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5 Reasons to Renew Your Rental Apartment

There are always pros and cons to renewing an apartment lease. One of the cons, at the moment, is that apartment rental rates are on the rise. However, Apartments Hattiesburg has recently published a blog post that shares five reasons why you should renew your rental apartment. Most of the reasons center around the concept of how you may be saving money, by staying where you are. One of the reasons centers around the benefits of renting from a good landlord and having good neighbors. You never really know what a new landlord or neighbors will be like! The excerpt below will give you an idea as to why you should renew your lease. If you like the excerpt, please feel free to click the button at the end of the post, to read the full article!

5 Reasons to Renew Your Rental Apartment

 Oct 24 2017  2:05PMThe cool thing about being a renter is the vast array of options available to you when it comes to your home.  For some renters, the lack of commitment to anything longer than a 12-month lease can be extremely intriguing, but for others, the thought of picking up and moving can feel like a daunting task. However, with rental apartment prices on the rise throughout the country, more and more tenants are being faced with the big decision of whether or not to renew their rental agreements.  The reasons not to renew seem glaringly obvious, but let’s take a look at a few of the perks of remaining where you are.

Location is Everything

rental apartmentWith the constantly increasing demand for a rental apartment in a good neighborhood and with prices on the rise, your location may be enough of a reason to stay put where you are.  Even when facing a rental increase, take into consideration the neighborhood characteristics which made this location so intriguing to you in the first place.  You may want to consider your proximity to work, nightlife, grocery stores, etc.  Moving even just a few miles away could offset your travel costs enough that it might make more sense to face the rent increase and stay put.  Not to mention, if you’ve fallen in love with your location, you may find that the next place just isn’t going to be comparable, no matter what the cost.


If your rental apartment offers amenities that you find yourself using frequently, this could be another factor to determine whether or not you should stay put.  If you start each morning at the community gym and spend your weekends lounging by the community pool, these may not be comforts you are willing to give up, particularly if they are….

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Posted by: Hattiesburg Apartments on October 25, 2017