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Decorating Your Apartment Rental for Fall on a Budget

Fall has certainly arrived!  It’s all around us, from the cooling breezes to the changing colors of the leaves and even the costumes lining the shelves of our favorite stores!  There’s something magical about this time of year and because of that, it’s no wonder that many of us feel compelled to invite more of that fall feeling into our homes by decorating!  Here are some great ways to spruce up your apartment rental for fall on a budget!


The entryway to your apartment rental is the perfect place to begin decorating!  After all, what better’s to welcome you home after a long day of work than a warm and inviting fall-inspired front door?  Find an inexpensive welcome mat in fall colors or consider decorating the actual door itself.  If Halloween is your thing, wrap it up to look like a mummy or color it in orange and black to create the illusion of a jack-o-lantern.  Some construction paper, scissors, tape and a little creativity will go very far to help you create an enticing entrance!

decorating for fallScents

There are so many scents that we associate with fall, and now is a great time to get your apartment rental smelling like them!  Purchase candles in pumpkin spice, campfire, harvest apple, cinnamon, clove or any other tantalizing aromas that bring in feelings of fall.  You can also create your own potpourri by boiling cloves, oranges, cinnamon (and any number of other ingredients) on your stovetop on low heat.  Just remember to keep adding small amounts of water throughout the day so they don’t burn to the bottom of the pan and never leave unattended!

Discount Stores

If store-bought decorations are your preferred method of adorning your apartment rental, you’ll want to avoid most big-name stores if you’re on a budget!  Rather than spending a fortune on countless decorations that may or may not survive the season, opt instead to visit your local thrifts stores or dollar stores.  This is a great way to land the same items at super discounted prices!

Post-Season Sales

Similarly, avoid shopping for fall decorations during the peak of season.  This typically begins in September and runs through Halloween (at which point the stores usually begin showcasing their Christmas items).  If you can hold out until that last week in October you’re likely to score some incredible deals!  While it may not be the perfect answer to your decorating woes this year, it will guarantee that you have everything that you need next year to really brighten up your space without spending a dime!

Pumpkins & Gourds

A super simple and inexpensive way to beautify your space for fall is to purchase a whole lot of pumpkins and gourds.  They come in so many different shapes and sizes and there are so many interesting and unique ways that you can use them to decorate your apartment rental!   Stay more traditional by creating table centerpieces or adorning your mantle with an assortment of these attractive and intriguing fruits in their natural state.  Or, make your decorations a bit more modern by using some paint, bows, and sparkly markers to turn your pumpkins into fun and impressive displays.  This is a great art project to do with your kids, too (and a whole lot cleaner than carving).

Silk Foliage

One of the best things about fall is the incredible colors of the leaves!  While it may not make the most sense to gather a pile of fallen leaves (potentially inviting critters into your home), you can create a similar effect of fallen leaves in your own home by spending a few dollars on silk leaves that mimic the real thing.  String them together on a strand of white Christmas lights to create a twinkly fall garland or arrange them to make a dazzling mobile that you can hang from your ceiling.

Use the Internet

Never underestimate the power of your own creativity, but when it fails, remember that there are always a million online resources that can help to get your creative juices flowing and give you amazing ideas of simple and cost-effective art projects you can do to invite the feeling of fall indoors!

Are You Searching for an Apartment Rental in Hattiesburg of the Surrounding Areas?

Just as the leaves will fall from the trees, so will your lease eventually come to an end.  If the winds of change are blowing your way this fall and it’s time to start looking for a new apartment rental, the team at Hattiesburg Apartments is happy to help you find it!  Take a look through our database of available units and reach out to one of our team members to get your hunt underway!

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