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8 Reasons to Rent an Apartment Rather Than a Single-Family Home

If you’re in the market for a new rental, chances are good that you’ve been pondering the question of whether or not you should be looking for an apartment rental or a single-family home.  With so many obvious differences between the two choices, it’s no wonder that you have questions.  Life in an apartment rental, however, offers a level of simplicity and stability that life in a single-family home just can’t do.  Let’s take a look at some of the reasons to rent an apartment.

1.   Budget

Choosing to live in an apartment rental is exponentially easier on your budget!  For one thing, of an apartment and a single-family home boasting the same square footage, nine times out of ten the apartment will ask a considerably cheaper price for rent.  Apartments are also not impacted by things like property taxes, so the chance of your rental price going up unexpectedly from year to year decreases.  You’ll also need to consider the cost of your utility bills.  While most free-standing homes will require the tenant to pay the bulk of the bills associated with using the property, many apartment communities will offer incentives such as including the cost of water, pest control, or even basic cable or Internet access into the cost of the monthly rent.  Houses also typically require more electricity, meaning that life in a single-family home can have a significant impact on your wallet.

2.   Amenities

Living in an apartment rental also means access to a lot of really cool amenities you’re probably not going to get in a single-family home.  Communities pools, on-site gym facilities, basketball courts, and even, in some cases, cafes and movie theaters all add significantly to the experience you will have in your new place!

3.   Low-Maintenance

Living in an apartment rental also takes far less energy than living in a single-family home.  You can leave tasks like shoveling snow and mowing green spaces to the experts and focus, instead, on doing the things that you love to do, knowing that the grounds around your home will still be pristine and inviting.

4.   Management Companies

Speaking of maintenance, most apartment communities are also run by management companies, meaning that, if something isn’t being kept up or handled to your satisfaction, you have somewhere to go and directly voice your concerns (rather than playing phone tag with your landlord).  A quality management company will also be there to diligently handle neighborly disputes and arrange visits from experts should anything go wrong inside your apartment.

stability is one of the reasons to rent an apartment.5.   Stability

When you’re renting a single-family home, there’s always the lingering possibility present that your landlord could choose to put it on the market at any time, putting you in a pretty vulnerable spot!  With an apartment rental, however, many communities are “rent-only”, meaning that the landlord doesn’t have the ability to sell your house out from under your feet.  He/she also has vested interest in keeping their unit occupied, meaning that there’s much more wiggle room for you when renegotiating a lease renewal.

6.   Flexibility

On the flip side of the stability coin is the level of flexibility that living in an apartment rental offers.  Unlike a traditional single-family lease, many apartment communities are willing to get creative when it comes to the terms of your lease.  Some apartments offer month-to-month options, six-month options, or the traditional 12-month lease.  With all of these different arrangements available, you don’t have to spend so much time worrying about getting locked into a space you aren’t sure of.

7.   Community

Living in an apartment rental also gives you access to a close network of other individuals.  With neighbors all around you, you’re bound to meet some new friends, making your home a much more fun place to be.  In single-family homes, however, the likelihood of regularly running into your neighbors is not near as high.

8.   Location

Lastly, if you’re looking to live close to the things that you fill your time with, an apartment rental is probably the way to go.  Single-family houses can be located anywhere, for sure, but it’s much more likely that you will find them in suburbs or rural areas, as opposed to within the heart of the city.  Apartments, on the other hand, are typically centrally located for convenience and ease in accessing everything from restaurants to roadways to public transportation to nightlife and more.

Looking for an Apartment Rental in Hattiesburg or the Surrounding Areas?

Now that you know all of the reasons why living in an apartment rental is so much better than a single-family home, it’s time to start searching for your perfect space.  At Hattiesburg Apartments, our team of dedicated Advisors is here to help you every step of the way.  We’ve already done so much of the hard work for you by putting together a database of top-quality properties currently available in the Hattiesburg rental market.  Take a look through them today and reach out to get your search started!

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