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Factors that are Likely Affecting the Monthly Rate in Your Rental Apartment

If you’re on a budget (which most of us are), it is important to make sure that you aren’t living way beyond your means.  That being said, there are some things that you just can’t live without…like a roof over your head!  If paying for your rental apartment is causing you serious stress, it might be time to take a deeper look at some of the factors that could be contributing to your rising rate.  This way, when it’s time to relocate, you can have a better understanding of where to look and what to avoid!


There’s that word again, always being thrown around when it comes to real estate.  Location is the number one factor affecting the cost of your rental apartment, in more ways than one.  Naturally, your location within your city or town will play a big part in how much you are paying.  The more convenient an area is, the more you can expect to pay.  Location, however, also refers to the location of your particular unit within your apartment complex.  If you are in the heart of the city in a high-rise, you will pay more as you move up, being that the views will be much more sought-after.  In a suburb, you might pay more for a first floor apartment for the added convenience of not having to use the stairs.


Utility cost impacting apartment rentMany times, your rental fee will include some of your utilities, such as cable, internet, water, and trash, or in some rarer cases, even your electricity.  The more of these that are bundled into your monthly rent, the more you can expect to pay.  This is not, however, always a bad thing!  Sometimes landlords will receive discounted rates for offering the same service in each of their units, so if it is something you would be paying for on your own, this might be in your favor.


When initially choosing your rental apartment, your decision was likely influenced by one or many of the special amenities that the complex provided.  Access to pools, tennis courts, walking paths, on-site gyms, and computer labs are all amazing offerings, but rest assured that they will be reflected in your monthly rent.  The greater the offering of amenities, the greater the price tag!  Don’t be put off by this either, though.  It may actually be cheaper than joining a gym, right?  Some simple research will help you figure that out.

On-Site Staff

Whether your rental apartment complex boasts a great management team, security guards, or a 24-hour emergency maintenance staff, you can be sure that these services will be added into the cost of your rent.  Your landlord has to pay all of these people and you are the source of their income.  It may, however, benefit you to know that you are safe, that complaints/problems will be handled diligently, and that you’re not on your own should your toilet flood at 3AM.  Only you can decide.

Upgrades & Finishes

When searching for your rental apartment, be aware that even the exact same floor plans on the same floor in the same building can vary in cost.  If there are two identical units, but one has been remodeled and upgraded, you are going to pay considerably more for it than you might for the older, original model.  If you can deal with things not being so bright and new and shiny, you could save big bucks by asking for the unchanged unit.

Outdoor Space

While most apartment complexes will offer some sort of green space for the enjoyment of their residents, that doesn’t mean each individual unit will come with its own private outdoor area.  Rental apartments with attached patios, balconies, or garden space are going to cost quite a bit more than those without.  This is another place where only you can decide how much or how little it means to you.  If you tend to spend the bulk of your time safely inside the air conditioning, it may not be the best idea to splurge on this extra bonus.  If, however, you like to grill and entertain outside, think about what you could be giving up to save a buck.

Looking for a Rental Apartment in Hattiesburg?

Now that you know what to look for in order to secure the perfect, budget-conscious, rental apartment for yourself, it’s time to get looking!  At Hattiesburg Apartments, we’ve teamed up with 17 of the area’s finest local properties to offer something for everybody…and every budget!  Peruse our database of available properties today and reach out to a team member to schedule a tour of the one that catches your eye and makes your wallet happy!

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