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Creating a Pet Friendly Environment in Your Apartment Rental

For many apartment dwellers, life in an apartment rental wouldn’t be the same without a furry friend or two.  That being said, many landlords have had the firsthand experience of seeing pets turn into pests, and may be reluctant to allow them.  Instead of being part of the problem, learn to be a part of the solution so that your landlord won’t ever have a reason to ban your barking buddy.  Read on to discover some easy ways to pet-proof your space.


pet friendly apartment rentalIf you know you will be bringing a pet into your apartment rental, play it safe by finding a home with tile or laminate flooring.  Rugs will hold onto remnants of any accidents that your pet might have, and real hardwood floors can be easily damaged by nails that need a trim.  Not only are these likely to frustrate your landlord, but they may also end up costing you a pretty penny in the form of your pet deposit.  If you find the perfect space and it doesn’t meet these criteria, be responsible and purchase an ample amount of throw rugs that can protect your landlords’ floors.

Crate Train Your Pup

Crate training, when done the right way, can vastly improve life in an apartment rental for your dog.  In the wild, dogs live in caves and enjoy snuggling up in these spaces that make them feel at home.  Incorporate soft bedding and chew toys, and be sure to remove collars before closing a crate.  Your canine pal will get a good rest while you are away and in return, you can rest easy knowing they are not destroying your space.

Potty Train Your Pet

If your pet isn’t potty trained, you are likely going to have a big problem in your apartment rental.  Puppy pads just won’t cut it!  Do the responsible thing and take the time to properly train your pet.  Take him/her out regularly to avoid accidents and, if an accident happens, clean it up immediately to avoid long-term damage.

Get Them Exercise

Utilize the outdoor space around your apartment rental as much as possible.  Nothing is more frustrating than a pet parent who leaves a lonely, yapping dog alone all day for the neighbors to hear.  Making sure that your pet is properly exercised is imperative, particularly if they are large and your space is small.  Set aside time each morning and afternoon to get out some of their extra energy.  Not only will it ensure that they are resting peacefully while you are away, but it may also help you save face with your neighbors!

Cover Furniture

If your apartment rental comes furnished, spend a little extra cash to go get covers for any couches and chairs that your pet might jump up on.  Also, make sure that mattresses have a water-proof, protective cover that will keep them safe from fur, odor, and any potential accidents.

Don’t Forget the Cats

Dogs are certainly not the only furry friends who can wreak havoc on an apartment rental.  Cats have been known to do their fair share of damage as well.  To avoid feline frustration, provide scratching posts for any of your kitties who still have their claws.  Provide toys that they can play with while they are alone, as a bored cat can often become a destructive cat.  Keep litter boxes clean to avoid offensive odors from seeping into the air.  You may even consider putting the litter box inside a cracked closet or a laundry room, where errant litter will be less likely to damage flooring or get tracked throughout the apartment.

Clean, Clean, Clean

Finally, (and I can’t stress this enough), keep your apartment rental clean when you have a pet.  Hopefully it’s something that non-pet owners do as well, but when you have a whiskered roommate, it becomes even more important to stay on top of the cleaning.  Pet hair can get sucked up into vents, ground down into carpet, and find its way into cracks and crevices you didn’t even know existed in your space.  Failure to clean it up can lead to lingering odors that your landlord definitely won’t appreciate.

Looking for an Apartment Rental in Hattiesburg?

Now that you know all of the easy ways to be the best pet owner in your apartment rental, you need to find the home that you and Fido can enjoy together.  At Hattiesburg Apartments, we’ve teamed up with 17 of Hattiesburg’s most desirable apartment complexes to offer our tenants a great rental experience.  No matter what your budget, style, or location, we guarantee we’ve got the right space for you.  Take a look through our database of properties today and contact a team member to start looking for your pet-friendly paradise.

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