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How to Change Apartments in the Same Community

changing apartmentsHow do you save money during a move? That’s a frequently asked question. Seriously, who doesn’t like to save a little money when they’re moving!? Apartments Hattiesburg published a new article yesterday with a great idea on how to keep your moving expenses down. We’ve included an excerpt of their article below, along with a button to read the full text.

It turns out there are a lot of advantages to moving from one unit to another unit, within the same apartment community. In this featured article you will see a list of benefits that come from making this type of move. You will also get advice on what to do and what to be mindful of. You might want to save this link, so it’s close by for your next move.

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Anyone who has ever gone through the process of finding and leasing apartments for rent knows that it can be an arduous process. From moving to negotiating to paperwork, changing your address requires a lot of effort. Due to this we have started noticing a new trend within many apartment communities in Hattiesburg.

Tenants have discovered that changing apartments in the same community offers many benefits to a traditional move. Moving downstairs or across the hall is more convenient and cheaper than moving down the street or across town. Whether tenants have new household or financial needs, staying in the same community can get tenants the perfect apartment without the hassle.

If you are thinking of changing apartments for rent, but want to stay in your current community read below for tips and considerations to make the move a success.

How to Change Apartments Within the Same Community

In order to move from one apartment to another in your current community, without hiccups, it’s important for tenants to educate themselves on current leasing policies and availabilities.

Let the Landlord Know You Would Like to Transfer Units

First things first, if you have decided that you want to rent an apartment in the same community you need to talk to the Landlord or Property Manager. Not only does this now provide you with a dedicated resource for obtaining necessary information, it officially kick starts the process.

Learn the Current Procedures and Policies

Once you let the landlord/property manager know about your desired transfer it’s time to figure out what is required so you can properly plan your budget. Important questions to ask include:

·      Will you need sign a new apartment lease, or can you amend your current one?

·      Will you need to reapply for tenant screening?

·      Will you have to put down a new security deposit, or can you transfer the….


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Posted by: southgaterealtyllc on September 15, 2017