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4 Questions for Dog Friendly Apartments

When searching for dog friendly apartments there is so much more a renter needs to know beyond, “Do you accept dogs?” Yes, this is the first question to ask since a renter with pets should never lease in community that doesn’t allow them. (Doing so is a quick way to see hefty fines and/or termination of their lease.) But, what else should a renter with dogs know?

To ensure a quality leasing experience a renter should always perform extra due diligence to fully understand the legal and financial obligations that come with living in dog friendly apartments.

We recommend asking these four questions before signing any apartment lease in a dog friendly community. This will save a renter from having to make the impossible decision between furry friend and place to live.

#1: What are your breed and size restrictions?

There are many dog friendly apartments out there, but “dog friendly” isn’t an open invitation to every single dog. Most apartment communities will restrict the dogs they allow by size and/or breed, and this language is clearly laid outDog Friendly Apartments in the lease.

The size restriction is determined by weight with many apartment communities maxing out at as heavy as 100 lbs. to as little as 50 lbs.  Breed restrictions, though it may seem unfair, are determined by dogs that have a history of being aggressive.

Be sure to always ask about the exact weight and breed restrictions for your dog friendly apartment so there are no surprises after you move in.

#2: What are your required deposits and/or monthly fees?

You can bet that if you find dog friendly apartments, the friendly part doesn’t come free. From scratches and bites to carpet stains, pets cause damage to rentals and because of this landlords will require additional pet deposits and/or monthly pet fees (charged per pet). Be sure to always clarify this information up front so that you can take these fees into consideration when adding up your monthly budget.

Monthly pet fees are typically non-refundable as they are considered an expense for simply allowing your dog to live there, whether they cause damage or not. Pet deposits though are typically refundable, if there was no damage upon move out.

#3: Do you have any special cleaning requirements or fees upon move out?

If you do have to put down a pet deposit or pay a monthly fee it will most likely be used towards any necessary cleaning upon move out. However, there are some dog friendly apartments that include specific clauses related to required pet cleaning in their leaseDog Friendly Apartments

The apartment community will then perform these services, like deep carpet and allergen cleaning or deodorizing, and charge a renter on their final monthly bill. Be sure to always ask what cleaning procedures will be required and what, if any, additional costs will be charged.

#4: Do you have any additional requirements or policies?

Beyond breed/size restrictions, and any financial obligations, dog friendly apartments may still have additional requirements or policies in place. These exist for the safety and comfort of all residents, not just those with dogs.Dog in Dog Friendly Apartment

Many of these requirements and policies must be met before a tenant and their dog can move in. Breaking these rules may result in fines or, in extreme cases, lease termination. These policies may include:

  • Vaccination requirements
  • Collar/Identification requirements
  • Spay/Neuter requirements
  • Noise restrictions (barking)
  • Fines for not picking up dog droppings
  • Leash requirements

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Posted by: southgaterealtyllc on May 25, 2017