy way to cut down your electric bill while you’re not home.

Consider an Alarm or Cameras

There’s a lot to be said for having peace of mind while you travel.  If you are a worrier and know that concern for your home could prevent you from fully enjoying your trip, you might want to consider installing an alarm or a camera system.  Security cameras are super accessible these days and relatively cheap, available in pretty much any big-box store as well as all over the internet.  They are easy to install and most will link up to your smart phone so that you can have constant visual access to what’s going on in your apartment rental no matter where you are.

Draw Your Curtains

Drawing your curtains prior to traveling is another easy way to deter anybody that might be snooping around your place without good intentions.  It’s also another easy way to keep your electric bill low as you keep out the heat of the sun or insulate against colder winter weather.

Prepare for Your Return

Lastly, take a little time to get your apartment rental prepped for your return.  Wash your sheets and clean up so that you walk back into a tidy space and don’t feel like you have a million things that have to get done.  You might even consider pre-cooking some food for your return and freezing it so that you don’t even have to think about heading to the grocery store immediately upon your return.  Any ways that you can prepare your space in advance will allow you to come home and settle right back into your routine without additional stress.

Are You Searching for an Apartment Rental in Hattiesburg of the Surrounding Areas?

If you’re searching for an apartment rental in the Hattiesburg area, you’ll definitely want to reach out to the team at Hattiesburg Apartments!  We’ve scoured the city to find the best apartment rental opportunities in the area, ensuring that our clients find a home they love at a price they can afford.  Take a look through our current database of available properties and reach out to schedule some walk-throughs.

Decorating Your Apartment Rental for Fall on a Budget

Fall has certainly arrived!  It’s all around us, from the cooling breezes to the changing colors of the leaves and even the costumes lining the shelves of our favorite stores!  There’s something magical about this time of year and because of that, it’s no wonder that many of us feel compelled to invite more of that fall feeling into our homes by decorating!  Here are some great ways to spruce up your apartment rental for fall on a budget!


The entryway to your apartment rental is the perfect place to begin decorating!  After all, what better’s to welcome you home after a long day of work than a warm and inviting fall-inspired front door?  Find an inexpensive welcome mat in fall colors or consider decorating the actual door itself.  If Halloween is your thing, wrap it up to look like a mummy or color it in orange and black to create the illusion of a jack-o-lantern.  Some construction paper, scissors, tape and a little creativity will go very far to help you create an enticing entrance!

decorating for fallScents

There are so many scents that we associate with fall, and now is a great time to get your apartment rental smelling like them!  Purchase candles in pumpkin spice, campfire, harvest apple, cinnamon, clove or any other tantalizing aromas that bring in feelings of fall.  You can also create your own potpourri by boiling cloves, oranges, cinnamon (and any number of other ingredients) on your stovetop on low heat.  Just remember to keep adding small amounts of water throughout the day so they don’t burn to the bottom of the pan and never leave unattended!

Discount Stores

If store-bought decorations are your preferred method of adorning your apartment rental, you’ll want to avoid most big-name stores if you’re on a budget!  Rather than spending a fortune on countless decorations that may or may not survive the season, opt instead to visit your local thrifts stores or dollar stores.  This is a great way to land the same items at super discounted prices!

Post-Season Sales

Similarly, avoid shopping for fall decorations during the peak of season.  This typically begins in September and runs through Halloween (at which point the stores usually begin showcasing their Christmas items).  If you can hold out until that last week in October you’re likely to score some incredible deals!  While it may not be the perfect answer to your decorating woes this year, it will guarantee that you have everything that you need next year to really brighten up your space without spending a dime!

Pumpkins & Gourds

A super simple and inexpensive way to beautify your space for fall is to purchase a whole lot of pumpkins and gourds.  They come in so many different shapes and sizes and there are so many interesting and unique ways that you can use them to decorate your apartment rental!   Stay more traditional by creating table centerpieces or adorning your mantle with an assortment of these attractive and intriguing fruits in their natural state.  Or, make your decorations a bit more modern by using some paint, bows, and sparkly markers to turn your pumpkins into fun and impressive displays.  This is a great art project to do with your kids, too (and a whole lot cleaner than carving).

Silk Foliage

One of the best things about fall is the incredible colors of the leaves!  While it may not make the most sense to gather a pile of fallen leaves (potentially inviting critters into your home), you can create a similar effect of fallen leaves in your own home by spending a few dollars on silk leaves that mimic the real thing.  String them together on a strand of white Christmas lights to create a twinkly fall garland or arrange them to make a dazzling mobile that you can hang from your ceiling.

Use the Internet

Never underestimate the power of your own creativity, but when it fails, remember that there are always a million online resources that can help to get your creative juices flowing and give you amazing ideas of simple and cost-effective art projects you can do to invite the feeling of fall indoors!

Are You Searching for an Apartment Rental in Hattiesburg of the Surrounding Areas?

Just as the leaves will fall from the trees, so will your lease eventually come to an end.  If the winds of change are blowing your way this fall and it’s time to start looking for a new apartment rental, the team at Hattiesburg Apartments is happy to help you find it!  Take a look through our database of available units and reach out to one of our team members to get your hunt underway!

How is a Property Manager Different from a Landlord?

If you’re in the process of touring apartment communities, there is a good likelihood you’ve encountered units that are handled by property management companies and those dealt with by individual landlords.  While the experience of working with each is inherently different, neither is a bad option.  It is, however, important to understand what makes a landlord and a property manager different so that you can make an informed decision as to which circumstance is best for your individual needs.

Common Responsibilities

Whether the units you are looking at are in apartment communities that are handled mostly by private landlords or by management companies, there are a few things that you can expect either way.  Any person or group of persons who are in the position of renting space to tenants to use as their place of residence have to uphold certain standards as outlined in the local laws.  Basic living conditions which are typically required to be provided to tenants are access to clean water (hot and cold), heat (and air conditioning in certain climates), and a generally habitable and safe dwelling.  A landlord or property manager who fails to adhere to the guidelines put forth in a given area can be reported and face legal repercussions that could range anywhere from paying fines to losing their ability to continue to act as a landlord.

Both landlords and property managers will also share the common tasks of vetting and selecting tenants, collecting monthly rents, maintaining the property, resolving disputes between tenants and handling maintenance requests, among others.

How is a Property Manager Different from a Landlord?Pros of a Landlord

Having private landlords within apartment communities can have quite a few benefits.  For one thing, dealing with one person will allow you to build personal rapport with them.  This can be extremely beneficial for many reasons.  For example, if your landlord gets to know you as a responsible and reliable tenant, they will likely be much more attentive to handling your maintenance requests in a timely manner and taking any disputes or issues that arise seriously.   Building rapport can also be valuable if an unexpected life event derails your financial situation and you need to discuss alternate payment arrangements or even get out of your lease early.  In other words, getting to know your landlord on a personal level could help them to be more responsive to your plight.  This relationship may also result in extra wiggle room when it comes to renegotiating new terms at your lease end.  Lastly, a private landlord is much more likely to take the time to give you a heartfelt letter of recommendation that could help you to land future apartments.

Cons of a Landlord

There are, however, some cons to private landlords as well.  Private landlords are oftentimes making their income solely off of their rental properties, which could have the alternate effect and make them a bit more inflexible.  There’s also the unfortunate chance that you and your landlord might not hit it off as well as you had hoped.  In that case, you may find yourself stuck in a living situation where you aren’t entirely comfortable with the way things are being handled with nowhere to take your complaints.  Additionally, if you have a landlord who doesn’t take pride in his/her position, it may take quite a bit more effort on your part to get complaints handled and items fixed within your unit.

Pros of a Property Manager

If you’re looking into apartment communities that are handled by management companies, you’ll likely be dealing with more than one person.  This can be good in the respect that, if you aren’t gelling well with one person on the team, there are others who you can approach who may better be able to handle your needs.  Additionally, many management companies will offer tenants access to 24-hour on-site emergency service teams so that problems that arise can be handled much quicker than a traditional landlord may be able to take care of them.  Dealing with a property management team may also eliminate much of the tension between neighbors as each unit is held to the same standards of behavior.

Cons of a Property Manager

Due to the larger size of many property management companies, some tenants may get the feeling that they are lost in the shuffle.  You will likely not build the same one-on-one rapport that you might have with a private landlord.  There is also far less likelihood with a property manager that you will have the same ability to negotiate your lease.  Prices within management companies tend to be much firmer, as are lease terms and options.

Looking at Apartment Communities in Hattiesburg or the Surrounding Areas?

If you’re ready to find your next home, let the team at Hattiesburg Apartments help you find the apartment community that is right for you.  Check out our database of currently available properties in the area and, if you like what you see, reach out to one of our team members to schedule some showings!

Understanding the Different Apartment Lease Options

There are a lot of benefits to living in an apartment rental.  Among them is the ability to encounter all different types of leases and the freedom this gives you, the lessee, to determine which fits best in your particular circumstances.  You may be thinking to yourself, “Different apartment lease options?  I’ve only ever come across the typical 12-month lease!”  Well, believe it or not, there are quite a few other options.  Let’s take a closer look at what they are.

What is an Apartment Lease?

It’s important, before we dive into the different types of leases that might be offered in an apartment rental situation, to first get a basic understanding of what the term “lease” actually means.  A lease refers to any contract signed between a landlord or Management Company (lessor) and a tenant (lessee) which clearly outlines the guidelines and stipulations of the living arrangement.  This includes, but is not limited to, the length of time the tenant may inhabit the space, the cost they will accrue for the duration of their stay there, and the rules and regulations that must be adhered to while living there.

Fixed Term Lease

The most commonly known type of apartment lease is a fixed term, or standard lease.  A fixed-term lease typically spans over the course of 6-12 months and has a specified start and end date.  Rental payments on a fixed lease are usually due on the same day of each month for the duration of the lease.  The benefits of this type of lease include the security of guaranteed housing (unless, of course, it is determined that you are in breach of the lease terms and are, therefore, asked to vacate) and the stability of having set terms (the landlord may not, for example, raise your rental price for the length of the lease or randomly implement new rules and regulations).   The downfall is that you, as a renter, are committed to your unit for the full time period outlined in the lease, leaving little wiggle room should you want to end the lease early.

month-to-month lease termsShort-Term Lease

An apartment rental offering a short-term lease option is ideal for those who have been temporarily relocated to an area, are actively searching for a home to buy or undergoing a renovation, or who are unsure where they would like to settle in a given area.  These leases typically run 6 months or less and are paid on either a weekly or monthly basis.  Because of the uncertain nature behind needing a lease like this, the terms are often quite flexible and allow for quick move-in and outs.  The downside is that, due to the flexibility offered, landlords will often charge higher rents because they are running the risk of having the space vacant sooner than expected.  A landlord can usually also terminate the contract on their end with very little notice, leaving the tenant a short amount of time to relocate.

Month-to-Month Lease

An apartment rental lease offered on a month-to-month basis (also known as a periodic lease) is another great option for tenants who are uncertain how long they may remain in any given area.  Because the rental “contract” is essentially renewed on a monthly basis, however, the tenant assumes a much higher risk.  While both parties have the ability to terminate the lease with very little notice (typically 15-30 days), the landlord may also choose to arbitrarily up the rent or change the terms of the agreement on any given month.

Proprietary Lease

A less common lease type is the proprietary lease, commonly seen in condominium and apartment co-op situations.  In this structure, the lessee opts to buy stock in a community or building, essentially becoming part-owner of the property.  This affords them the right to live within a designated unit within the building.  A board is assigned to act as the landlord and the shareholder becomes the tenant.  This type of lease is typically terminated when the tenant chooses to sell his/her shares in the property (as outlined in the rules and regulations put forth by the board).


A subletting apartment rental agreement can only occur when an existing tenant is given permission by their landlord to transfer all or part of their residential lease to a third party.  Sometimes, the landlord will require that they are part of the vetting process to ensure they are allowing a quality tenant to take over, while other times they may prefer not to be involved.  This type of situation is ideal if unexpected circumstances arise, causing the original tenant to not be able to follow through with their original lease.

Looking for Apartment Lease Options in Hattiesburg?

It may take some time and thought to determine which type of lease agreement works best for your situation, but the team at Hattiesburg Apartments is ready to help you figure it out!  Contact one of our team members today to begin your search!  We know you’ll be happy that you did!

Should You Renew Your Apartment Rental Lease or Not?

Consider This Before Your Renew Your Apartment Lease

If you need to choose whether to leave your apartment, or stay put, now that your apartment rental lease has termed, you might find yourself struggling to determine which decision is right for you.  There are pros and cons to both options, whether to renew your apartment lease, or not. And truly, only you can decide which options is the best direction to take.  Regardless of your final choice, there are some factors you will want to take into consideration.

Your Location

Location is truly everything when it comes to finding the right apartment rental (or any type of real estate, really).  If you find yourself close to work and to the other activities and places that you frequent, nearby to highways or airports that make your way of life easier and the friends and family that you spend the most time with, staying where you are could be in your best interests.  If however, you are spending an excessive amount of time and/or money on travel, it might be time to consider a move.

renew your apartment lease

Your Budget

Your finances will also play a very large part in the decision to find a new apartment rental or to stay where you are.  First off, let’s consider the cost of moving.  Purchasing packing supplies, hiring a moving company and potentially missing time from work to make the transition happen can be heavy on your wallet.  That being said, if you are living well above your means and keeping your apartment has become a source of financial stress, it’s probably a good time to start looking at some other options that will make your life more manageable.

Your Amenities

One of the best benefits of apartment living is having access to some really great amenities rolled into the cost of your monthly rent.  If, for example, you are an avid gym user or love to swim, it can be extremely convenient and cost-effective to live in a unit that offers you access to a community gym or pool.  Paying for memberships to off-site facilities can be relatively expensive, not to mention the time that you are putting in to get to them.  If your community doesn’t offer amenities that are beneficial to your lifestyle, you may want to look around and see if there is a comparable apartment community that does.

Your Community

Another great thing about living in an apartment rental is the access to all types of different neighbors from different walks of life.  Living with other people so close to you can be trying at times, too.  If you’ve found a tribe of like-minded individuals in the people that surround you, that might be a great indication that you’ve landed in the space you were meant to be in (for the meantime, anyway).  If, however, you find yourself in a situation where you are constantly involved in unwanted drama or squabbles with your neighbors, or you find yourself repeatedly having to make noise complaints, you might not be in the most ideal living situation.  Liking your neighbors is imperative to a positive rental experience.

Your Landlord

Having a great landlord is another key component that will help to determine whether you should stay put in your apartment rental or not.  Let’s face it, not all landlords are created equally.  There are those that will go above and beyond to make their tenants happy, those who will do the absolute bare minimum (and even less), and those somewhere in between.  If you’ve managed to build a good rapport with your landlord, staying where you are might be the right choice for you.  If you choose to move, just understand that you also run the risk of finding a less than ideal landlord in your next space and make sure you diligently research them before committing to a lease.

Your Negotiability

Speaking of rapport, having a good relationship with your landlord could also give you the leverage to negotiate better terms in your current apartment rental before you renew your apartment lease.  You’re not required to blindly re-sign on the dotted line.  If there are things that you love about your living situation and some things you’d like to see done better, this is a great opportunity to address those things before making the decision to leave completely.

Your Familiarity

Lastly, a benefit of staying is that you know what’s expected of you and your community rules.  If you don’t like or agree with those expectations, it could be time to move on.

Looking for a Great Apartment Rental in Hattiesburg?

The absolute best way to come to a concrete decision as to whether you should stay or go is to get out there and see what else is available in your rental market.  The grass is always greener on the other side, and doing your research will allow you to make a well-informed decision.  You don’t have to do it alone; contact the team at Hattiesburg Apartments and let us show you some of the best that Hattiesburg has to offer.  Contact us today!

Budget-Friendly Move-In Essentials for Your First Apartment Rental

The time to move out on your own has come!  You’ve found your perfect first apartment rental, the lease is signed and you are ready to get situated!  Now, you just have to figure out what you will need to bring with you to start your new living situation off on the right foot.  Contrary to popular belief, moving in doesn’t have to be ridiculously expensive right off the bat!  Rather than trying to figure out everything that will make your place feel the most like home, just start with the bare essentials and give yourself some time to settle in and determine what else you need.  Here are a few things you won’t want to forget!

Bedroom Essentials

Moving into your first apartment rental is likely going to be pretty exhausting, so the first room you will want to focus on is your bedroom.  This is the one space in your home that you will want to have as organized as possible so that when it’s time to go to sleep, you are able to rest easy and wake up refreshed.

  • Mattress, Pillows & Bedding: Getting a good night’s rest is imperative, so your box spring, mattress, pillows, sheets and comforter should be among the first things you move in.
  • Hangers: You’ll obviously need to bring your clothes with you as well, so make sure that you have enough hangers available to get them out of your suitcases and displayed nicely in your closet.

Bathroom Essentials

bathroom apartment essentialsAlmost equally as important as your bedroom is the bathroom of your apartment rental.  You don’t necessarily have to get everything situated, but there are a few bathroom essentials that you won’t want to be without, even for a short time.

  • Shower Curtain: Unless you’d like a very wet floor to clean up, getting a shower curtain put up should be near the top of the checklist.
  • Toilet Paper: This one really needs no explanation…just make sure that you have some handy.
  • Towels: After a long and potentially sweaty day of moving in, that first shower will feel pretty good, so make sure you have something to dry yourself off with.  An extra towel can also double up as a throw rug (if you haven’t already purchased one) to keep your floor dry.
  • Toiletries: Your shower won’t be very productive without the products necessary to get you clean!

Main Space Essentials

The main space in your apartment rental doesn’t need too much right up front, believe it or not.  You can really get by with the minimum here.

  • Television: Chances are good that you will want to sit down and zone out at the end of the first day of move-in, so having a television hooked up might be just the thing to help you do just that.
  • A Place to Sit: Having the perfect couch or recliner isn’t necessary right away.  If you want to adapt to your space for a while before deciding what furniture would best fit, invest some money into bean bag chairs or an office chair for the time being.

Kitchen Essentials

The kitchen in your new place might take a bit more effort to get ready.  Even if you live off Ramen noodles and frozen pizza, there are a few items that you may want to have handy.

  • Dish Set: Some plates, bowls, a few cups and a coffee mug or two should be enough to get you started.
  • Pots & Pans: Having a few basic pots and pans is a smart idea, too.
  • Kitchen Tools: Can openers, vegetable peelers, measuring cups, wooden spoons, and spatulas should suffice for a while.
  • Cutlery: Make sure you have enough forks, knives and spoons that you don’t have to run the dishwasher twice a day.
  • Trash Can: Don’t forget the trash bags as well!
  • Countertop Appliances: Microwaves, blenders, coffee makers and toasters are all must-haves in an apartment rental!

Miscellaneous Essentials

Lastly, don’t forget the random items!  First aid kits, cleaning supplies, batteries, extension cords, tools kits and extra lighting options are all important items to bring with you the first day.  Having all of these on hand will make getting your space prepared all that much easier!

Looking for Your First Apartment Rental in Hattiesburg?

Now that you know that moving into your apartment rental can be much easier than you think, it’s time to get packing!  If you’re looking for an apartment in Hattiesburg or the surrounding areas, look no further.  Hattiesburg Apartments has something to suit every budget, taste and location.  Don’t take our word for it!  See for yourself by checking out our database of currently available units today!

How to Exercise Your Dog When You’re Living in an Apartment Rental

Bringing your furry friend to cohabitate with you in an apartment rental can be a whole lot of fun.  Who doesn’t love to come home to a wagging tail and a whole bunch of kisses?  For Fido, however, the move may be a bit less enjoyable, particularly if your pup is adjusting to life in a smaller space than they are accustomed to.  If your pet begins to adopt some unnerving new habits (such as a chewing your shoes or peeing on your carpets), it could be a good indication that they are feeling a bit confined.  Here are some great ways to make sure that your pal gets enough exercise, no matter how small your space.

Utilize Stairs

If your apartment rental has stairs, capitalize off of them!  Sit at either the top or the bottom and make a game out of throwing the ball in the opposite direction.  A few rounds of racing up and down the staircase is a surefire way to tire your pooch out quickly.

Obstacle Courses

If you’ve got a creative streak in you, it might be fun to set up your apartment rental like an obstacle course.  The internet is teeming with fun toys that will keep your dog busy for hours on end.

Dog at apartment rentalPlay Dates

Dogs are extremely social animals, so getting them interacting with other pups is a great way to allow them to let off some steam.  If you have other friends in similar scenarios, set up play dates at each other’s homes where your pets can run each other ragged for a few hours a week.

Dog Parks

If you’re new to the area or don’t have other friends with animals, you might choose to see if there are any local dog parks in your area.  In some instances, your apartment community may even have one on-site.  Dog parks are becoming increasingly popular in urban areas.


Believe it or not, purchasing a treadmill for your apartment rental might be just the thing to help your furry friend alleviate some of his apartment-dwelling blues.  There are several companies now that make them specifically designed for dogs and many are completely foldable and won’t take up much space!  The best part about a puppy treadmill is that, in the event of bad weather, your pup still gets the exercise he/she deserves.

Tug of War

A simple game of tug of war can also go a long way with a feisty pooch.  Most importantly, it requires only the smallest amount of effort from you, the human!  Even if you’ve had a particularly long day at work, you can probably find enough leftover energy to sit on the couch and hold on to one end of a rope, right?

Go For a Walk/Run

One of the fastest ways to give your dog the exercise he/she needs and deserves is to get outside and take them for a walk or a run.  Dogs thrive when they are able to sniff around and learn about their surroundings.  The extra bonus here is that you, too, will benefit from getting into the fresh air, getting your heart rate up and burning a few calories.  It’s also a great bonding experience for you and your pet.

Get the Right Harness

Speaking of taking walks and running, life in an apartment rental also requires getting the right kind of harness for your dog.  Allowing them a little more tether will let you stay in control of the situation (and adhere to all of the local leash laws) while also giving your pup the impression that they have a lot more freedom than they actually do.

Teach Them Tricks

Dogs are extremely intelligent creatures and they absolutely love to learn.  Stimulating their minds can have just as many benefits to them as getting their bodies moving.  Take the time to get your dog trained and, when at home, practice, practice, practice!

Kong Toys

The Kong company has come up with a plethora of toys designed specifically to keep your dog busy while you are off at work.  Many of them have little pockets where you can hide treats or peanut butter, giving your dog both mental and physical stimulation while you are away, rather than leaving them to their own (potentially destructive) devices.

Doggie Daycare

If you really want to make sure your dog is getting out of your apartment rental and having a great day, consider looking into doggie daycare.  This is also a great trend that has erupted all across the United States with many affordable options.  Even if you only commit to one or two half-days per week, your pooch is sure to appreciate it.

Find an Apartment Rental in Hattiesburg

If you and your pet(s) are looking to relocate, contact the team at Hattiesburg Apartments!  We can’t wait to show you all of the amazing units we currently have listed in our database!  Take a look today and then reach out to get your hunt started!

Moving In Together 101: Ten Tips to Make Life with a Roommate Successful

You’ve just scored the perfect rental apartment and you can’t wait to move in!  The only problem is that it’s a tad bit out of your price range so you know you’ll have to find a roommate to help cover expenses.  Living with somebody new can take a bit of adjustment, but here are ten tried and true tips that will make the act of easing into your new cohabitation situation a heck of a lot smoother!

1. Set Ground Rules

Before the first box even crosses the threshold of your new rental apartment, you and your roommate need to lay down the ground rules.  Discussing things like your viewpoint on guests (particularly overnights), your thoughts on noise levels and how much personal space you each need is imperative to a healthy and successful roomie relationship.

2. Be Respectful of Each Other’s Stuff

Whatever you do, do NOT assume that anything that belongs to your roommate also belongs to you.  Even if you don’t think that they will notice a missing bar of soap or the fact that you swiped the last slice of their leftover pizza, rest assured that they will.  Try to think about how you would feel if the tables were turned.

Living with a roommate3. Understand Each Other’s Schedules

If you are a night owl and a roommate is an early bird (or vice versa), you will need to discuss how best to navigate these two glaringly different lifestyles in a way that leaves both of you feeling heard and respected.

4. Divide Up Chores

One of the worst types of roommates is a messy one!  Nobody wants to feel obligated to follow their housemate from room to room picking up the disarray that is left in their wake.  The best way to avoid this is to make sure that you have a cleaning schedule in place where the chores are evenly divided among both (or all) of you.  This way nobody feels like they are carrying all of the weight when it comes to keeping your space neat.

5. Communicate Clearly

This is perhaps the golden rule of sharing an apartment rental with a roommate!  Communication is the key to living together in harmony!  This doesn’t just mean saying what you mean and meaning what you say.  It also means addressing issues as soon as they arise in a mature and calm manner, rather than letting them fester or allowing them to eke out in a passive aggressive manner.

6. Know Your Financial Responsibility

This is another big one!  Sharing an apartment rental means more than just paying the rent.  There are electric bills, cable, water, and other potential expenses that you will also want to consider.  Prior to moving in, make sure that you each know what you are responsible for paying, what the due dates are for your responsibilities and how you intend to send money back and forth that may be due amongst you.

7. Be Willing to Compromise

Living with a roommate means not always expecting to be right!  There will be times (a lot of them) where you and your roomie will have to agree to disagree and be willing to come up with a solution that works for you both!

8. Stay Curious

Chances are pretty good that you and your roommate don’t come from identical backgrounds.  Rather than judging your roomie for habits or traditions that don’t make sense to you, commit to staying curious about them and be willing to use your new living situation as a way to learn more about the world around you.

9. Know Your Own Bad Habits

This is another very important factor in maintaining a healthy and balanced relationship with your new roommate!  Don’t just assume that any dissonance that arises is due to your roomie’s behavior and habits.  Be willing to admit that you have bad habits, too.  It might even be helpful to address these up front so that you can come up with a way to handle them if they become a problem during the time you live together.

10. Exchange Emergency Information

Finally, there is a certain level of responsibility that you and your roommate do have for one another.  This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be the best of friends (or really even hang out it all).  Still, making sure that you know who to contact (and how to reach them) in case of an emergency is good information to have for both of you.

Looking for a Rental Apartment in Hattiesburg or the Surrounding Areas?

Now that you know exactly how to create a great living scenario with any roommate, it’s time to secure your dream apartment!  At Hattiesburg Apartments, we’ve done all of the footwork for you, scouring the best apartment communities in the area to put together a database of quality units with something to offer for everybody.  Take a look today and reach out to speak to one of our team members!

The Actual Cost of Moving into a New Rental Apartment

Cost of Moving

If the lease in your rental apartment is nearing an end, you may be questioning whether your next best move is to pick up and relocate or to stay put and re-sign your lease for the next year.  If moving is a viable consideration, you’ll want to get a real-time estimate of the expenses that you could accrue in doing so.  Having this snapshot available will help you to set a reasonable budget that will simplify your move and alleviate any financial worries you may have.  So, what is the actual cost of moving from one apartment to another?

Packing Supplies

Packing up the contents of your rental apartment may sound simple enough, but accumulating enough containers to hold your belongings may not be as easy as it seems.  Once you’ve exhausted collecting boxes from all of the nearby liquor and grocery stores, there’s a good likelihood that you’ll still have to invest a little cash in some additional packaging.  Extra boxes, bubble wrap and newspapers are all imperative to ensuring that your items reach their destination unscathed.

New apartment costsMovers

Unless you plan on doing all of the heavy lifting yourself, you’ll probably want to consider hiring a moving company.  The cost of this will vary depending on your location and on how far your new home is from your current rental apartment.  Even if you’ve decided to bypass the moving company and rely on your friends and family to help you move, you’ll want to consider the cost of pizza and beer!  No labor is free!

Driving Expenses

If you’re moving a far distance, you may also want to take into consideration how much money you are likely to spend in driving expenses. Be sure to factor gas into the cost of moving. Roadside meals and any accommodations you may have to book along the way.


Among the more obvious moving expenses you’ll want to pay attention to are the deposits that will be owed to various parties upon your arrival.  Your landlord will likely require a first and last month’s rent, as well as a security deposit to hold your unit.  Additionally, if you’re bringing a furry friend to cohabitate with you, don’t forget to ask about the cost of the pet deposit.  Deposits will also likely be due for utilities such as electric, water and cable, among others.


If you’re one boring walls, this might not be a cost you need to consider.  However, most rental apartment landlords will have your unit painted in a neutral and potentially drab shade of white or beige, and if this doesn’t speak your language, you may want to think about livening your space up a bit with a new paint color (if your landlord permits it).    If you plan on hiring a painter ask around and get at least a few different quotes from trusted companies in your area.  If you choose to paint your unit yourself, estimate how much paint you will need and how much it will cost to purchase other supplies such as brushes, rollers, drop cloths and the paint itself.

New Furnishings & Decor

Moving into a new space will typically require the purchase of at least a few new items.  Maybe you’re bedroom in your new home is exponentially smaller, requiring you to invest in more diminutive furnishings.  Perhaps, on the other hand, you’ve gained a lot of extra square footage in your main living area and your futon couch no longer adequately fills the space!  You’ll be spending a lot of time here and you will want it to feel comfortable, so be sure to consider if there are any purchases you will need to make in order to help it evoke feelings of home, you have the cash set aside to make them.

Time Missed From Work

Lastly, moving can be a rather lengthy process and may require you to take some time off of work.  Check to make sure that you have enough vacation time accrued that it won’t affect your day-to-day living.  If you don’t have any, be sure to adjust your budget so that your normal expenses don’t suffer from the missed time.

Looking for a Rental Apartment in the Hattiesburg Areas?

If you’re ready to find your new home, the team at Hattiesburg Apartments can’t wait to help you do just that!  We’ve paired up with 17 of the finest apartment communities in the Hattiesburg area to ensure that our clients have access to units that fit every budget and lifestyle.  We’re here to help you every step of the way and are sure that you won’t be disappointed that you made the call!  Take a look through our available units today and reach out to a team member to schedule some walkthroughs of your favorite properties!

8 Ways to Make Your Apartment Rental Feel More Welcoming

Does your apartment rental ever feel a little drab and boring?  Do you wish that there were ways to make it feel more like your home instead of just some place you will inhabit for a period of time?  Well, I’m happy to tell you that there are a whole lot of ways to make your space feel homey, happy and welcoming that don’t require a huge investment.


One of the fastest and easiest ways to transform your apartment rental from impersonal to inviting is to try on some new paint colors!  Color can have a drastic effect on mood and on the overall feelings a space evokes.  Blues and greens have a calming, soothing effect and are great for spaces where you spend a lot of time relaxing (such as bedrooms and living rooms).  Yellows are stimulating and happy; great for bathrooms, laundry rooms or kitchens.  Tones of pink and purple are said to stimulate creativity and balance, making them appropriate for any room in your home!  Finally, neutral tones can give a warm feeling to the room and will easily match the other décor in any room.


Light, particularly natural light, is another great way to make your apartment rental feel like a welcoming place.  Open your curtains and blinds to let the sunshine pour into your space!  If your apartment doesn’t offer a whole lot of natural light, spend a small sum investing in lamps and light fixtures and make sure to spend a little extra on lightbulbs that mimic the feel of natural sunlight.

welcome to my apartmentIndoor Garden

No matter how large or small your apartment rental may be, there’s always enough space to invite the outdoors in.  Succulents and cactus require very little upkeep and can flourish easily with minimal amounts of water or attention.  Plants such as Pothos will add a pop of green throughout your space and also don’t require much time.  They have the added benefit of working as natural air purifiers as well!  You might even consider purchasing and installing a window box where you can plant a tiny herb garden!


Among the simplest of ways to make your space feel inviting is to clean and declutter it.  Shelving and other surfaces that are stacked with paperwork or overladen with tchotchke can be extremely overstimulating and create a heavy feel to the atmosphere inside your apartment.  A space, however, that is free from debris and visually appealing will have all of your guests breathing a little easier and feeling right at home.

Get a Pet

There’s nothing quite as inviting as having a pet to greet you at your front door when you come home!  That being said, adopting a dog or a cat is not going to appeal to everybody.  That does not, however, mean that you are destined to remain without a pet!  A fish tank, for example, is much easier to maintain, but has the ability to offer a similar calming effect by bringing a water element into your home.  Fish come in every size and color, giving you the opportunity to create a beautiful and inviting focal point that suits your taste and décor.

Don’t Forget Your Entryway

If you want to make your apartment rental feel more welcoming, start at the front door!  The uncomplicated act of purchasing a welcome mat or hanging up a wreath or door plaque could be just what it takes to shift the energy of your space in a more positive direction.   If your landlord will allow it, you might even consider painting your front door a fun, bright color that feels happy and appealing.

Hang Pictures

Another great way to make your apartment feel homier is to add your own unique flavor!  Blow up some of your favorite shots of friends and family and frame them to add a personal element.  Hang artwork that reflects your style and represents the things that mean the most to you!   This invites your visitors to get a deeper look into who you are, making them feel much more comfortable in your space.

Tap Into Your Senses

Burning incense and candles, diffusing essential oils and keeping soft music playing in your apartment rental are other simple ways to make your space feel more welcoming.  Offering a sensory experience to both yourself and your guests will have everybody who enters your space feeling calmer, more casual and fully content.

Looking for an Apartment Rental in Hattiesburg or the Surrounding Areas?

If you’re ready to find your next apartment rental, your first call needs to be to Hattiesburg Apartments!  Our team of reputable agents has been successfully pairing tenants and landlords since 1980.  We are dedicated to helping you find the apartment rental that best suits your needs and proudly represent listings that fit every budget and every walk of life.  Don’t take our word for it!  See for yourself by checking out our database of available properties today!

The Best Apartment Amenities for Getting to Know Your Neighbors

Whether you are new to an apartment community or to an area in general, making friends is typically a top priority when you relocate to a new place.  Luckily, the trends that are emerging lately in apartment living are geared toward helping you create the sense of community you crave in your new home!  Regardless of your lifestyle, interests or locale, these are some best apartment amenities you will want to look for when searching for your next place to stay!

Green Space

An apartment community that offers some open, green space will certainly help you to get to know your neighbors.  These areas are weekend havens for neighbors to enjoy outdoor activities, such as Frisbee, bean bag toss, or a quick soccer scrimmage.  If you, too, are an outdoor enthusiast, this may be the perfect space to find your tribe!

Community Gardens

Community gardens are getting a lot more traction in apartment communities over the past few years.  Nothing helps to build a sense of kinship more than working in the Earth alongside your neighbors, growing delicious fruits and vegetables that can be enjoyed together.  Even community flower gardens create an undeniable sense of working toward a common goal with your neighbors.

Outdoor Dining Spaces

An apartment community with an outdoor dining or BBQ area is an indicator that the management encourages their tenants to socialize (meaning that they are more likely to attract other renters who are looking to make some friends, too).  These are great spaces to host pot-luck community dinners where neighbors can get to know one another (without having to invite a million people into your home).

Best Apartment AmenitiesCafes

If you’re lucky enough to locate an apartment community that has a café, you’ve pretty much landed the golden goose egg when it comes to meeting people!  Cafes are great places to socialize and have meaningful conversations with like-minded neighbors.  Plus, who doesn’t love a good cup of coffee (that they didn’t have to make themselves)?

Game Rooms

Game room is a bit of a broad term.  Some apartment communities will offer game rooms consisting of a few decks of cards, some card tables, a few old board games, ping pong and pool tables, while others might step it up a notch and consider a game room a more of an arcade.  Either way, if games are your thing, this can be a great place to meet some of your neighbors who share in similar interests.

Fitness Centers

Community fitness centers are a great way to stay fit and healthy, but they can also be a perfect place to land a few new friends.  A fitness center that offers group classes, in particular, could open you up to a whole new world of possibilities.  Not only will you likely get to try a few new things you haven’t done before (aerial yoga, anyone?), but you’ll also get to have fun with other people who care about health and wellness as much as you (or who are just trying to work off those extra weekend cocktails).

Nature Trails

Meeting your neighbors out in nature is a great way to strike up a conversation!  While walking a trail might be associated as being a solo activity, believe it or not, it really can be a great way to make new friends as well!

Pet-Friendly Living Areas

If you plan on bringing a furry companion to live at your new apartment community with you, you’ll want to make sure that there is some designated outdoor space where he/she can run around and make some friends, too.  Not only will it help your pet to adjust to life in a new place, but it will also help you to get to know your neighbors and create a sense of community and belonging as you bond over your animals.


Pools are often considered to be one of the best apartment amenities to have access to. A warm, summer Saturday lounging by the pool sounds pretty luxurious.  It certainly may be, but it can also be a great setting to tune into your new neighbors and start some conversations that could turn into friendships quickly!

Looking for the Best Apartment Amenities in Hattiesburg?

Now that you know exactly what to look for to help you make some friends quickly and easily in your new apartment community, it’s time to find your new home!  At Hattiesburg Apartments, we’ve teamed up with 17 of Hattiesburg’s finest communities to ensure that we have something to offer everybody in every budget!  No matter what you’re looking for, our team is excited to help you find it.  Take a look through some of our available properties today and, if you like what you see, reach out to one of our team members to schedule some apartment tours!  You’ll be happy that you did.

Ways to Ensure Excellent Apartment Security

Living on your own in a rental apartment can elicit lots of different feelings.  At times, the quiet and solitude can bring peace and tranquility, while at other times, being alone can feel a little frightening, particularly if this is the first time you’ve ever been out on your own.  If you’re feeling a little hesitant about your apartment security, don’t give in to your fear quite yet.  Here are some easy tips that can follow to help you feel safer.

Research the Area

When you begin the search for your new rental apartment, be diligent about getting the facts on crime rates in the area.  Make sure that you have a good understanding of the best and worst neighborhoods and obviously, avoid those that are leaning toward the negative.  If you’re not super familiar with the town or city, it can be helpful to reach out to friends or family members who have lived there longer, or, if you don’t know many people yet, find a reputable real estate agent you can work with who will steer you in the right direction.

Look for Gated Communities

If safety is a big concern, look for a rental apartment that is located within a gated community.  Though gated communities do not guarantee that strangers cannot get in an out (we’ve all piggy-backed through a gate before), they are certainly large deterrents.  Gated communities also typically have cameras posted at each entry and exit point throughout, further deterring criminals.

apartment securityOn-site Security

One step up from a gated community is one with on-site apartment security guards.  Most guarded communities will also have gates, but these places go above and beyond by making sure that each gate is manned with an armed security guard.  Any guest entering or exiting the property must be checked in and, if they are not listed as a legitimate guest for your property, they will be refused entry.  Additionally, many of these types of communities will have extra security guards out on patrol monitoring the neighborhood around the clock.

Invest in Additional Locks

If a gated or secure community falls a bit outside of your price range, there are plenty of precautions you can take on your own.  Reinforce your rental apartment by purchasing additional locks that you can affix to your doors.  Dead bolts are relatively cheap and easy to install and add an entirely new level of protection for you.

Consider an Apartment Security System

Security systems are much more common these days than they were twenty years ago, making them exponentially more affordable.  If your concern lies in a predator entering your property without your permission, consider purchasing an apartment security system that will alert you, your neighbors, and the police of any trespassers.


Many security systems these days come equipped with cameras, but it’s also possible to purchase cameras separately and place them strategically at your entry points and also throughout your rental apartment.  Many don’t even require any hardware and, therefore, will not do any damage to your property.  Most of the cameras available today will link right to your phone so that you can see what’s going on from wherever you are, helping you to feel like your space is safe and secure, even when you can’t be there.

Purchase a Safe

Do you have important documents, jewelry or sums of money that you keep in your rental apartment?  A safe is a great way to store these items to ensure their safety.  Safes come in all different shapes and sizes and can be tucked away virtually anywhere.

Look for Well-Lit Parking Areas

Dark and shadowy places are the perfect spot for a crime to be committed and go unnoticed.  When you begin the hunt for your rental apartment, make sure that you find a community with well-lit parking areas.  This will help you to feel safe on the walk from your car to your home, even late at night.

Invest in Renter’s Insurance

Lastly, spend the small amount of money it takes to purchase a renter’s insurance policy.  These policies run right around $17 a month (give or take) and will be invaluable in the case that anything gets damaged or stolen from your rental apartment.  They don’t just cover against theft and break-ins, but also against natural disasters, pipes bursting, appliances catching fire, and more.  For such a small investment, it would be silly not to get a quote on a policy.

Are You Looking for an Apartment Rental in Hattiesburg or the Surrounding Areas?

Now that you know all of the ways to keep yourself safe and sound in your new rental apartment, it’s time to find your new home.  At Hattiesburg Apartments, our team of skilled agents is on the job!  We’ve teamed up with 17 of the safest apartment communities in the Hattiesburg area to guarantee our clients that they can find a home they feel protected in.  Check out our database of available rentals and reach out to schedule some showings today!

Tips to Avoid Falling for Apartment Rental Scams

There are so many apartment rental scams out there today that it can be hard to keep up with all of them.  Knowing this can make the process of finding your next apartment rental relatively daunting and leave you wondering who you can trust.  If you feel like you might be dealing with a scammer, don’t panic just yet.  Read ahead to learn some of the red flags to look for that will help you to avoid falling for apartment rental scams.

Avoid Questionable Rental Platforms

When looking for an apartment rental, the first place you’ll probably head is the internet.  While the web can be a helpful place to find concrete leads, it can also be a minefield of scammers.  When you are searching online rental platforms avoid questionable websites, such as Craigslist, or others that post classifieds.  According to a study entitled, ‘Understanding Craigslist Rental Scams’, over a period of 141 days, approximately 29,000 rental scams were found through 20 cities being monitored.

Don’t Deal in Cash

Any landlord that’s asks you to pay them in cash should be questioned through and through.  Refuse to pay any portion of your first, last or security deposit in cash, and opt instead for traceable items like checks or credit cards.  A shady landlord will likely stop returning your calls as soon as you insist on paying in anything other than cash.

Avoid apartment rental scamTour the Property

It’s incredibly easy to copy and paste pictures of legitimate rentals from one site to another.  Any time you are considering an apartment rental online, insist on touring the property before you sign anything or send any amount of money.  If the landlord comes up with excuses as to why they can’t meet you, you’re probably being scammed.

Research the Property Owner

Make sure that you get the name of whoever you are speaking with in regards to your apartment rental.  Then, search the property records to ensure that this is, indeed, the property owner’s name.  If it isn’t, that could be a big red flag!

Meet Your Landlord Face to Face

Much like it is important to see the property, it is equally important to meet your landlord in person rather than completing your transaction strictly online.  If your prospective landlord has a whole bunch of reasons he/she cannot meet you face to face, you could be dealing with a scammer.

Sign a Written Lease

Never enter into a verbal agreement when it comes to leasing an apartment rental!  Even if you think you know the person you are dealing with, you should always have a written agreement signed by both parties and notarized by a third party.  As you review your written lease, make sure that the property owner’s name is listed on the lease and have it checked by a real estate lawyer who can point out any discrepancies.

Ask Neighbors for Feedback

If you feel like you might be dealing with a potential scammer, go visit the property and knock on a few doors or hang out in the common area of the apartment community and wait for passerby.  Ask them if have any knowledge of the landlord and his/her dealings with previous renters.  Sometimes a little insider information is all you need to avoid a scam!

Make Sure the Landlord Has Requirements

Any legitimate landlord is going to have a certain set of requirements before they will lease their apartment rental to you.  If you aren’t being asked to pay a security deposit, agree to a background check or submit to a credit check, there’s a very good chance you are being scammed.

If it Seems Too Good to Be True…

Well, it probably is!  If the asking price for your apartment rental is way below market price or the amenities offered seem a bit over the top for the area you are in, you will certainly want to question the legitimacy of the transaction.

Work With a Reputable Agent

The very best way to avoid apartment rental scams is to work with an industry professional who you know and trust.  A skilled agent will do all of the footwork for you and work hard to represent your best interests and keep you away from scammers and properties that fail to deliver on their promises.  They will also have teams in place to check and re-check the validity of lease terms and be able to help you negotiate the best terms for your situation.

Are You Looking for an Apartment Rental in Hattiesburg or the Surrounding Areas?

If you’re in the Hattiesburg area and in need of a new apartment rental, Hattiesburg Apartments should be your very first stop.  Since 1980, we’ve worked diligently to provide our local clients with top-notch, trustworthy service and pair them with the perfect properties for their particular situations.  Avoid scammers altogether and work with the best!  Check out our database of available apartments today and reach out to get started!

8 Simple Tips to Throw a Great Summer Party in Your Rental Apartment

How to Party in Your Rental

The holiday weekend is nearly upon us and for most July 4th epitomizes what summer is all about:  fun in the sun, fireworks, and some well-deserved time with friends and family!  If the summer buzz has you itching for a great party, why not be the one to host it?  Don’t let a tiny rental apartment stop you from throwing a summer soiree to remember!  Take a look at these eight simple tips that will help you host a great summer party in your rental that will leave everybody talking!

Reorganize Your Space

If you want to throw a great summer party in your rental apartment, you’ll need to make a little room for everybody!  You can easily do just that by moving unnecessary furniture pieces and decorative items into your bedroom for the duration of the gathering.  You can also create space by pushing couches and chairs up against walls where possible to create a larger feel in the main spaces of your home.  Additionally, ask your guests to put their personal effects in your bedroom or another spare room so that they won’t be taking up extra space.

Utilize Every Surface

If your rental apartment is particularly small, you’ll have to get creative (even more than you already have been) when it comes to finding the room to display food and seat everybody.  Use any flat surface you can find to do so!  Use your TV table or pull night tables from your room, cover them with decorative linens, and voila, you have additional space available instantly!

Invest in Fans

If you plan on staying inside of your rental apartment for the duration of your party, you’ll probably want to invest in some fans!  Between body heat and the cooking of food, things can heat up pretty quickly.  Place fans strategically so that they are hitting each angle of the space in which you plan on hosting your party.

summer party in apartment rentalLimit Your Guest List

It’s important to remember that a great party doesn’t always translate to a huge party.  Sometimes, the best celebrations are the ones spent only with your closest group of friends and family.  All of your guests are sure to be much happier if they have ample space to sit and good conversation, as opposed to feeling cramped and pressured, so if downsizing your guest list is an option, it’s one that you might want to consider.

Make it a Potluck

Not only does a potluck make hosting a party in your rental apartment much more affordable, but it also minimizes the amount of heat being generated from ovens and crockpots as your guests filter in.  Asking each guest to bring a refreshing appetizer or a cool cocktail will certainly help to make your party even more successful.

Make Cleanup Easy

Investing in paper plates and cups will also help to make your summer bash a victory.  Without worrying about a boatload of dishes to clean up, you’ll be able to engage with your guests thoroughly and have a great time yourself.  This also encourages your party-goers to relax instead of feeling obligated to help you tidy up.

Move it Outside

If your rental apartment still feels too cramped, consider moving your party outside!  Don’t have a patio or garden space attached to your home?  Use the common green space available to you through your apartment community instead.  Green space is awesome for setting up fun summer games like horseshoes or bean bag toss that will keep your guests entertained all day long!

Make Use of Your Amenities

Lastly, don’t forget one of the big reasons you chose to live in a rental apartment in the first place; the many spectacular amenities available to you!  If your apartment community has a swimming pool, your summer party is a great time to put it to good use.  Who doesn’t love a pool party?  If you’re not the pool-going type, ask your community’s management team about renting out a room in the clubhouse (if one is available to you) and set up your soiree there!  If you do use the available amenities, just be sure that you fully understand your community’s policies regarding alcoholic beverages, food, and acceptable noise levels in common spaces.

Are You Looking for a Rental Apartment in Hattiesburg or the Surrounding Areas?

If you’re ready to find the best new rental apartment to host your summer bash, we have some amazing units to show you here at Hattiesburg Apartments!  In fact, we’ve been in the business of pairing our clients with the perfect properties since 1980, making us industry leaders in the local multifamily market!  Don’t believe us?  Take a look through our database of available listings today!

Simple Hacks that Can Help You Beat the Heat in Your Apartment Rental

Tips to Beat the Heat This Summer

Summertime is finally upon us, and what a long-awaited event it has been!  It’s time for bathing suits, fun in the sun and cocktails by the pool, but with every up there must naturally be a down, and warm, summer weather is no exception.  If the rising temperatures find you melting in your apartment rental and scrambling to find ways to lower your electric bill, look no further!  Here are some easy tricks that will help you beat the heat this summer!

Utilize Your Fans

If you’re lucky enough to live in an apartment rental that is equipped with ceiling fans, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth!  They are worth a whole lot more than you think!  Believe it or not, turning your ceiling fans on to rotate in a counter-clockwise direction can lower the temperature of a room anywhere from 6-8 degrees!  To boot, it costs pennies a day to run a fan (as opposed to the hefty price tag associated with running your air conditioner non-stop).  Don’t stop at the ceiling fans!  The exhaust fans installed in your kitchen and bathrooms are also invaluable when it comes to keeping your home cool.  Designed to suck up the hot air that gets trapped in your space, they can do wonders when it comes to helping you beat the heat during the warmer months.

Pay Attention to Your Windows

A lot of cool air can escape through the windows in your apartment rental if you’re not careful.  Every summer, make it a point to check that all of your windows and doors are sealed properly to discourage hot, summer air from seeping in.  Additionally, you might consider investing in room darkening curtains that will keep the sun out, or, at the very least, commit to closing your existing shades during the day while you are not home.  If Mother Nature generously offers a cool evening breeze, pop the windows opened and allow some of it to blow in and cool off your space.

Change light bulbs to beat the heatReconsider Your Lightbulbs

You might not think that your choice of lightbulbs would be a big contributor to the temperature of your space, but you would be wrong!  Switching out incandescent bulbs with energy-efficient ones can surprisingly go a long way in making your apartment rental feel cool and refreshing.

Think Twice When Using Your Appliances

Running appliances like your dishwasher, washing machine and dryer can generate a LOT of unnecessary heat in your space.  Rather than running them during the peak daytime hours when the sun is already shining hot, consider doing your dishes and laundry in the early morning or during the cooler evening hours.  You may even think about hanging your clothes to dry if you have a space available to do so, and letting your dishes air-dry as opposed to turning on the “dry” function.

Get Outside and Grill

Summer is a great time for some outdoor fun, making it the perfect time for you to get acquainted with your grill.  The oven in your apartment rental is another appliance that can produce a whole lot of heat that will spread throughout.  Beat the heat by using the grill. This way, you can keep the heat outside where it belongs!

Keep Your Body Temperature Down

Sometimes it’s not just about the space that you are in.  You can contribute greatly to your own feelings of discomfort if you aren’t taking proper care of yourself.  During the summer months, it’s of the utmost importance to keep your body temperature down so that you don’t overheat.  Keep your apartment rental full of refreshing beverages, eat light fare such as salads or smoothies, and rotate the items in your closet so that you have access to all of your lighter, summer wear.

Take Advantage of Amenities

If none of these tricks work to your liking and you absolutely must get out of your apartment rental, now might be a great time to head to the pool!  If you’re lucky enough to live in an apartment community that offers such an amenity, summertime is the perfect opportunity to cash in and make use of it!

Are You Looking for an Apartment Rental in Hattiesburg or the Surrounding Areas?

Hattiesburg is a great place to be for the summer, and the team at Hattiesburg Apartments is ready to help you kick it off right in a new apartment rental!  If you haven’t done so already, head to our website and check out all of the amazing listings we have to show you with all of the amenities that will make this your best summer yet!  Then, contact us to schedule some walk-throughs!  Before you know it, you’ll be lounging in your new space, cold drink in hand!

Ways to Avoid Losing the Security Deposit on Your Rental Apartment

Tips to Keep Your Security Deposit

If you’ve ever lived in a rental apartment, you’re likely familiar with the ever-present fear that comes along with potentially losing your security deposit.  After all, it’s a large sum of money, typically equal to a full month’s rent, and you are probably hoping to be able to use it as part of the down payment on your next space!  If you want to recoup the full amount of your security deposit, there are some guidelines you will need to follow.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Cameras rarely lie and they could be just the key to ensure that you get back the full security deposit you’ve put down on your rental apartment.  Prior to moving into a space, do a thorough walkthrough and document each room.  Address any concerns or issues that you find with your landlord.  Email the photos you’ve taken directly to your landlord so that you are both on the same page.

When your lease is up, you’ll have to repeat this process.  Once your furniture and belongings have been removed, walk through again and snap some photos that will showcase that the space is in the same condition (aside from normal wear and tear as it is defined in your lease) as it was when you moved in.

Make Sure You’re Paid Up

It’s also possible to lose your security deposit due to other unpaid charges owed to your landlord.  If, for example, you haven’t remitted one month’s rent or you’ve only offered a partial payment, the remaining balance will be deducted from your refund.  This also pertains to any other expenses that might be paid directly to your landlord in addition to your rent, such as cable, internet, or pest control, to name a few.

Give a heads up to management to avoid losing your security depositGive Ample Notice

Your landlord only makes money off of your rental apartment if it’s occupied.  For that reason, they obviously have a vested interest in making sure it stays that way and will likely have a clause within the lease that outlines the procedure for letting them know that you intend on moving.  Understanding this process is integral to getting your deposit back.  If, for example, your landlord requires 60 days written notice and you call him/her 15 days prior to your lease being up, there’s a good chance he/she will withhold some of your deposit to cover the extra time it will take them to get the place ready to go and find a new tenant.

Avoid Modifying the Property without Permission

What is considered a “modification” will be different from landlord to landlord.  Some may consider something as benign as sticking a tack in the wall to be unacceptable, while for others it might be bigger things such as hanging shelves, changing fixtures, or painting.  Regardless of how big or small the changes you want to make feel to you, it’s always a good idea to double check with your landlord, thus making sure that it won’t interfere with your ability to get your deposit back!

Be on Your Best Behavior

Failure to follow the rules and regulations outlined in your lease and put forth by whatever entity governs your rental apartment community could leave you high and dry without your deposit.  In some cases, your monies may be used as restitution to repair any damages that were done as a result of your negligent behavior.  In a worst case scenario, your bad behavior could lead to an eviction, ensuring that you will not see your security deposit again.

Mind Your Pets

If you share your rental apartment with a cuddly critter, you’ll likely have to give some extra TLC to get your full deposit back.  Not only do animals shed, but they can also scratch walls and floors, chew baseboards and doors and stink up the space pretty significantly.  Before leaving your rental, you will need to make sure that you’ve erased any traces that your pet has been there, and this can be a big job!

Get it Presentable

As you near your departure date, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and do the work that’s necessary to get your rental apartment in tip-top shape.  Make the necessary repairs and deep-clean so that there’s no room for complaints.  Hire professionals where it makes sense…trying to do it all on your own isn’t always the best idea!

Schedule a Final Walkthrough

Lastly, schedule a time to walk through the property with your landlord so that you both have space to address any lingering concerns that might prevent you from getting back your money!

Looking for a Rental Apartment in Hattiesburg or the Surrounding Areas?

If it’s time to relocate, the team at Hattiesburg Apartments is here to help you find your new home!  We’ve got some great options to share with you!  Take a look through our database of available units today and reach out to start hunting!

11 Questions to Ask Your Landlord Before Signing an Apartment Lease

Moving into a new rental apartment can bring up a lot of questions!  While you’ll likely be able to figure out many of the answers to them on your own or by asking your neighbors (like where the closest grocery store is), there are some questions that you will want to make sure you’ve addressed with the landlord before you signing an apartment lease!  Here are eleven questions you won’t want to forget!

1. What is the lease term?

Don’t just assume that your landlord expects you to sign the standard 12-month lease on your rental apartment.  Many landlords prefer longer leases and some keep their tenants renting on a month-to-month basis.  You’ll want to make sure that you’re locked into your lease for the amount of time that works right for your particular situation.

2. When is the unit available?

If you’ve toured a rental apartment and it feels like all systems are a go, get clear on a timeline with your potential new landlord.  Many apartment communities have model units ready to show, but that doesn’t mean that they have units available for move-in.  This will also help to determine the need for the next question!

3. Will the cost be pro-rated if the lease doesn’t start on the first of the month?

Most landlords require rent to be paid on the first of the month as a means to keeping things simple.  If a unit won’t be available until the middle of the month, however, you’ll want to make sure that you aren’t paying for the time that you aren’t using the space!  Before signing an apartment lease, discuss pro-rating the first month’s rent to reflect the discrepancy.

Know when rent is due before signing an apartment lease4. When is the rent due and how is it paid?

Again, it can be easy to assume that the monthly rent will be due on the first of each month.  While this is often the case, it’s by no means set in stone.  Each landlord will have their own ideas about when monthly rent is due and it will obviously be important for you to have a clear understanding on when that is.  Additionally, ask your landlord how he/she accepts monthly rental payments.  With cash apps like Venmo, PayPal and Apple Pay growing in popularity, getting your rent to your landlord might me much easier than you think!

5. What are the move-in fees?

Most landlords will require the first and last month’s rent for your rental apartment, along with a deposit or security fee of some sort (typically equal to a full month’s rent).  Additionally, you may be expected to come up with money to cover an application fee, a pet deposit or fees to register your vehicle(s), among others.

6. What utilities (if any) are included in the cost of the rent?

This question is high priority!  While many landlords will include the cost of water, basic cable and/or pest control (among others), not all landlords are created equally!  Failure to understand exactly what you are financially responsible for can cause huge headaches down the line for you!

7. What is the pet policy?

If you want Fido to be a permanent fixture at your new rental apartment, you’ll want to make sure he’s welcomed with open arms!  If you’re not a fan of furry companions, this information can be just as valuable.  You likely won’t want to move in next to a neighbor whose dogs bark through the night. This is definitely something to ask about before signing an apartment lease.

8. What is the guest policy?

If you intend on having visitors at your place, you’ll also want to get clear on your landlord’s guest policy.  Are overnight guests allowed?  Where should your guests park?

9. What are the rules on personalization of the space?

You will likely want to add your own personal touches to your rental apartment that will make it feel more like home, but be sure to check with your landlord first.  Painting the walls without permission or peppering them with unsightly holes could leave you without the return of your deposit at the end of your lease!

10. How are maintenance requests handled?

If something were to go wrong in your rental apartment, you’ll want to know how to handle it the best way to get it fixed properly and quickly.  Make sure that your landlord has a protocol in place for any unexpected disasters.

11. Am I required to carry renter’s insurance?

While most landlords don’t require renter’s insurance, some do.  Either way, it’s extremely inexpensive and well worth looking into as a means of protecting your belongings.

Looking for a Rental Apartment in Hattiesburg?

Hattiesburg Apartments has inside access to some of the greatest apartment communities in the Hattiesburg area, each with a reputable management team that will happily answer any questions you may have!  Take a look through our available units today and contact one of our team members to find your new home!

Things to Consider Before Committing to a Lease on an Apartment Rental

The thought of moving into a new apartment rental (or living on your own for the first time) might sound like a great idea, and chances are, it is.  That being said, it’s important to remember that old adage that “the grass is always greener on the other side”.  Sometimes, making a lease from your current apartment into a new one isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. If you want to make sure that leasing a new apartment is in your best interest, there are a few factors you will need to weigh out before taking the plunge!

The Landlord

Just as it’s important for your landlord to do a little background research on you as a potential tenant, it’s equally as important for you to learn a bit about your landlord before signing a year-long lease on an apartment rental.  Your relationship with your landlord can literally make or break the amount of joy you experience in your living situation.  Take it to the internet to search public records, investigate any formal complaints made against your landlord or the apartment community you will be living in and ask the neighbors for their take on the situation.

Consider apartment lease locationThe Location

Location has long been associated with being the driving force behind finding the perfect piece of real estate, whether you’re a home buyer, an investor, a business owner, or a tenant looking for the right apartment rental.  Not only do you need to consider how far your new space is from the places that you frequent the most, like work or your friends and family’s homes, but also about how the location works with your personality.  If you’re somebody who loves their peace and quiet, a trendy apartment downtown might look appealing right now, only to cause you frustration later down the line.

The Neighbors

Sometimes you might not realize what a blessing having awesome neighbors can be until you don’t have them anymore.  Living next to a nuisance neighbor can really throw a wrench into your lifestyle!  Before you commit to signing a lease, spend some time roaming the neighborhood at different times and see what it’s all about.  Is it mostly a young, loud, energetic group or a more laid-back, relaxed vibe?  Depending on your own unique personality, one will certainly suit you more than the other.

The Roommates

Sharing your apartment rental with a roommate might be a wonderful idea!  That being said, it’s imperative to make sure that whoever you decide to room with is on the same page as yourself.  If your best friend is a perpetual party animal and you’re more of a snuggly homebody, this dynamic probably works great in social situations.  Living together, however, might not work so well if your roommate is bringing over houseguests every time you’re gearing up for a night in with a movie and some popcorn.

The Amenities

Half of the draw of living in an apartment rental is the access that it provides to unique amenities that can positively influence your life.  If having an on-site gym is important to you, don’t forego it for an apartment that offers access to an Olympic-sized swimming pool you’ll probably never use.  You are paying for the amenities, so make sure that you will benefit from them.

The Cost

High up on the list of considerations is the cost of living in a new apartment rental.  Getting into a place that you can’t afford is sure to cause all sorts of unnecessary discomfort, so make sure that you are clear on all of the costs that you might incur in your new space before committing.

The Pet Policy

If you plan on bringing a furry friend (or two) with you to your new apartment, read up first so that you fully understand their pet policies.  Many apartment communities have not only weight restrictions on pets, but also classification (dog, cat, bird, etc) and breed restrictions.

The Future

Lastly, if you’re looking for a new rental apartment, don’t forget to consider what your near future might hold.  If, for example, you know you’ll be searching for a new job that could take you out of the area, you’re in a long-term relationship that looks like it might elevate to the next level or you’re considering starting a family, these things could all affect your lease.  Perhaps consider a month-to-month option at your current space rather than moving!

Looking to Lease an Apartment in Hattiesburg?

Now that you’ve considered all of the factors that could affect your move and you’ve determined that it is, indeed, time to find the perfect apartment rental, it’s time to give us a call!  At Hattiesburg Apartments, we have access to 17 of the city’s finest apartment communities.  We can’t wait to show you around and help you find the home that’s just right for you!  Take a look through our database of available units today!

Tips to Make Your Rental Apartment Feel More Inviting

Moving into a new rental apartment is sort of like putting together a puzzle.  You move in all of your belongings, and then comes the somewhat daunting task of trying to figure out what fits where in your new space.  Sometimes, the whole process can leave things feeling a little lackluster!  So, how do you make your new home feel like a calm and inviting sanctuary for your senses?  Here are a few simple tips that will help you do just that!

Get a Door Mat

One of the simplest ways to make your new rental apartment feel like home is to invest a tiny bit of money in a welcoming door mat!  Not only will it greet you and your guests with a little bit of positivity every time you approach the front door, but it will also do wonders in helping you to keep your place clean!

Paint the Walls

Nothing gives a rental apartment a personal touch quite like a fresh coat of paint in an uplifting and comforting color.  Make sure that you get the green light from your landlord before you plan a painting party, but if they are on board, go for it!  Consider hues in the green, blue, or gray family, as these colors are said to encourage feelings of tranquility and relaxation (just what every sanctuary needs)!

Hang Personal Photos

Another great way to give your space a simple touch of personal flair that will help it to feel more inviting is to hang up personal photos of your friends and family.  Being surrounded by memories of your loved ones will help you to feel at ease and at home.  As an extra added bonus, personal photographs are often great conversation starters when you have visiting guests.

natural lighting Pay Attention to Lighting

The lighting in your rental apartment will greatly contribute to the ambience of the space.  Pulling back the curtains to invite in natural light will help your home feel light, open and airy.  During the evening hours, when you don’t have access to natural light, consider investing in some scented candles or soft string-lights.  The warm glow that these emit is sure to give your house a welcoming feel.

Invite the Outdoors In

Another easy way to spruce up your space is to bring in some plants!  Not only do living plants make your home feel brighter and more alive, but they also help to purify the air in your apartment!   Fill your home with vases of colorful flowers, potted plants in windowsills and standing plants throughout and notice what a difference it makes to your décor.

Clean it Up

Keeping your rental apartment neat and tidy will help it to feel clear and calming.  Unnecessary clutter, on the other hand, can contribute to anxiety, tension and stress.  Not exactly the energy you’re trying to kick up in your new home!  Make time each week to neaten up and to give your space the deep clean it deserves!

Fully Unpack

When you move into your rental apartment, make it a point to get your unpacking done in a timely fashion.  Set a deadline for yourself, enlist some friends and get your things out of the boxes and into their new homes!  Having your home in a constant state of chaos is only going to make you feel like there are more and more things that need your attention, which doesn’t sound very inviting!  Don’t get overwhelmed; just take it one room at a time!

Cozy Accent Items

Simple items like throw pillows, accent rugs and blankets can completely change the feel of a room, taking it from cold and impersonal to cozy and comfy!  Find accent items in colors and materials that make you want to sit down and unwind!

Throw a Party

Once your rental apartment is all ready to go, there’s no better way to make it feel more inviting than to open your doors!  Consider throwing a housewarming party to break in your new space.  Invite friends you’ve had for ages, as well as knocking on some neighbor’s doors and inviting them along!  You never know who you might meet and it’s always nice to start off on a good foot with your fellow residents.

Looking for a Rental Apartment in Hattiesburg or the Surrounding Areas?

Now that you know how to make your next rental apartment feel like the cozy and inviting haven you’ve been looking for, it’s time to find your new space!  At Hattiesburg Apartments, we’ve compiled a database full of the best apartment properties available in the Hattiesburg area!  Take a look for yourself and reach out to one of our team members to take the next step toward your new home!

How to Prepare Your Apartment Rental for a Natural Disaster

Tips to Prepare Your Apartment

From flooding to earthquakes to tornadoes, and everything in between, natural disasters are on the rise in the United States over the past few years.  While most homeowners will have some sort of plan in case of an emergency such as these, it’s commonly overlooked by renters, particularly if you happen to be in an apartment rental and could assume that your landlord or management company will take care of the details for you.  While yes, they likely have a plan in place to protect the property, you should have one as well to protect yourself and your important belongings.  Here are a few easy ways to prepare your apartment for a natural disaster.

Stock up on Supplies

Whether or not a storm is imminent, it never hurts to make sure that your apartment rental is ready just in case.  Create a storm kit that includes flashlights, extra batteries, tools, first aid supplies, blankets, and enough food and water to last for 3-4 days per occupant.

Required Maintenance

Make sure that you’ve spoken to your landlord to understand what, if any, responsibilities you do have to get your apartment rental ready for a storm.  In the event of a hurricane, for example, does your unit provide storm shutters?  Will you be required to shut off water and gas lines in the event of damage to the building or will there be somebody on-site to worry about those things?

Secure Furniture

Depending on what type of natural disaster you might be in danger of facing, it could be helpful to secure heavy furniture and appliances to help prevent them from moving around during, for example, an earthquake.  Furniture can also be used to barricade doors to help create a safe room.

Move Things Inside

If you know there is a storm of any kind coming, don’t wait until the last minute to start bringing your stuff inside.  The right time to prepare your apartment for any type of storm is before it hits!

prepare your apartment by protecting important documents Important Documents

Keeping all of the important documents in your apartment rental in a safe place will help to ensure that you will have everything you need in the event that you have to get up and leave your space unexpectedly.  Store your important paperwork in a waterproof case.  Make sure that you include your birth certificate, marriage certificate, wills, financial paperwork, social security cards, passports, and anything else you deem important.

Finances in Order

After a storm, there’s a good chance that roads may be hazardous and unpassable or that lack of electricity will prevent banks from re-opening quickly.  To prepare for this, make sure that you get your finances in order prior to a storms arrival.  If your area has a “storm season”, it might be helpful to have a stash of cash that you keep on premises just case.


Having a radio in your apartment rental is imperative during a storm.  While many other media outlets will likely go in and out of service (televisions, smart phones, etc.), the radio is a reliable source that will help you keep up to date with what is happening and any extra precautions you may need to take.


Having a plan in place for your pet is just as important as having a plan for yourself.  If your furry friend cohabitates with you, you might want to consider whether your apartment rental will be big enough for the both of you to ride out severe weather.  If it is, you’ll want to make sure you have enough food and water for them as well.

Safe Room

In the event that a natural disaster takes a nasty turn, it’s important to have a designated safe room in your apartment rental.  Typically, the safest place to be in the event of severe weather will be in your bathtub with a mattress pulled over you.  This will help to protect you from any debris that may fall.

Evacuation Plan

Know the proper evacuation route to take in the event that severe weather warrants you having to leave your apartment.


The last of our tips to prepare your apartment is regarding insurance. If you don’t have a renter’s insurance policy that covers damage done to your personal belongings due to a natural disaster, now might be a great time to consider it.  Renter’s insurance is super cheap and can be extremely helpful in situations such as this.  Make sure to read through the terms of your policy carefully!

Looking for an Apartment Rental in Hattiesburg or the Surrounding Areas?

Now is a great time to rent in the Hattiesburg area as summer approaches!  At Hattiesburg Apartments, we’ve lined up some of the best rental options in Hattiesburg and the surrounding area to give you access to some great deals in some even greater locations!  Search through our database of units today and reach out to one of our team members to learn more!

Telltale Signs That You’re Probably Outgrowing Your Apartment Rental

Sometimes you find an apartment rental that fits your wants and needs like a favorite pair of jeans!  Outgrowing your apartment rental can certainly happen. They’ve been washed just enough times that they’re super soft, but still durable enough that they don’t appear to have been eaten by mice.  Then, one day, you see the first hole appear at the waistline and you know that, although you might get one or two more wears out of them, it’s time to start shopping for a new pair of jeans.  There are telltale signs available to you as well when it comes to determining when is the right time to get up and get out of your current rental and into something that is more suitable to your changing needs.  Here’s what to look for:

Your Long-Term Goals are Changing

If you’re noticing that your visions of the future are beginning to include some children or pets, it might be time to find a new apartment rental!  A family can drastically change your relationship to your space and can leave what was once considered a comfortable apartment feeling a bit claustrophobic!  Don’t wait until these new additions have already found their way into your life; be proactive by finding a space that can accommodate your growing entourage now!

Your Budget Has Changed

If you’ve had significant changes in your financial status, it could be time to go apartment hunting.  A big promotion at work, for example, might warrant an upgrade to a bigger apartment (that you were previously unable to afford), while finding yourself faced with unexpected bills might have you searching for a space that feels a bit less daunting on your wallet.

Outgrowing Your Apartment if you need to commute to longYou’re Tired of Long Commutes

While at one point you may have been enticed by your apartment rental’s close proximity to the hottest clubs and trendiest restaurants, priorities tend to change.  Now, perhaps you can’t seem to get your focus off of the fact that it takes you an hour each way to get back and forth from your apartment rental to work or that you’re 45 minutes from your family.  If you’re feeling compelled to be closer to the people and places who take up the majority of your time, it could be time to turn in your keys and set out on a new apartment hunting adventure.

You’re Ready to Ditch the Roommate

If living with a roomie has lost some of its original luster, it could be time to officially part ways and search for an apartment rental that suits your desire to navigate the waters of adulthood solo!  This won’t always mean finding a bigger space, but it could be a sign that you’re outgrowing your apartment rental.

You’re Looking to Entertain More

You might also be ready for a change if trying to host a dinner party feels more like trying to cram twenty clowns into a compact car than a night full of fun with friends.  Perhaps it’s time to find an apartment rental that can cater to a whole lot of company!

You’re Tired of Your Neighbors

Another glaring indication that it’s time to reconsider your living situation is if your neighbors are constantly driving you crazy!  Whether it’s the guy below you that insists on playing the drums well into the early morning hours, the nosy neighbor next door who you’ve caught peering through your peephole on numerous occasions, or the unseen resident across that hall that’s been piling up garbage bags outside of their front door for the past two weeks, having obnoxious neighbors can make life in your apartment rental a literal nightmare!

You Have a Lazy Landlord

It’s so important in an apartment rental to have good rapport with your landlord.  If, on the other hand, they aren’t returning your phone calls, keeping your unit and the community in a general state of repair, or addressing neighborly complaints (you’ve been calling about those trash bags across the hall every day for eight days), it’s probably time to seek out a new place.

You’re Ready to Upgrade on the Amenities

Finally, you might be outgrowing your apartment rental if you find yourself envious over the amenities offered to your other apartment renting pals!  Seek out a community that offers you amenities you will actually use.  For example, how nice would it be to ditch the monthly gym membership fee by finding a place that has onsite facilities available to all residents (with the cost built right into your monthly rent)?

Are You Outgrowing Your Apartment Rental?

Now that you know how to identify the need for an upgrade, it’s time to fix the problem of outgrowing your apartment rental!  At Hattiesburg Apartments, we’ve done all of the footwork for you, compiling a database of available units from 17 of the most reputable apartment communities in the Hattiesburg area.  Take a look through them today and contact one of our team members to begin your search!

4 Simple Hacks to Make Apartment Living Easier

Apartment living is about convenience in many ways.  Not only does it often help to keep costs manageable, but it also can help to offer residents access to a unique way of living that they might not otherwise get if they were living in a single-family home (close proximity to city centers, access to amenities, etcetera).  That being said, apartment living can also come with its own set of unique challenges which can’t be overlooked.  There are, however, many easy ways to combat some of the more notorious battles that come along with life in an apartment rental.


It’s no shock that apartment living can pose any number of concerns when it comes to soundproofing.  Many apartment communities have very thin walls with neighbors on all sides.  This can mean that your upstairs neighbor that loves to tap dance or your next door neighbor who leaves the volume up on his television into the late hours of the night might get on your bad side relatively quickly if you don’t find ways to handle the situation.  There are, however, many simple solutions.  For one thing, you might consider investing in noise-cancelling headphones that can help to eliminate a lot of the infiltrating cacophony.  White noise boxes are another quick fix that don’t cost very much at all.  Also, go through your apartment and make sure that there aren’t holes in the walls or gaps under the doors that are allowing the sound to creep in more easily.  If there are, contact your landlord to see about getting these things fixed!


storage hack to make apartment living easierAnother common complaint when it comes to apartment living is the lack of available storage.  Without access to large closets and extra storage spaces, you might find that your apartment feels a little more cramped than you would have liked.  There are a lot of awesome solutions to this as well!  First off, look for furniture that’s multifunctional.  A table, for example, with built in storage can be a great place to store board games, extra blankets, photograph albums, etcetera.  You can also search for pieces that are designed to work well in small spaces, such as retractable breakfast tables (that fold back up to the wall when not in use).  Additionally, capitalize off of the spaces that you do have by making the best use of them.  Places like The Container Store or IKEA offer lots of affordable solutions that will help you make the most out of your available space.


Apartment living with children can bring a whole different set of potential issues, particularly with landlords largely dictating any changes you can make to the space.  Luckily, there are also some simple ways to child-proof your apartment that will make it feel like a much safer place.  Investing in baby gates is a great way to delineate certain areas as “safe zones” and keep your child out of other spaces that might not be such a good place for them to roam.  Cover outlets, place locks on cabinets and cupboards, and make sure that any harmful chemicals are stored in the tops of closets or in other hard-to-reach places where your child is less likely to find them.  It’s also important to keep windows and doors locked at all times to avoid any accidents or escapes.

Keeping Pets

Apartment living with pets can be equally challenging (if not more) as doing so with young children.  Without the ease of a big back yard to allow your pet to run around in, Fido might find himself feeling a little frantic when you first move in.  The best thing you can do to avoid your pet having unwanted accidents in your new place is to get them on a regular schedule for feeding and walking.  Enlist the help of your neighbors if you can to see if they are willing to let your pet out if you plan to be gone for long amounts of time.  Investing in a crate is also a great way to ensure that your furry friend doesn’t do anything that might jeopardize the eventual return of your deposit.

Noise complaints can also become a big issue if you’re planning on bringing your pet with you to your new place.  Just as you would want some quiet in your place, be sure to be respectful of your neighbor’s right to the same.  If your pet can’t seem to get through the day without terrorizing them, you might want to look into a doggie daycare.

Looking for an Apartment Rental in Hattiesburg or the Surrounding Areas?

Now that you know all the ways to make apartment living even easier, it’s time to find your new place!  At Hattiesburg Apartments, we’ve got you covered!  In fact, we’ve scoured the area to put together a list of the best properties Hattiesburg has to offer, and we can’t wait to help you find your new home.  Take a look through our database of available properties today and reach out to get your search started!

8 Reasons to Rent an Apartment Rather Than a Single-Family Home

If you’re in the market for a new rental, chances are good that you’ve been pondering the question of whether or not you should be looking for an apartment rental or a single-family home.  With so many obvious differences between the two choices, it’s no wonder that you have questions.  Life in an apartment rental, however, offers a level of simplicity and stability that life in a single-family home just can’t do.  Let’s take a look at some of the reasons to rent an apartment.

1.   Budget

Choosing to live in an apartment rental is exponentially easier on your budget!  For one thing, of an apartment and a single-family home boasting the same square footage, nine times out of ten the apartment will ask a considerably cheaper price for rent.  Apartments are also not impacted by things like property taxes, so the chance of your rental price going up unexpectedly from year to year decreases.  You’ll also need to consider the cost of your utility bills.  While most free-standing homes will require the tenant to pay the bulk of the bills associated with using the property, many apartment communities will offer incentives such as including the cost of water, pest control, or even basic cable or Internet access into the cost of the monthly rent.  Houses also typically require more electricity, meaning that life in a single-family home can have a significant impact on your wallet.

2.   Amenities

Living in an apartment rental also means access to a lot of really cool amenities you’re probably not going to get in a single-family home.  Communities pools, on-site gym facilities, basketball courts, and even, in some cases, cafes and movie theaters all add significantly to the experience you will have in your new place!

3.   Low-Maintenance

Living in an apartment rental also takes far less energy than living in a single-family home.  You can leave tasks like shoveling snow and mowing green spaces to the experts and focus, instead, on doing the things that you love to do, knowing that the grounds around your home will still be pristine and inviting.

4.   Management Companies

Speaking of maintenance, most apartment communities are also run by management companies, meaning that, if something isn’t being kept up or handled to your satisfaction, you have somewhere to go and directly voice your concerns (rather than playing phone tag with your landlord).  A quality management company will also be there to diligently handle neighborly disputes and arrange visits from experts should anything go wrong inside your apartment.

stability is one of the reasons to rent an apartment.5.   Stability

When you’re renting a single-family home, there’s always the lingering possibility present that your landlord could choose to put it on the market at any time, putting you in a pretty vulnerable spot!  With an apartment rental, however, many communities are “rent-only”, meaning that the landlord doesn’t have the ability to sell your house out from under your feet.  He/she also has vested interest in keeping their unit occupied, meaning that there’s much more wiggle room for you when renegotiating a lease renewal.

6.   Flexibility

On the flip side of the stability coin is the level of flexibility that living in an apartment rental offers.  Unlike a traditional single-family lease, many apartment communities are willing to get creative when it comes to the terms of your lease.  Some apartments offer month-to-month options, six-month options, or the traditional 12-month lease.  With all of these different arrangements available, you don’t have to spend so much time worrying about getting locked into a space you aren’t sure of.

7.   Community

Living in an apartment rental also gives you access to a close network of other individuals.  With neighbors all around you, you’re bound to meet some new friends, making your home a much more fun place to be.  In single-family homes, however, the likelihood of regularly running into your neighbors is not near as high.

8.   Location

Lastly, if you’re looking to live close to the things that you fill your time with, an apartment rental is probably the way to go.  Single-family houses can be located anywhere, for sure, but it’s much more likely that you will find them in suburbs or rural areas, as opposed to within the heart of the city.  Apartments, on the other hand, are typically centrally located for convenience and ease in accessing everything from restaurants to roadways to public transportation to nightlife and more.

Looking for an Apartment Rental in Hattiesburg or the Surrounding Areas?

Now that you know all of the reasons why living in an apartment rental is so much better than a single-family home, it’s time to start searching for your perfect space.  At Hattiesburg Apartments, our team of dedicated Advisors is here to help you every step of the way.  We’ve already done so much of the hard work for you by putting together a database of top-quality properties currently available in the Hattiesburg rental market.  Take a look through them today and reach out to get your search started!

14 Useful and Practical Housewarming Gifts for a First-Time Renter

Being a first-time renter can be a lot of fun!  It can also be a little bit overwhelming, particularly if said renter doesn’t yet have all of the things that they might need to get life in their new place running smoothly.  Whether you’re looking for a gift to purchase for a first-time renter, or you are a first-time renter putting together a registry, this list will give you all your must-haves.

1. Money

The most practical gift you can offer a first-time renter is a nice wad of cash!  That way, they can use it for anything that they might find that they need after they are all settled in.  It also saves you from having to figure out who has already gotten them what!

housewarming gifts2. Grocery Store Gift Cards

Another great gift idea for a first-time renter is a gift card to their favorite local grocery store.  Everybody has to eat, right?  You really can’t go wrong with this one at all!

3. Basic Cookbook

That being said, if this first-time renter doesn’t know how to cook, a grocery store gift card might not be the best idea.  They will at some point, however, probably want to learn how to whip up a home-cooked meal, so consider getting them a great cookbook that covers all of the basics.  “The Good Housekeeping Illustrated Cookbook”, “Better Homes Cookbook” or “How to Cook Everything” by Mark Bittman are all great options for first-time cooks.

4. Tool Set

At some point throughout the life of their lease, a first-time renter will most certainly find themselves scouring their pad for a hammer, wrench, or a screwdriver.  Having a small tool kit handy can alleviate a lot of the grief that goes along with this search (plus the embarrassment of having to knock on a neighbor’s door or call up a friend to come by and tighten a simple screw).

5. First Aid Kit

Another smart thing to have on hand is a first aid kit.  After all, you never know when they might need a Band-aid (particularly if they’re using that cookbook for the first time).  You can even make the kit part of a larger gift basket full of basic toiletries.

6. Tupperware Set

You never quite understand the importance of good Tupperware until you live on your own.  Oftentimes, being a first-time renter means relying on amazing friends and family that will come and give the tenant some of those first cooking lessons.  Don’t let their hard work be for naught…making sure that there are Tupperware’s available to save any leftovers is imperative.

7. Command Hooks

Oftentimes as a renter, landlords can be very strict about holes in the wall.  Command hooks are a great gift to give as an alternative to tacks and nails and won’t leave any residue on an apartment wall once removed.

8. Space-Saving Hangers

We all know that many apartment rentals are notorious for their tiny closets.  Space-saving hangers work to alleviate that problem and can be found at any big-box retail store for relatively cheap.

9. Water Filtering Pitcher

When you move somewhere new, you may not be sure what the quality of the tap water is.  Any first-time renter will benefit from a water filtering pitcher that they can keep right in their fridge (as opposed to buying the much more expensive filters that attach directly to the faucet).

10. Easy-to-Store Vacuum

Keeping an apartment clean can also prove a daunting task if you don’t have the proper tools to get the job done.   A vacuum that easily stows away on a closet shelf or under a bed is imperative!

gifts for first-time renter11. Slow Cooker

Another great gift that makes food prep fast and easy (and totally delicious) is a slow cooker.  Most even come with an accompanying recipe book!

12. Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Neighbors in an apartment can be loud!  Getting your first-time renter a set of these puppies can do them a great service, particularly at bedtime!

13. Flowers

If you want to go the more traditional route, there’s nothing wrong with getting a first-time renter some beautiful flowers.  It will spruce up their space and make it feel much more like a home!

14. Candles

Candles are also a great gift for a first-time renter.  After all, you have no idea who lived in the space previously, and people can leave behind all sorts of odd odors.

Are You a First-Time Renter Looking for an Apartment in Hattiesburg?

If you’re ready to find your first place, no need to look any further!  At Hattiesburg Apartments, our dedicated team has scoured Hattiesburg and the surrounding areas to provide our clients with access to the best available units around!  Take a look through our database today and reach out to let us help you find your new home!

Spring Decorating Trends for Your Apartment Rental

Revamp Your Apartment with Current Decorating Trends

Spring is a time of rebirth and renewal, a time to sweep out the old and bring in the new!  It’s the perfect time to revamp your apartment rental into the beautiful haven you’ve been imagining through the dark days of winter.  This springtime, follow these easy and affordable trends that will help you create a space that has everybody who enters feeling refreshed and ready for some sunshine!

apartment decorating trends including plantsBring in Some Plants

The easiest way to invite springtime into your apartment rental is to add a few pops of color by bringing in some of your favorite plants and flowers.  Place a vase full of pretty, purple tulips on your mantle.  Add daffodils for a bright, burst of yellow.  Fill planters with crocus, irises, and pansies and place them just outside your windows where you can catch the perfect view of them throughout the day.  Bringing some blooms into your space will certainly remind you of all the possibility this spring holds and is sure to brighten up both your mood and your home.


Another super, effective way to add a little sunshine to your apartment rental is to switch up your paint color.  Replace dull, drab, or colorless walls with a splash of your favorite uplifting tone (think yellows, blues, and pinks).  If your landlord says painting your walls is a big no-no, think about painting your furniture instead!  It takes only the slightest bit of extra effort to get it done and it makes just as big of a statement as painting the walls would!


Now that you won’t have to worry about muddy, snowy boots being traipsed through your house, it’s time to invest in some brightly patterned throw rugs!  These are a great way to liven up any room in your apartment rental and they don’t have to cost a fortune.  From welcome mats, to runners, to full-blown area rugs, there’s no faster way to change up your space.


If you’ve been using your curtains as a means to keep out the winter drafts, it’s time to pull them down and throw open the windows!  Instead of hanging heavy drapery that shuts out all of the beautiful weather, opt for sheer curtains that let the light shine in, or bright curtains with fun patterns that can give your mood a boost each morning.


Now that winter is on its way out, it’s time to ditch your heavy comforters and throw blankets.  Brighten up the bedrooms in your apartment rental by replacing them with light, airy blankets and bedding.  Cotton sheets will help to keep you nice and cool during the warmer months and duvets in white or bright colors will give your space a sense of springtime.

throw pillows in apartment rentalThrow Pillows

Throw pillows are a great way to spruce up any space and give it a quick and affordable facelift.  Use them in your bedrooms, living room, and any other area within your apartment rental that boasts a seating space.

Change it Up

Another fun way to liven up your space is to change it up a bit.  Shuffle the furniture around to configure each room in an entirely new way.  Switch up the artwork that’s been hanging in the same place since you moved in!  Invest a few dollars in some floating shelves to display your favorite items (and to hold some of those flower vases that you’ll be peppering throughout your space).  Sometimes a simple shift in the way your apartment rental is arranged is enough to give it a whole new feel!

Spring Clean

Lastly, don’t forget to declutter and clean up!  Winter brings with it a sense of hibernation and your apartment rental can quickly begin to look more like a bears den than an actual home as things get piled up and shoved into drawers and cabinets.  Spring is the perfect time to start fresh by decluttering, throwing out things that you no longer need, and reorganizing all of the spaces in your home.  To avoid getting overwhelmed, commit to doing one thing each day!  Your home will be sparkling and fresh before you know it!

Looking for an Apartment Rental in Hattiesburg

Now that you know what needs to be done to create a space that’s ready for whatever springtime brings, it’s time to begin searching for your next apartment rental.  The team at Hattiesburg Apartments has been doing their spring cleaning, too.  They’ve weeded out their database of available properties so that all that’s left is the absolute best that the Hattiesburg area has to offer.  Take a look today and reach out to schedule a walkthrough.

How to Use Essential Oils to Freshen Up Your Rental Apartment for Spring

Spring is here, and everybody is itching to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather that it’s sure to bring.  Before you race outdoors, however, it’s a great idea to get your rental apartment fresh and clean for the coming season.  Kick out any stagnation that’s settled in your space the natural way, by replacing harsh chemicals and disinfectants with essential oils!  Here are some super easy hacks that will have your rental apartment sparkling and smelling amazing in no time!

Air Freshener

The first step in creating a spring-worthy rental apartment is to get out all of the icky scents left behind from winter!  With doors and windows closed tight against the cooler air for the past months, your space is likely to be holding on to some less-than-desirable odors.  No need, however, to rush to the grocery store.  Grab one of your favorite essential oils, a diffuser, and some water and voila!  You’ve transformed the smell of your space in the blink of an eye!

DIY cleaning for your apartment rental in springDIY Cleaning Products

Naturally, disinfecting your rental apartment is another necessary step in getting it ready for spring!  Rather than spraying washable surfaces with harsh and smelly chemicals, reach for your essential oils!  Different oils will be great for different purposes.  Certain oils, such as clove, eucalyptus, lemon, lavender, and sandalwood, boast antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties that will wipe out any germs you’ve contended with over the winter months!  Simply add a few drops to a spray bottle of white vinegar.

Pet Stains

If you have a pet that’s not such a fan of heading outside in the cold, you may also be up against some pet stains and odors in your rental apartment.  Pour some baking soda on the area to absorb the majority of the odor and leave for about half an hour.  Then, pour a solution of peroxide diluted with water and a few drops of your favorite essential oil over the baking soda, give it a good scrub, let dry and vacuum!

Eliminate Allergies

If springtime means allergies for you, it might be wise to stock your rental apartment with some basic essential oils that can help to ease your symptoms.  Lavender, sandalwood, eucalyptus, tea tree, and peppermint oil are all very helpful in combatting effects such as runny noses, coughs, and dry throats.  Put into your diffuser or directly onto skin (if using a high-quality product that suggests topical application is okay).

Pest Control

Essential oils can also be a great way to keep your rental apartment free from pests as they emerge from their winter hideouts!  Lemongrass, peppermint, eucalyptus, tea tree, and lavender oils are all extremely beneficial when it comes to repelling a whole assortment of unwelcome critters.

Mold Killer

Adding 2 teaspoons of tea tree oil to 2 cups of warm water is an awesome way to eliminate mold that may have accumulated over the course of the winter.  Simply spray it on and allow it to sit for at least thirty minutes and watch it disappear!

Vacuum Hack

Adding essential oils to your vacuum bag is another awesome way to freshen up your rental apartment without a whole lot of effort.  Grab some cotton balls and add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to them.  Then, suck them up into your vacuum and let the incredible scents fill up your home every time you go for a quick clean-up.  Using an antimicrobial scent will also help to keep allergens from escaping into the air.


Freshening up your clothes is another great way to invite spring into your space!  Adding a few drops of essential oil to a piece of cloth and putting it into your dryer with a load of laundry will have both you and your laundry room smelling and feeling fantastic.


Lastly, odors and germs can easily get trapped in upholstery and rugs throughout the winter months.  Make your rental apartment feel new again by adding about 5-10 drops of your favorite oil to a spray bottle filled with water.  Spritz this concoction on any fabric in your space that could use a little pick-me-up!

Looking for a Rental Apartment in Hattiesburg or the Surrounding Areas?

Now that you know all of the best ways to freshen up your rental apartment the natural way, it’s time to find the perfect space for you to invite spring into!  At Hattiesburg Apartments, we’ve teamed up with 17 of the best local apartment communities to ensure that we have something in our database of available units to offer everybody!  Take a look today and reach out to one of our team members to schedule a walk-through!


How to Get Your Apartment Rental Ready for Spring

For the last three months you’ve hunkered down, endured the cold, and waited patiently for the sunshine to make its way back out to greet you.  Well, the waiting is over, as spring is officially here!  This spring happens to also coincide with the Full Worm Moon, the last Super Moon of the year, making it a powerful time to do out with the old and make room for all of the new things you’re ready to invite into your space.  It’s time to open the windows, clean out the closets, and get your apartment rental ready for whatever this next season has to bring you!  Here are a few tips to help you along the way!


The sun can’t possibly shine into your apartment rental if all of your windows are covered in a wintery layer of salt, grime, and dust.  Start off your spring-cleaning by grabbing the Windex and getting to work!  Clean your windows inside and out, but don’t just stop there!  Take your clean to the next level by taking the extra time to address your blinds, curtains, and window sills by dusting, vacuuming, and wiping them down with warm water.

get your apartment ready for spring

Freshen Up Your Fabric

The stagnant months of winter can leave your upholstery and carpets yearning for a little TLC (particularly if you’ve been tromping in and out of your space in boots covered in snow, rain, and mud).  Spring is the perfect time to give them back a little life.  Whether you choose to do it yourself or hire a company to come in and do it for you, giving your couches, chairs, carpets, and throw rugs a deep clean is a great way to freshen up your apartment rental!

Reclaim Your Closet

If you can imagine the sun shining on your bare shoulders and a warm, spring breeze kissing your cheek, you can make this vision feel even closer by decluttering your closet!  The time for heavy winter jackets, bulky sweats, hats, mittens, and thick, woolen socks is drawing to a close, so let your closet it reflect the coming changes by putting these things back in storage for the next few months!  Looking at your lighter wardrobe each day will do wonders to remind you of all the positive changes happening around you!

Breathe Easier

The air vents in your apartment rental can become an unfriendly and unsanitary place during the long winter months.  They naturally become a resting place for all of the dust, dirt, and germs you’ve unwittingly invited into your space.  Cleaning your vents is a great way to eliminate some of the stagnation that’s settled in to have you breathing much easier.

Brighten Up Your Bedding

Kick the drabness and dreariness of winter to the curb by adding a pop of color into your living space.  Invest in a comforter, blanket or duvet cover that’s bright and airy.  It is a surefire way to invite a little springtime into your everyday experience.

Declutter & Decorate

Motivation can be a bit lacking in the cooler winter months, which can easily lead to an accumulation of unnecessary junk all throughout your space.  Set aside a full day to take back your apartment rental!  Make a playlist of your favorite tunes, crank up your Bluetooth speaker, and get started dusting, decluttering, and rearranging your space!  You might even take this one step further and bring in some new decorations that will help to liven up your home.  Grab some fresh flowers at the supermarket, some colorful tea towels for your kitchen, or a bright, new welcome mat for your front door.

Prep Your Outdoor Space

Lastly, don’t forget to take your enthusiasm outside!  Your outdoor space has likely been a bit neglected over the past few months, and now is the perfect time to bring it back up to snuff so that you can enjoy the first day of spring surrounded by nature.  Sweep and pressure wash patios, throw away dead plants leftover from last year and perhaps plant some new greenery!  When it’s time for your first BBQ, you’ll be all ready to go!

Looking for an Apartment Rental in Hattiesburg or the Surrounding Areas?

If spring has left you looking for your next apartment rental, look no further.  At Hattiesburg Apartments, you can leave the spring cleaning to us.  We’ve sifted through all of the apartment communities in the Hattiesburg area to put together a database of available units that boasts only the finest apartment rentals around!  We know we’ve got your next home right here, so take a look and if the seeds of excitement get planted, reach out to one of our team members today to schedule a walk-through.


The Top Perks of Living in an Apartment In Hattiesburg

Hattiesburg, MS is a wonderful place to live and, in fact, has been ranked among the top ten cities to live in within all of Mississippi by  Its perfect blend of culture, diversity, fun, and work add to its desirability.  It’s no wonder that finding an apartment in Hattiesburg is on your to-do list!  Before you begin your search, there are a few things you should know about what, exactly, will make Hattiesburg the right choice for you!


If you are a student attending the University of Southern Mississippi, William Carey University, or any of the community colleges in the area, it makes perfect sense to search for an apartment in Hattiesburg.  There is a vast array of off-campus living available that’s both reasonably priced, and within close proximity to the schools.  Families moving into the Hattiesburg area will find comfort knowing that it’s home to some top-rated schools, from elementary all the way through to high school.  The access to quality education is definitely one of the contributing factors that makes Hattiesburg such a great place to live, work, and play!

Culture & History

Hattiesburg is a place with rich culture and history, and is home to many iconic places such as the African American Military History Museum and the Mississippi Armed Forces Museum.  It also provides many opportunities for its guests and residents to explore the Arts, by visiting local gems such as the Hattiesburg Saenger Theater, the Hattiesburg Arts Council Gallery, and the Kress Gallery, among others. If you’re looking to live in a city with access to many historical and cultural learning opportunities, an apartment in Hattiesburg is definitely a good fit!

Nightlife & Entertainment

Of course, if you’re looking for an apartment in Hattiesburg, it’s also important to recognize that this amazing city has just as much to offer in terms of entertainment as it does culturally.  From amazing restaurants, such as Mugshots Bar & Grille, Branch, Sully’s, The Porter, and The Thirsty Hippo, to live entertainment and dancing at the Level Night Club or Blu Jazz Café, there truly is something for everybody to enjoy on the Hattiesburg scene.  It doesn’t stop with dining and dancing either; Hattiesburg is also known and loved for its amazing zoo, adrenalin-filled adventures such as UpDown Trampoline Park and Pep’s Point Water Park, and incredible opportunities to shop until you drop at the Turtle Creek Mall or catch a game at M.M. Roberts Stadium.

nightlife with apartment in hattiesburg

Outdoor Activities

Although Hattiesburg does experience all seasons, it lands on the relatively mild end of the spectrum in the cooler months, making it great for those that love to be outdoors.  Finding an apartment in Hattiesburg will allow you the opportunity to explore some beautiful local scenery, such as the Lake Thoreau Environmental Center, the Medicine Wheel Garden, Paul B. Johnson State Park, and Longleaf Trace, to name a few.


Hattiesburg also boasts a very diverse population of approximately 46,500 people.  Age-wise, Hattiesburg represents a nearly-equal percentage of people from birth to senior citizenship, although the bulk of the population rests between the ages of 18 and 34 (about 40%).   All of its citizens come from a wide variety of backgrounds, ethnicities, and education levels, meaning that to call Hattiesburg home also means to broaden and diversify your human experience.

Room for Growth

Hattiesburg has experienced major growth over the past few years, and shows no signs of slowing down soon.  With so much new energy flowing into the city, there’s really no limit as to what it will become, making it a great place to start a business, purchase your first home, or go to school.


Lastly, a great reason to search for an apartment in Hattiesburg is because, despite the fact that it is a city, it really does offer amazingly affordable living to its residents.  While there is certainly something to be found for every budget, the median rent in the Hattiesburg area falls in at about $758.  That’s well below the national average of $949.

Looking for an Apartment in Hattiesburg?

Now that you know why living in Hattiesburg is such a great idea, it’s time to officially make it your home!  Searching for an apartment in Hattiesburg should be a fun and exciting time, and Hattiesburg Apartments understands that.  That’s why our team has done the daunting work for you, evaluating the local properties available to put together a database of 17 of the area’s top-rated apartment communities.  Take a look at what we have to offer today and contact one of our devoted team members to begin the process of finding your new home!

12 Common Questions You Will Want to Ask as a First-Time Renter

questions to ask as a first time renterLife in your very first apartment rental is a big adventure!  Everything seems possible as you step out on your own and enter the wide world of adulting.  Your eyes are set on freedom, independence, and possibility, but wait…there’s also a LOT of responsibility that comes with being a first-time renter.  Here’s what you really need to ask to make sure that your first renting experience is a successful one!

1. What’s included in my monthly rent?

Surprises are great…unless, of course, they wind up costing you money that you weren’t expecting to spend.  Before you even begin looking for an apartment rental, you need to spend some time getting very clear on your budget!  The monthly rent listed, however, is likely not the only expense you’re going to incur.  As you tour properties, be sure to ask which, if any, utilities are covered in your monthly base rent.

2. What are the move-in costs?

Moving into your apartment rental can cost more than expected.  Not only will your landlord likely require both your first and last month’s rent up front, but most landlords will also require a security deposit equal to the cost of one month’s rent.  This amount will cover any damages done to the space during the length of your lease.

3. Am I allowed to have roommates?

Even if it initially seems like a great idea to live solo, there’s no way to tell how life might change throughout the duration of your lease.  For that reason, it’s important to know your landlord’s stance on roommates (and whether or not the option exists to add one onto the lease later down the line if need be).

4. How long is the lease and what are my renewal options?

While the typical lease on an apartment rental is 12 months, many non-traditional lease terms exist as well, making this an important question to ask (so you know what you’re getting locked into).  Additionally, you’ll want to understand what protocol needs to be followed as you near the end of your lease so you don’t find yourself in breach of your contract.

5. Are there noise restrictions?

Even if your landlord or association do not have specific codes regarding noise, it’s likely that your city or town does.  Failure to comply with them could get you in hot water.
is there a noise policy as a first time renter?

6. What are your pet policies?

If you plan on bringing Fido along with you to your new apartment rental, you’ll want to make sure that he’s welcome.  Most apartment communities have strictly enforced guidelines when it comes to what types, size, and even breeds of pets are allowed on the property.

7. What is the policy on overnight guests?

If you’re one to entertain, there’s a high probability that you’ll have some couch-crashers at some point during your lease.  Make sure that having the occasional overnight guest won’t break the terms of your lease.

8. Where do I park?

Parking isn’t always as prevalent is we’d like it to be, and taking up your neighbor’s spot is a big no-no in most apartment communities.  Be sure to ask your landlord where the proper place is for you and your guests to park.

9. How are unexpected emergencies handled?

If a pipe bursts in the middle of the night, the first thing you’ll want to do is call the right people who can get it fixed quickly.  Make sure that your apartment complex has a protocol in place for any unexpected tenant emergencies.

10. What security measures are in place?

Living on your own for the first time can be sort of nerve-wracking, but it’s exponentially easier when you know you are living in a community that is concerned for your well-being.  Ask your landlord what security measures are in place to help make your apartment a safe place to be.

11. Am I required to get renters insurance?

Although renter’s insurance is typically optional, there are instances where a landlord may require that you carry it.  Even if they don’t, it’s definitely something you want to consider.  It’s extremely cheap and can save you a lot of trouble later down the line!

12. How do I pay the rent?

Lastly, if you’re ready to move forward, you’ll want to know what your options are when it comes time to pay up.  Does your landlord accept checks or credit cards?  Are you required to pay online, by mail, or in-office?

Looking for Your First Apartment Rental in Hattiesburg?

Now that you know all the best questions to ask, it’s time to find your perfect apartment rental!  The team at Hattiesburg Apartments, LLC is excited to walk you through the process from start to finish so that nothing gets missed!  Take a look through our database of available units today and contact us to get started!


What Are My Potential Responsibilities as a Renter?

Moving into your first apartment rental is a very exciting thing.  From starting the initial search all the way through to the turning the key in the door for the very first time, emotions are high and anything seems possible!  It’s easy to lose your level head and forget about all of the responsibilities that come with becoming a renter, but overlooking these could lead to trouble later down the line.  To make sure that you’re fully prepared for life as a renter, we’ve put together a list of all of the potential costs you might incur!


The most obvious cost associated with your new life in an apartment rental is, well, rent.  This monthly cost won’t vary throughout the term of your lease (unless otherwise specified in your lease documents) and will have a specific due date, usually either the first or last day of the month.  It’s important to remember that most landlords will require first month, last month, and likely a security deposit (equal to a month’s rent) prior to your move-in date.


UtilitiesWhile some apartment rental landlords do include the cost of utilities within the monthly rental fee, in most scenarios there will be at least a few utilities that you will need to pay for outside of your rent.  This may include your electric costs, your water usage, gas (depending on the set-up of your apartment), sewage, and/or trash removal.  If you’re unsure whether or not these things are included, you can ask your landlord or look through your lease agreement.  It’s also important to remember that, if you are paying for these things outside of your monthly rent, you will need to contact them directly to switch the bill into your name.

Cable & Internet

Despite how happy it might make you to think otherwise, your cable and internet are traditionally not covered as a part of your monthly rent.  If you want to equip your apartment rental with the best cable package and Wi-Fi, there’s a good chance that you’ll have to shell out some extra cash for it.  Some landlords, however, will include basic cable as part of the rent.  Again, this will be outlined in your lease agreement.

Pest Control

If you don’t feel like sharing your apartment rental with the great outdoors, you might want to consider pest control.  Again, while some landlords will provide this as part of your monthly rental fee, others will insist that you implement this on your own.  Depending on where you live, this may be of higher or lower priority.  Monthly pest control is typically quite reasonable.


Another cost that you might not have thought of is parking.  If your apartment community doesn’t offer on-site parking, there’s a good chance that you may have to pay for it!  Some apartments will offer street parking at a lower cost, and others still provide parking garages at an additional cost.  One way or the other, you’ll want to ask your landlord what the protocol is when it comes to parking your vehicle.

apartment responsibilities Laundry

This is a cost that so often gets overlooked.  If you’re used to living at home, you probably haven’t even thought of laundry as a potential cost.  The fact, however, is that if your rental apartment doesn’t offer laundry facilities within the unit, there’s a good chance that you’re going to be paying for them!  Even if there is an on-site laundry facility within your rental community, you’ll want to make sure that you stock up on the quarters so that you aren’t left with a whole bunch of dirty laundry!

What’s NOT Your Responsibility

With all this money talk, it’s also important to acknowledge that there are certain things you should absolutely NOT be paying for.  If your landlord is asking for additional fees to pay for things such as community landscaping, upkeep of any shared spaces such as pools or laundry rooms, maintenance, or general property upkeep, you might want to start asking some questions.  The costs for any normal maintenance and upkeep associated with the property or exterior building of your rental apartment should already be rolled into the cost of your rent.

Looking for an Apartment Rental in Hattiesburg or the Surrounding Area?

Now that you’re fully prepared to take on the full financial responsibility that moving into an apartment rental entails, it’s time to get to the exciting stuff and find you your perfect place.  At Hattiesburg Apartments, LLC, we’ve teamed up with 17 of the finest apartment communities in the Hattiesburg area so that we could offer our client’s access to the best the area has to offer.  We know you’ll be pleased with our selection, so take a look through our database of available properties and contact one of our team members to get started!

What to Expect as You Search for Your Next Apartment in Hattiesburg

The rental market has been undergoing a lot of changes over the course of the past decade or so.  The focus on what renters want has shifted, starting from how they access information about potential rentals all the way through to the types of amenities and upgrades they expect.  This means that, if it’s been a while since you last rented, you might be surprised at how the entire process has evolved from start to finish.  If you’re looking for your next apartment in Hattiesburg, you might want to read on so that you have a better idea of what you can expect!

Increased Competition

Searching for an apartment in Hattiesburg is proving to be a bit more difficult each year, being that there has been such an influx of new renters on the market.  Millennials have flooded the rental market nationwide in droves, and Hattiesburg is no exception, particularly due to its appeal to the many college-age students that call it home.  As more and more renters are seeking out quality apartment homes, landlords are able to become a bit choosier when deciding who they’d like to lease to.  This means that you may want to make sure that your apartment application is as polished up as your resume in order to make a lasting and positive first impression.  Taking the time to clean up your credit score and including some glowing reviews from previous landlords could be just what you need to make your application stand apart.

It’s important, as well, not to discount the role that social media now plays in the tenant screening process (whether frowned upon or not).  Anything that you’re posting publically can be easily accessed by potential landlords.  With so many prospective tenants vying for the same space, it’s a good idea to be mindful of what you post so that somebody else doesn’t snag your space.

Going High-Tech

virtual tour for your next apartment rentalWhile the internet is certainly nothing new, its impact on the rental market has changed significantly.  The idea of listing prospective rentals in the newspaper has long-since become archaic, but the rental market is embracing other opportunities that the internet has to offer as well.  If you’re looking for an apartment in Hattiesburg, your first stop on your favorite search engine may also be your last.  Rather than scheduling in-person property walk-throughs, more and more landlords are choosing to offer 3-Dimensional or virtual tours of their rental properties.  This saves both the landlord and the tenant a whole bunch of time and effort!

You may also find that the application process has become much simpler.   Again, rather than meeting up to fill out stacks of unnecessary paperwork, a lot of management companies and landlords are choosing to take their applications online.  Prospective tenants can typically find easy access to apartment applications straight from the same site where they viewed the property in the first place, making the internet the new one-stop shop for the entire rental procedure.

Options for Short-Term Rentals

The traditional lease term of “one year” is also becoming a bit of an outdated idea.  With the introduction of “AirBnb” and “HomeAway”, more and more landlords are choosing to turn their apartment properties into shorter-term rentals rather than sticking with the tried and true method of leasing a space.  There are a few benefits to this for both parties.  From a landlord’s perspective, it allows them to charge on a per diem basis, thus creating the ability to fill the space for any short-term gaps that might open up.

As a tenant, experiencing a shorter stay in a property is a great way to get a feel for the neighborhood before committing to a longer-term lease and finding yourself stuck somewhere that you may not be completely satisfied.

This can also work in conjunction with a long-term rental and benefit both parties.  For example, a landlord renting a two-bedroom apartment to one tenant may include a clause within the lease that allows that tenant to sublet the space on a per diem basis, at an additional cost.  If a tenant is sub-leasing their space for $100 per night, let’s say, the lease may outline that the landlord is entitled to 20% of this fee.

Looking for an Apartment in Hattiesburg or the Surrounding Areas?

Now that you know what to expect as you re-enter the rental market, it’s time to find you the perfect apartment in Hattiesburg!  At Hattiesburg Apartments, our name says it all!  We’ve gone to great lengths to put together a database of the best apartment rentals in the area with something for everybody.  Take a look through our available listings today and reach out to schedule a walk-through.

What to Look Out for When Signing an Apartment Lease

Being in the market for a new apartment rental can be both a fun and exciting time.  It’s easy in all the chaos of the moving process, however, to overlook the fine print that might be included in your lease.  Failure to read through and understand thoroughly the terms of your apartment lease could lead to big problems down the road!  Avoid any miscommunications with your new landlord by going in to the process of apartment hunting with a good idea of what you should be looking out for!

Lease Term & Termination Date

Perhaps the most important information you will find on your apartment rental lease is the lease term and the termination date.  The lease term outlines how long your lease is considered active with your landlord and the termination date lists the official date that your lease is considered over.  This portion of your lease agreement will also likely outline the renewal process, as well as whether or not your landlord considers month-to-month options upon termination of your existing lease.

Security Deposit

The majority of apartment rental contracts will require a security deposit.  This amount is collected to cover the cost of any damages incurred above and beyond “normal wear and tear” on the property.  It also helps to ensure that, should you be unable to pay your rent in full at any point during your lease, your landlord won’t suffer.  This amount is typically equivalent to a full month’s rent.

tips for your apartment leaseNormal Wear & Tear

This section of your apartment rental lease will help to clarify what your landlord considers “normal” wear and tear of the property you are renting.  It will also outline the condition they expect to find the apartment in upon completion of the lease term in order for you to get back your security deposit in full.


Another obviously important part of your rental agreement is the rental amount.  This section of your lease will tell you how much your monthly rent payment is, the due date that amount is expected, whether or not there is a grace period should you find yourself running behind on a particular month, and/or any potential rent increases that you may see during the length of your lease (this is more common on long-term rentals and/or commercial properties).

What’s Included

The section titled “What’s Included” in your apartment rental lease will outline just that.  It will tell you exactly what your monthly rent is paying for.  This is where you will find out whether any utilities or other additional services (such as pest control) are being taken care of.

Remodeling Restrictions

Within your apartment rental lease, you will also want to be on the lookout for any remodeling restrictions put forth by your landlord.  This is important information to have before you decide to paint the walls or drill holes to hang up your favorite artwork.

Number of Allowable Occupants

Once you sign the lease on your apartment rental, it doesn’t mean that you have free reign to invite the whole neighborhood to come crash on your couch.  It should be clearly outlined in your lease agreement how many people are allowed to occupy the unit and who those people are.  It will also outline your landlords’ policy on overnight guests.

HOA Rules & Regulations

If your apartment rental has an HOA or a management company, it likely has its own set of guidelines that it expects tenants to follow.  Make sure that you get a chance to thoroughly read through these rules and regulations prior to signing your lease.

Emergency Protocol

Should a pipe burst or your toilet overflow in the middle of the night, the last thing you want to do is have to worry about who to call!  Before signing a lease, make sure that your apartment landlord has a clear protocol in place outlining how emergencies should be handled.

Pet Policy

If you plan on bringing along Fido to your new apartment rental, you’ll want to know all about your landlords pet policy.  This will tell you about any weight restrictions, breed restrictions, as well as how many pets you are allowed to have.


Lastly, don’t forget to ask about parking!  Nobody wants to wake up to a ticket or logged complaints from neighbors for parking in the wrong space, so make sure that your lease outlines the proper place to keep your vehicle.

Looking for an Apartment Rental in Hattiesburg or the Surrounding Area?

Now that you know exactly what to look for in your next apartment rental lease, it’s time to find your perfect place!  Contact the team at Hattiesburg Apartments to gain access to the best apartment living that the Hattiesburg area has to offer!  We can’t wait to help you find your new home!

How to Turn Your Rental Apartment into the Perfect Place for Romance

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, which may leave you wondering just what to do in order to impress your lucky lady!  You might be happily surprised to hear that this doesn’t necessarily mean fighting the crowds or wallowing in regret that you forgot to make dinner reservations at your love’s favorite restaurant.  Valentine’s Day can be just as wonderful (and sometimes even better) in the comfort of your own home.  This V-Day, make it one to remember by turning your rental apartment into a luxury resort that your beloved may never want to leave!

Don’t Forget the Flowers

Nothing says I love you quite like a lovely bunch of fresh flowers, but if you haven’t had time to pre-order those long-stemmed roses, don’t lament quite yet.  Any flowers will make your Valentine feel adored and loved, and there’s something special about a partner that puts in a little bit of extra effort.  Rather than going the same old, boring rose route, collect a bunch of different types of flowers in your love’s favorite colors.  Mix and match them, creating arrangements in various festive vases and fill the rooms of your rental apartment with these creative assortments.  A space filled with blossoms is sure to bring a smile and leave a lasting impression.

Make a Home-Cooked Meal

Not to knock that old adage, but the way to ANYBODY’S heart is through their stomach!  Impress your Valentine by filling your rental apartment with the tempting aroma of their favorite home-cooked meal.  If you’re not a natural chef, take the time to practice your recipe prior to the big night.  Invite a friend or a family member over to taste test your concoction to make sure it’s on point before you serve it up to your love.  Even if it doesn’t end up perfect, there’s a very good chance that your effort will earn you big brownie points, AND remind your significant other just how special you think they are.

Invest in Candles

candles for your rental apartmentOne of the big draws to fancy, secluded restaurants on Valentine’s Day is the air of ambiance they provide.  Who’s to say that you can’t create that same relaxing feeling in your rental apartment?  It really doesn’t take all that much time, effort or money to transform your space into something that will leave your lover grinning from ear to ear.  Go to your nearest grocery store, dollar store, or shopping center and purchase a bunch of candles in your boo’s favorite scents.  Strategically place them throughout your space and dim or turn off all of the other lights.  When your Valentine arrives home they will feel instantly relaxed and ready to unwind!

Bring the Spa Home

Another favorite Valentine’s Day gift is a luxurious day at the spa, but that doesn’t always mean that you have to go out.  Sometimes, the spa can come to you.  Transform the vibes of your rental apartment into that same soothing sensation you experience at the spa by putting on some soft music and inviting massage therapists or pedicurists to come in and pamper your loved one.  If you don’t know a massage therapist or pedicurist, the first place to start is by calling around to some local spas who may offer in-home visits.  If they don’t, they are sure to at least be able to point you in the right direction.

Rent a Romantic Movie

Does your significant other have a favorite movie that you typically refuse to watch?  Well, Valentine’s Day is a perfect time to redeem yourself by sitting through a romantic comedy stoically.  Make popcorn, get loads of comfy blankets to snuggle up with, and turn the living space of your rental apartment into a makeshift theater by dimming the lights and closing the curtains.  Your romantic gesture will surely have them swooning.

Don’t Forget Dessert

Of all the things discussed, this is by far the most important.  If you want to make Valentine’s Day in your rental apartment complete, do NOT forget to provide an incredible dessert!  The richer and more decadent, the better!  Show your significant other just how worthy they are of a bit of indulgence and this is set to be one of the best V-Day’s in the books…and you did it all from the comfort of your own home!

Looking for a Rental Apartment in Hattiesburg or the Surrounding Area?

If you’re looking for the perfect place to call home, your search ends at Hattiesburg Apartments.  We’ve done all of the hard work for you, scouring the Hattiesburg area to find the best units available on the market today and every day.  Take a look through our database now and then reach out to one of our team members to schedule some viewings.  Just consider it our little Valentine’s Day gift to you!

Finding the Right Landlord

Carefully Consider Your Next Landlord

When you’re living in a rental apartment, finding the right landlord can sometimes feel like an arduous task.  Most of us have had the experience of trying to deal with a less than desirable one, and if you’ve been there yourself, you know how difficult it can make your life feel.  So, before you move out in search of the next best thing, take the time to learn what traits you should be looking for (and looking out for) so that you can enjoy a harmonious existence with the collector of your rent!


If you want to schedule a tour at a rental apartment, the first thing you’re going to need is access to the property.  This means that you’ll be looking for a landlord who is proactive and prompt when it comes to returning phone calls and getting things scheduled.  If you’ve left several messages or waited a week and heard nothing back, this is probably a pretty good indicator that your potential new landlord doesn’t see you as a priority.  Starting off on shaky ground like that is no way to start a tenant/landlord relationship.


If you’ve managed to wrangle your landlord and set up a tour of the rental apartment in question, the next thing you’ll want to pay attention to is his/her punctuality.  A landlord who shows up a few minutes early indicates that they want to get the space ready for you and ensure that you have a positive first impression.  One who ambles in well past your scheduled time is giving off the vibe that your time is not as valuable as theirs.  Again, that’s not a great way to start off, particularly being that first impressions really are everything.


Consider your next landlordNothing should turn you away from a rental property quicker than a landlord who seems to have a hidden agenda.  Your initial meeting (and every one thereafter) with your landlord should give off an air of professionalism.  This person is not your friend, and neither are you theirs.  Entering into a lease agreement is a business transaction and should be treated that way.  A landlord who wants to buddy up or asks too many personal questions should be a red flag to walk…no, run…in another direction.


Once you’ve toured the rental apartment and fallen in love, it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty.  Your landlord likely already has a basic lease written which documents the general rules and expectations he/she has of their tenants.  If, however, the lease is set in stone with no wiggle room or space for improvements, you might want to take that into consideration.  For example, if the lease entails that only dogs under 25 pounds are welcome, and your pup weighs in at 28, is this going to cause an unsolvable problem?  Tackling these issues early on will help to show you how you and your landlord will handle conflict resolution down the road.


A good landlord will have procedures set up to handle any unfortunate circumstances that may arise while you are living there.  This might mean noise complaints, parking dilemmas, or unexpected middle-of-the-night leaks and/or other emergencies.  If there isn’t a protocol clearly outlined in your lease, this might be something you want to bring up prior to signing anything.  Living in a rental apartment can become a nightmare quickly if your landlord isn’t prepared to help you resolve potential issues.


Another positive trait you’ll want to see in your potential landlord is organization.  If your landlord can’t find the key, shows up with a stack of messy paperwork for you to sign, or hasn’t properly documented the time and/or date of your meeting, this could also indicate that he or she may not be the best fit for you.  If they’re forgetful of you now, how do you think situations in the future will be handled?


Lastly, look for a landlord that you get a good initial vibe from.  If they can look you in the eye, answer your questions with honesty and integrity, and keep the small talk going as you cruise through the rental apartment, there’s a good chance you may have found the right place!  Remember, a landlord can truly make or break the rental experience, so choose wisely.

Looking for a Rental Apartment in Hattiesburg or the Surrounding Areas?

If you’re ready to find the perfect rental apartment in or around Hattiesburg, your next stop should be Hattiesburg Apartments.  We’ve paired up with 17 of the hottest apartment rental communities in the area, each led by a professional management team, to ensure that we have the right property for you.    Don’t take our word for it!  Take a look through our database of available units today and reach out to get your hunt underway!