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8 Reasons to Move into a New Apartment Rental This Year

Let’s face it, moving isn’t always something that we look forward to doing.  That can sometimes mean that we keep putting it off and putting it off, even if we aren’t thoroughly happy with our current living situation.  The fact is, however, that getting up and getting it over with could leave you a heck of a lot happier, so why are you wasting any more time?  Here are some great reasons to find yourself in a new apartment rental this year!

1. The Size

If you’ve outgrown your apartment rental, now is certainly a good time to get your move on!  Oftentimes, when you sign a lease, you’re not thinking about the long-term, but a whole lot can change in a year (which is the typical length of most leases).  If you’ve found yourself struggling to fit your new live-in partners belongings into the closet with yours, expecting a new addition to your family and worrying over where you’re going to fit a crib, or desperately yearning for the companionship of a furry friend, these could all be good indicators that it’s time to start looking for a space that will be more suitable to your growing needs.

2. The Location

Another good reason to start searching for a new apartment rental is if you find yourself spending more time in your car than you do in your home.  Nobody wants a long commute and now may be just the time to find a place that’s a little bit closer to the things (like work, family and friends) that take up the bulk of your time.  Just think about all of the money you’ll save not having to drive from one place to another!

3. Your Budget

If your financial situation has changed over the course of your lease, you may also find yourself wondering what it would be like to live elsewhere.  In some circumstances this may mean that it’s time to downsize to something a bit more affordable.  On the other hand, however, perhaps you’ve gotten a raise or a promotion and are able to upgrade your living situation accordingly.  Either way makes for a great reason to move.

Amenities at New Apartment4. The Amenities

Your tastes and interests can change as rapidly as your circumstances and great amenities are usually a big benefit to living in an apartment rental.  If you’re not using the amenities available to you, though, you are paying for them for no reason!  It could be time to upgrade to an apartment community that offers more of what you want and less of what you don’t need!

5. Your Landlord

There’s nothing quite as off-putting as having a difficult landlord.  If you’ve spent the length of your lease butting heads with yours, it could be time to move on to greener pastures, particularly if you’ve tried unsuccessfully to mend fences already.  If it seems unlikely your circumstances with your current landlord are going to change, you’re probably right, but there are plenty of great landlords out there waiting to offer you their space!

6. Your Neighbors

One thing you can count on when you’re living in an apartment rental is the close proximity you will have with your neighbors.  This can be either a blessing or a curse, depending on how well you gel with them.  If you’ve found that the residents next door leave much to be desired (or if pounding bass at 3 AM just isn’t your thing), it might be time to start looking for a new place!  Unless, of course, they plan on moving!

7. Your Roommate

Living with a roommate often seems like a great idea when you are first searching for an apartment rental.  Over the course of your time living together you will determine, probably quite quickly, whether or not it actually was a great idea.  If you’re finding yourself in a rather undesirable roomie situation, you may want to consider stepping out on your own and giving living single a shot!

8. The Urge to Simplify

You may also be ready to downsize.  Perhaps you’ve been in a single-family home and it just seems too big or like too much upkeep for you right now.  Living in an apartment rental could be a wonderful solution!  Apartment communities help to simplify life by taking care of a lot of the maintenance for you while still providing you with a beautiful home and lots of enjoyable amenities.

Looking for an Apartment Rental in Hattiesburg or the Surrounding Areas?

If any of these scenarios ring true for you and it feels like the right time to find your new apartment rental, reach out to the team at Hattiesburg Apartments today!  We’ve scoured the Hattiesburg area and partnered with 17 of the finest apartment communities around to provide our customers with access to beautiful apartment homes in every budget.  Take a look at what we have to offer and call us now!



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