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7 Red Flags to Watch for When Looking for an Apartment in Hattiesburg

If you’ve decided that finding an apartment in Hattiesburg is on your to-do list, congratulations.  With so many awesome things to do and awesome people to do them with, Hattiesburg is a great place to make your future home.  Apartment hunting anywhere can be loads of fun, but doing so blindly can turn it into a nightmare relatively quickly.  Keep your head above water by learning some of the more common red flags to be wary of as you start your hunt.

1. Can’t Get a Tour

You’ve been scouring the internet and you’re pretty sure you’ve found the one!  You eagerly dial the number and leave a message to schedule a property tour.  Days pass and you hear nothing so you try again with the same result.  If you’ve been trying and failing to get a hold of a property manager while searching through apartments in Hattiesburg, chances are good you should keep looking.  If they are this difficult to get a hold of just to see the property, imagine what it might be like if there is a maintenance issue or other problem while you are living there.

2. Taking the Tour

Looking for an apartment in hattiesburgOnce you’ve scheduled the tour for your apartment in Hattiesburg you are probably going to feel pretty eager to check it out.  Verify that you are being shown the actual unit you will be potentially living in, rather than a “model” home or “similar property”.  Failure to offer full disclosure could be indicative of issues within the unit.  Also, notice if you are feeling rushed by the landlord as opposed to them letting you take your time to peruse the property at your own pace.

3. Super Low Rent

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  Apartments in Hattiesburg should fall into comparable price ranges, give or take.  To locate a property asking well below the market rate of similar apartments in the area may not be the lucky break you think it is.  Oftentimes this type of a “deal” marks a scam, an illegal apartment, or a very poorly maintained site.

4. No Application Requirements

If the landlord at your new place seems more than willing to hand over the keys without a proper credit check, background check, or application process, you may be entering into shady territory.  The majority of legitimate apartments in Hattiesburg will follow the same basic application process to ensure that they know who they are renting to.  These will typically involve an application fee, a background check, and/or a credit check.

5. Maintenance Issues

As you tour apartments in Hattiesburg and the surrounding areas, pay attention to the maintenance of common areas and individual units.  If you’re running into “out of order” signs at every turn, you may want to pay attention.  Similarly, notice if there are several construction projects that seem to be underway on the property.  Both of these can indicate a property manager or landlord that may not be diligent about handling your complaints or getting issues fixed in a timely manner.

6. Odors

Unfortunately, people can be really smelly, and sometimes this transfers into their homes.  If the unit you are touring is infiltrated by an offensive odor, this could become a permanent part of your day to day.  While some odors will leave the property with the current tenant, others will linger for undisclosed amounts of time and no amount of incense, air freshener, or scented candles will get them out!  Some types of odors can also be suggestive of a much larger problem, such as mold or rot.  Regardless of its origin, a strong stench can be a big impediment on loving your new home.

7. Requires a Post Office Box

If you are informed that you will need to get a post office box as a part of your stay, you may want to double check the legitimacy of your landlord.  Oftentimes, this can indicate that a building is not actually licensed or permitted for apartment living.  All apartments in Hattiesburg are required to have a certificate of occupancy, so typically just asking to see this should be enough to alleviate any concerns.

Looking to Tour an Apartment in Hattiesburg?

Now that you know what to keep your eyes opened for, it’s time to get searching!  At Hattiesburg Apartments, we want to help you find the apartment that’s right for you and, as our name suggests, we are the experts in the area.  Our database of available properties includes listings from 17 trusted apartment rental complexes within the area.  With nearly four decades of experience helping our clients find home, we are certain that one of our beautiful, affordable properties will be the right fit for you.  Contact us today to get started!

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