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4 Simple Hacks to Make Apartment Living Easier

Apartment living is about convenience in many ways.  Not only does it often help to keep costs manageable, but it also can help to offer residents access to a unique way of living that they might not otherwise get if they were living in a single-family home (close proximity to city centers, access to amenities, etcetera).  That being said, apartment living can also come with its own set of unique challenges which can’t be overlooked.  There are, however, many easy ways to combat some of the more notorious battles that come along with life in an apartment rental.


It’s no shock that apartment living can pose any number of concerns when it comes to soundproofing.  Many apartment communities have very thin walls with neighbors on all sides.  This can mean that your upstairs neighbor that loves to tap dance or your next door neighbor who leaves the volume up on his television into the late hours of the night might get on your bad side relatively quickly if you don’t find ways to handle the situation.  There are, however, many simple solutions.  For one thing, you might consider investing in noise-cancelling headphones that can help to eliminate a lot of the infiltrating cacophony.  White noise boxes are another quick fix that don’t cost very much at all.  Also, go through your apartment and make sure that there aren’t holes in the walls or gaps under the doors that are allowing the sound to creep in more easily.  If there are, contact your landlord to see about getting these things fixed!


storage hack to make apartment living easierAnother common complaint when it comes to apartment living is the lack of available storage.  Without access to large closets and extra storage spaces, you might find that your apartment feels a little more cramped than you would have liked.  There are a lot of awesome solutions to this as well!  First off, look for furniture that’s multifunctional.  A table, for example, with built in storage can be a great place to store board games, extra blankets, photograph albums, etcetera.  You can also search for pieces that are designed to work well in small spaces, such as retractable breakfast tables (that fold back up to the wall when not in use).  Additionally, capitalize off of the spaces that you do have by making the best use of them.  Places like The Container Store or IKEA offer lots of affordable solutions that will help you make the most out of your available space.


Apartment living with children can bring a whole different set of potential issues, particularly with landlords largely dictating any changes you can make to the space.  Luckily, there are also some simple ways to child-proof your apartment that will make it feel like a much safer place.  Investing in baby gates is a great way to delineate certain areas as “safe zones” and keep your child out of other spaces that might not be such a good place for them to roam.  Cover outlets, place locks on cabinets and cupboards, and make sure that any harmful chemicals are stored in the tops of closets or in other hard-to-reach places where your child is less likely to find them.  It’s also important to keep windows and doors locked at all times to avoid any accidents or escapes.

Keeping Pets

Apartment living with pets can be equally challenging (if not more) as doing so with young children.  Without the ease of a big back yard to allow your pet to run around in, Fido might find himself feeling a little frantic when you first move in.  The best thing you can do to avoid your pet having unwanted accidents in your new place is to get them on a regular schedule for feeding and walking.  Enlist the help of your neighbors if you can to see if they are willing to let your pet out if you plan to be gone for long amounts of time.  Investing in a crate is also a great way to ensure that your furry friend doesn’t do anything that might jeopardize the eventual return of your deposit.

Noise complaints can also become a big issue if you’re planning on bringing your pet with you to your new place.  Just as you would want some quiet in your place, be sure to be respectful of your neighbor’s right to the same.  If your pet can’t seem to get through the day without terrorizing them, you might want to look into a doggie daycare.

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