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Decorating Ideas for Your Tiny Apartment Rental Kitchen

If there is one thing synonymous with life in an apartment rental, it’s putting up with an almost guaranteed lack of space.  Complaints about apartment living are usually directed towards teeny bathrooms, virtually nonexistent closets, and the kicker…miniscule kitchens!  While some people couldn’t care less about having a sizeable kitchen space, for those that love to cook and/or entertain, this can be a deal breaker when it comes to even the coolest unit!  It does not, however, have to be.  There are so many easy and creative ways that you can maximize the space in your tiny kitchen, as well as several decorating options that will help to make it appear larger.


If the kitchen in your apartment rental feels more like a cave than a great space for gathering, it could be due to a lack of natural light.  Brighten up your small kitchen by putting on a fresh coat of paint in a brighter, neutral color.  Whites, beiges, blues, greens, and greys are a great place to start!  You can add some brighter pops of color with festive pot holders, tea towels, and decorations!

Open Shelving

While your landlord isn’t likely to approve of you taking down all of the kitchen cabinets in your apartment rental, there are still ways that you can create a more open concept feel with your space.  Removing the doors on all of your hanging cabinets will make your small room feel exponentially larger.  It will also help to encourage you to keep things neat and tidy!  If this doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, consider adding floating shelves in between countertops and upper cabinets to create some additional storage.

Brighten it Up

kitchen updatesMany kitchens suffer from severely poor lighting!  A quick fix for this is to replace old, outdated fixtures with more modern and brighter ones.  You can also add additional lighting without the hassle of hiring an electrician and getting approval from your landlord.  A visit to the hardware store will bring you face to face with a bunch of cool alternatives, such as adhesive LED strips and other mountable, battery-operated lights.  Affix these underneath upper cabinets to add a soft glow to the entire space.

Decorate Creatively

A whole lot of unnecessary decorative items can make a small kitchen seem even smaller!  Instead of filling your apartment with lots of knickknacks, use what you already have to decorate creatively.  If you have some really cool, hand-painted mugs, display them on hooks screwed into your cabinetry.  Do you have interesting teapots, pottery, or dinnerware?  Instead of taking up valuable storage space, set them out in the open on display for all of your guests to enjoy!

Use Every Surface

A small apartment rental kitchen can make life a bit harder to handle for those of us who enjoy prepping and cooking a homemade meal.  If lack of counter space is posing a problem, repurpose other surfaces so that they can be used more effectively.  Go online to search for cutting boards that can affix directly to your sink or to the top of your gas oven.  You may also consider a roll-away island that can be brought out only when necessary to make kitchen prep easier!

Don’t forget to use the surface area above you as well!  Rather than storing bulky pots and pans in valuable cabinet space, consider hanging a pot rack!


Lots of messiness is another way to make your small space feel even smaller.  Rather than littering your countertops with appliances, stow them away for the times when you really need them.  Neatly tucking away coffee pots, blenders, toasters, and electric mixers (among other items you may typically store on your counter) will free up a bunch of counter space and create a much more open feel to the whole kitchen!

Bold Backsplash

Lastly, make your space appear larger by adding a bold pop of color by way of a fun and interesting backsplash.  This will give your guests an obvious focal point that will help to draw their attention away from the limited size of your kitchen.  It’s also a really fun and easy way to bring a bit more of your personality to your apartment rental.

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