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10 Perks of Life in an Apartment Rental

With 2017 drawing to a close, the year has proven that more and more people are renting over buying.  In fact, according to CNBC, this past year has shown more renters than any time since 1965.  What is it that is making the idea of renting sound so much more appealing these days?  Read on to find out why living in an apartment rental may be the best choice for you.

1. Cost

Although the cost of rent has been rising due to growing interest in the rental market, the cost of living in an apartment rental may still be far more affordable than committing to a mortgage.  Without the added need of homeowner’s insurance and property upkeep, monthly expenses are less likely to fluctuate and it is easier to create a workable budget.  Additionally, many leases include utilities as a part of the monthly rental fee.  Even those that aren’t included are likely to run at a lower cost due to space.  It will take far less electricity to heat and power a smaller apartment than it would a full-size home.

2. Maintenance

Let’s face it…some of us are just NOT handy, and a lot more of us are just kind of lazy and have zero interest in maintaining a property.  A big perk of an apartment rental is the fact that there is somebody else to do those things for you.  If something breaks within the unit, you can just call the property manager.  There’s no land maintenance either.  You don’t have to worry about buying a lawnmower or keeping the garden weeded.

3. Safety

One of the biggest perks about living in an apartment rental is the factor of safety.  Most apartment complexes are equipped with security cameras or oftentimes even gated.  Additionally, the fact that there are typically at least two units per floor, will make it much more difficult for somebody to get in and out of your property unnoticed, particularly if you make a pact with neighbors to keep an eye out for one another.

apartment rental amenities4. Amenities

Living in an apartment rental gives you direct access to many of the amenities you would wind up paying extra for if you were living in a single family unit.  Most modern apartment complexes will offer their tenants access to gyms, pools, saunas, tennis courts, walking paths, and/or rec rooms.

5. Community

If you want to meet people, living in an apartment rental is a good way to do it.  Not only are you sure to mingle with different people from different walks of life, you are also given access to lots of common areas that will draw people with similar interests.

6. Less Commitment

If you are a person who finds themselves weak in the knees at the thought of a long-term commitment, living in an apartment rental may be a great choice for you.  Although most apartment leases run around 12 months, there are also many more options available these days.  Some landlords are offering 6 month leases and some are even willing to operate on a month to month basis.

7. Lifestyle

Making the choice to live in an apartment rental vastly broadens the areas you may be able to afford, which can open you up to an entirely different way of life.  You are much more liable to be in proximity to dining, shopping, nightlife, and public transportation when living in an apartment than you would be in a single family unit.

8. Cleaning

Another huge perk of apartment living is less surface area to have to worry about cleaning!  With home ownership comes the perpetual process of a weekly cleaning routine, but with apartments being smaller and more condensed, it is easier to get the job done as you go.  Think about it this way…less space means less furniture (to dust), less counter space (to disinfect), fewer bathrooms (to bleach), and a much smaller floor (to sweep, vacuum, and mop).  You’re welcome.

9. More Options

When you decide on the location you’d like to be in and narrow yourself down to an apartment complex, your choices don’t have to stop there.  Most apartment rentals offer their tenants a variety of floor plans to choose from.  With all of the different availabilities, you are sure to find something that suits your needs!

10. Less Clutter

Life in an apartment rental can also help you keep the clutter to a bare minimum.  With less space and surface area to cram up with knickknacks, apartment living can help you commit to a more minimalist lifestyle.

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