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How to Deal with Roommates in Apartment Living

If you are finding yourself in search of apartments for rent, there is a good chance that you might also be looking for a quality roommate to share space and expenses with.  Roommates can be an amazing way to cut costs and responsibilities, but can also lead to big problems if you aren’t prepared to deal with each other in an appropriate manner.  It may sound like an exciting prospect to shack up with your best friend, but living with another person is sure to expose all of the flaws and differences you both have.  Here is a guide to making living in an apartment with a roommate a bearable and (dare we say) enjoyable experience.

Communication is Key

Starting the roommate relationship out correctly is imperative, so let it begin right out of the gate when the search for apartments for rent begins.  Be upfront about your pet peeves and what you expect from one another.  Agree to keep the lines of communication open throughout your roomie relationship and to acknowledge issues as they come up in a mature and friendly manner.   That being said don’t be the guy who constantly has an issue either.

Roommates in Hattiesburg Apartment LivingKnow Who is Responsible for What

When you are looking for apartments for rent, there are sure to be associated costs with the property.  Before you move in, go over these costs with your roommate to make sure that you know who is responsible for what expense.  If you are splitting certain bills, consider writing up a contract that details what day payment is expected and who will be making the actual payment.  Consider apps like Venmo or PayPal to make sharing expenses easier.

Have Your Own Life

Just because you are roommates does not mean that you have to spend every waking second together.  There is such a thing as overkill, and being constantly on top of one another is sure to lead to eventual problems.  Maintain your relationships with other friends and also, pencil in alone time.  Get clear on one another’s schedule so that you can make sure to have your apartment to yourself once in a while to unwind, destress and have a little space.

Be Willing to Compromise

Sharing apartments for rent is all about compromise.  Separate the big things from the little things and remember to leave a little wiggle room.  For example, is it really that big of a deal if your roommate puts the toilet paper roll on backward?  Think before reacting and remember that a peaceful roommate relationship is the key to happy apartment living.  There will, however, be other, larger things that are non-negotiable.

Discuss the What-if’s and the Non-Negotiables

Have this tough conversation at the beginning of your roommate relationship to avoid potentially awkward situations down the road.  If your roommate has a pet, for example, who is finding your living room rug equally as satisfying as a restroom as outside, you are likely going to have a big problem down the line.  If you are constantly following him/her around turning off lights, eventually this could also lead to an argument.  What if your roommate can’t come up with their end of the rent on time one month?  Get a game plan in effect from day one to handle any issues you fear may come up.

Share Chores

Living in apartments for rent comes with its fair share of housework.  If one of you ends up doing all of it, you are sure to create some resentment between you.  Discuss chores ahead of time and decide who will do what and how often it is expected to be done.

Be Courteous

When you decide on a roommate to share your apartment rental with, it is imperative that you be respectful to one another.  If you plan on having friends, family or a significant other over, let your roommate know ahead of time.  Don’t blast your music when they are sleeping or on an important phone call.  Clean up after yourself.  Remember that this is not solely your space and they have a right to be happy and comfortable here too.

Don’t Use What is Not Yours

We’ve now come to the cardinal rule of living in apartments for rent.  If it’s not yours, put it back!  Remember that your roommate is working just as hard as you to earn money.  Stock up your own food, toiletries, and cleaning products, or decide together what is shared property between you.

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