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Decorating Trends to Follow in Your Apartment Rental This Year

With every New Year comes a new set of design and fashion trends to follow when decorating your apartment rental.  If you’re wondering what’s hot and what’s not for 2020, we’ve put together a compilation of some of the biggest decorating trends you won’t want to miss.

Bold & Daring

Gone are the days of lackluster white walls.  Make your apartment rental stand out this year by embracing the bold, daring colors that are all the latest rage!  Think apricot and orange tones to add more energy to your space, rich, emerald greens to offer a dramatic flair or metallic blacks to give a touch of modern with a little sparkle added in.  When considering furniture, look for deep red tones (think reddish-brown or maroon) that will give the room a warm and inviting feel or bursts of bright yellows to brighten it up.

Comfortable & Cozy

Comfortable bedding and plush couches that invite you and your guests to settle in and unwind will also be among the top trends of the New Year.  Make your apartment rental a cozy and inviting retreat by investing some money in fluffy throw pillow and soft, snug blankets.  Create a sense of warmth by purchasing wooden coffee tables and other accent pieces.

Personalized Apt Decorating TrendsModern & Personalized

While industrial and barren is certainly on its way out, the modern look is still quite appealing…with a twist.  Neutral tones and clean lines are still encouraged, but adding some personalized touches is the new trend in modern.  Add a grand statement piece with a pop of color or pepper shelving with purposeful and personal trinkets that will give your space a sense of hominess.

Eclectic Boho

The Boho trend has been growing in popularity over the past few years and it shows no sign of exiting any time soon.  This means that the main spaces in your house don’t necessarily have to be perfectly matching.  The eclectic energy of a Boho apartment rental encourages you to mix and match textures, patterns and décor in any way you deem fit, tying it all together with a color palette that compliments them all.

Doors as a Focal Point

Reconsider the boring, drab white doors throughout your apartment rental and opt to make them a focal point by painting them, instead, in a splash of color.  A rich brown, red or purple will add warmth and character to your space and give your guests something new to talk about!

Fun Bathrooms

Do you have that amazing wallpaper you’ve been eyeing for years, even though the whole idea of wallpaper is so passé?  Is there a color you’d love to play with but don’t quite have the guts to use it in one of the main spaces in your apartment rental?  The bathroom may just be your saving grace.  Bathrooms are great places to experiment with color palettes, patterns and textures that might otherwise be considered questionable in the bigger rooms in your home.  Have fun and get super creative!

Multi-Functional Spaces

As you redesign your apartment rental this year, think purposeful and practical!  Incorporate furniture pieces that are multi-functional to create the feeling of more space and much more storage.  Coffee tables that double as storage crates, desks that can be used as tables dining and sofas with hideaway beds are all some great options to start looking into.

Upholstered Walls

As texture makes its way back into style in a big way, consider inviting in some unique touches by upholstering the walls in your bedroom, living room or other common areas.  Upholstery that reaches halfway up the walls is a great alternative in a bedroom to a headboard and is relatively quick and simple to install.

Live Greenery

Lastly, if you haven’t already brought some live plants into your home, this is the year to do so.  Not only does bringing in live greenery brighten up your space and bring in a fresh pop of color, live plants also help to clean and freshen the air in your apartment rental.  There are plenty of succulent options that require minimum upkeep but will make a big shift in the feeling of your space.

Looking for an Apartment Rental in Hattiesburg or the Surrounding Areas?

If you’re looking to start the New Year with a whole new design, it might just be time to start searching for your next apartment rental.  Hattiesburg Apartments can’t wait to help you ring in the New Year in style and we’ve compiled a database of the best apartment rental units in the area to help you do just that.  Take a look through it today and reach out to one of our team members to start looking!

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