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8 Simple Tips to Throw a Great Summer Party in Your Rental Apartment

How to Party in Your Rental

The holiday weekend is nearly upon us and for most July 4th epitomizes what summer is all about:  fun in the sun, fireworks, and some well-deserved time with friends and family!  If the summer buzz has you itching for a great party, why not be the one to host it?  Don’t let a tiny rental apartment stop you from throwing a summer soiree to remember!  Take a look at these eight simple tips that will help you host a great summer party in your rental that will leave everybody talking!

Reorganize Your Space

If you want to throw a great summer party in your rental apartment, you’ll need to make a little room for everybody!  You can easily do just that by moving unnecessary furniture pieces and decorative items into your bedroom for the duration of the gathering.  You can also create space by pushing couches and chairs up against walls where possible to create a larger feel in the main spaces of your home.  Additionally, ask your guests to put their personal effects in your bedroom or another spare room so that they won’t be taking up extra space.

Utilize Every Surface

If your rental apartment is particularly small, you’ll have to get creative (even more than you already have been) when it comes to finding the room to display food and seat everybody.  Use any flat surface you can find to do so!  Use your TV table or pull night tables from your room, cover them with decorative linens, and voila, you have additional space available instantly!

Invest in Fans

If you plan on staying inside of your rental apartment for the duration of your party, you’ll probably want to invest in some fans!  Between body heat and the cooking of food, things can heat up pretty quickly.  Place fans strategically so that they are hitting each angle of the space in which you plan on hosting your party.

summer party in apartment rentalLimit Your Guest List

It’s important to remember that a great party doesn’t always translate to a huge party.  Sometimes, the best celebrations are the ones spent only with your closest group of friends and family.  All of your guests are sure to be much happier if they have ample space to sit and good conversation, as opposed to feeling cramped and pressured, so if downsizing your guest list is an option, it’s one that you might want to consider.

Make it a Potluck

Not only does a potluck make hosting a party in your rental apartment much more affordable, but it also minimizes the amount of heat being generated from ovens and crockpots as your guests filter in.  Asking each guest to bring a refreshing appetizer or a cool cocktail will certainly help to make your party even more successful.

Make Cleanup Easy

Investing in paper plates and cups will also help to make your summer bash a victory.  Without worrying about a boatload of dishes to clean up, you’ll be able to engage with your guests thoroughly and have a great time yourself.  This also encourages your party-goers to relax instead of feeling obligated to help you tidy up.

Move it Outside

If your rental apartment still feels too cramped, consider moving your party outside!  Don’t have a patio or garden space attached to your home?  Use the common green space available to you through your apartment community instead.  Green space is awesome for setting up fun summer games like horseshoes or bean bag toss that will keep your guests entertained all day long!

Make Use of Your Amenities

Lastly, don’t forget one of the big reasons you chose to live in a rental apartment in the first place; the many spectacular amenities available to you!  If your apartment community has a swimming pool, your summer party is a great time to put it to good use.  Who doesn’t love a pool party?  If you’re not the pool-going type, ask your community’s management team about renting out a room in the clubhouse (if one is available to you) and set up your soiree there!  If you do use the available amenities, just be sure that you fully understand your community’s policies regarding alcoholic beverages, food, and acceptable noise levels in common spaces.

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